Earning cryptocurrency: 14 ways to make money without investments and with them in 2021 + examples and explanations


As the popularity and legitimacy of cryptocurrency grows, more and more people are starting to perceive it as a way to make money. Sometimes it takes some investment to generate income, sometimes just time and effort. This article is dedicated to examining all the ways you can earn cryptocurrency in 2021, from full-scale projects to the simplest schemes.

Ways to make money without investment:

  1. faucets;
  2. games;
  3. freelance for cryptocurrency;
  4. affiliate and referral programs;
  5. airdrop / lockdrop / bounty campaigns.

Ways to earn cryptocurrency with investments:

  1. cryptocurrency mining;
  2. trading on stock exchanges;
  3. investment;
  4. cryptocurrency lending;
  5. masternodes;
  6. staking;
  7. cryptocurrency landing page;
  8. earnings on the difference in exchange rates;
  9. creating your own business: faucet, exchanger, exchange, mixer, etc.

The Btcnewsweb.com editors will tell you more about the most popular options for generating cryptocurrency income.

Cryptocurrency earning methods

Below is the most complete overview of possible ways to get cryptocurrency, both with an investment and without cash injections. HYIP projects and other dubious earning schemes are not considered in principle.


Obtaining cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency faucets is an easy process. It is enough to wait just a minute or take a simple action for the account to be replenished. Cryptocranes distribute free coins to all visitors, for this the guest must enter the address of his wallet, solve the captcha and press the confirmation button. The amounts issued and the time intervals between their issuance depend on the specific tap. What unites them is that the amounts are very small and you need to actively use several taps at the same time in order to earn something.

Examples of popular bitcoin faucets:

✅  FreeBitcoin. Free bitcoins every hour, games, weekly lottery. You can also earn cryptocurrency on a generous referral program – 50% of all winnings of invited friends in lotteries.

✅  Satoshi Hero.

✅  AdBTC.

✅  Moon Bitcoin. It issues cryptocurrency every 5 minutes, but you can increase this value in order to pick up a more serious amount at once – for example, log in once a day and collect everything accumulated.

✅  Bonus Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency every 15 minutes, as well as an automatic bonus 5% daily. Withdrawal of funds – no commission.

Cryptocurrency mining earnings

While traditional money is issued by central banks of different countries, cryptocurrency is “produced” by miners – people who provide the computing power of their equipment to support the network and are rewarded for this in the form of digital coins.

In theory, you can mine on anything, even a mobile phone. However, this will not always be effective and cost-effective. Therefore, the following main types of mining are distinguished:

✅  On the CPU (processor). The advantage is that you do not need to buy separate equipment, but you can make money on a regular computer. The downside is low power. The earnings will be negligible, since expensive coins (such as bitcoin) are already too complex to be obtained this way. But there is an opportunity to mine new promising altcoins in order to put them into circulation later.

✅  On the GPU (video card). One, or more often several, powerful video cards are taken. The cards are combined into a single system (“farm”). The total power of such a system is very high, so this method can be used to mine many popular cryptocurrencies, for example Ethereum, although this is not enough for bitcoin.

✅  ASIC (specialized chips). The main difference between ASICs and video cards is that they are aimed only at working with a specific hashing algorithm, and a video card can work with anyone and allows, if necessary, switch from one to another, start mining another cryptocurrency. But ASIC has the highest power. Today, only with its help it is possible to mine bitcoin.

The relevance of mining depends entirely on the current state of the market. When it is in decline, many leave the business, and when it comes back to life, it makes sense to mine again. At the moment, many see prospects in the mining of altcoins. Bitcoin is gradually becoming the prerogative of large companies that have the ability to create entire farms from expensive ASICs.

There is also cloud mining, when the equipment is held by a company that leases it to users for a certain percentage. This option is chosen by those who want to try to make money on cryptocurrency, but are not ready to invest in equipment, take care of it and update it in a timely manner.

Cryptocurrency trading

Trading on a crypto exchange for profit requires knowledge and skills that come after many months of practice. You need to be able to read charts, analyze them, turn off emotions when trading.

Many exchanges provide a demo account – an account with virtual money on it, where you can practice, try out new strategies. The principle of operation is similar to real trading, so it is strongly recommended that every beginner first try his hand in this way. This will allow you to understand the terminology and basic tools, after which you can move on to trading small real amounts.

Examples of popular cryptocurrency exchanges:

✅  BitMEX. Specializes in cryptocurrency derivatives trading (derivatives). Bitcoin futures contracts and popular altcoins are available – Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Tron.

✅  Binance. The largest platform in terms of daily trading volume for 2019. Thanks to favorable conditions and a user-friendly interface, it has developed rapidly since its inception and reached the top 3 in just 3 months. Offers an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies for trading.

✅  EXMO. An exchange that supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat. It is popular in the CIS countries, it works with the ruble, hryvnia, etc. In 2017 and 2018, it received the prestigious “Best Cryptoexchange” award.

✅  LocalBitcoins. A platform that works on the p2p principle, when real people post advertisements for buying / selling currencies and respond to them. The exchange acts only as an intermediary and guarantor of the transaction.

✅  Currency.com. The platform works with both digital currencies and any tokenized assets and serves as a kind of bridge between the world of traditional financial instruments and crypt.

✅  Crex24. Simultaneously crypto exchange and faucet. There is support for Fiat. The arsenal includes little-known tokens and exotic currencies, not just the most popular ones.

✅  Bybit. The exchange offers perpetual futures trading for bitcoin and some altcoins. Leverage up to 100x. You can get a cryptocurrency bonus for registration ($ 10) and replenishment of the deposit.

In addition to conventional trading, the essence of which boils down to the principle of “buy cheaper – sell more expensive”, there are other varieties. For example, futures trading is a kind of bets on whether the rate will go up or down after a certain time. At the same time, you can make money even on falling prices.

Or margin trading – this opportunity is now provided by almost all well-known crypto-exchanges. This means that the site provides users with a leverage of several times the amount of the deposit. Thus, you can significantly increase profits (but risks also grow).

Investing in cryptocurrency

HODL is technically the simplest way to make money, but it contains certain risks.

In short, it works like this: you need to buy for real money that cryptocurrency, the long-term prospects of which seem to be the most “solid”, and store it in a safe place for a long time, sometimes even several years. Then, when the rate of the crypto coin, according to the investor, has grown enough, you can sell it at a profit.

The main difficulty lies in the volatility of cryptocurrencies. When the rate starts to fall, it is very important to determine whether you need to rush to sell your savings before they are completely depreciated, or this is just a temporary crisis, so there is no point in panicking. Using your knowledge and intuition, you can ensure that patience will pay off many times over.

To increase your chances, you need to acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible – the market is largely driven by emotions, no expert can 100% predict its rise or fall.

Investors are now divided into two main types – some firmly believe in the success of popular cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and keep their savings in them. Others are looking for alternative options – for example, investments in exchange tokens (HT, BNB, EXMO Coin, etc.) are gaining popularity. They really show good growth potential, and besides, they are actively working and developing. The main event of 2019 was the announcement of the release of the new Libra cryptocurrency from Facebook and the launch of the Telegram GRAM token by the end of October. We have prepared a large list of the most promising coins that can “shoot”.

One important investment rule to keep in mind is never keep all your eggs in one basket. In other words, it is necessary to diversify investments, buy several cryptocurrencies of different types at once. Then, even if one collapses, the investor will not lose all the money.

How to buy cryptocurrency through Matbea

The easiest and fastest way to buy and store cryptocurrency is to use the services of the Matbi online exchanger, which has a built-in multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet function. Official site: matbea.com. Currently, 4 cryptocurrencies can be purchased and stored there at once: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Zcash. The interface of the site is simple and straightforward that even a novice user can easily figure out how to buy or sell cryptocurrency for rubles, as well as how to store and exchange one cryptocurrency for another. You can replenish the balance of your personal account in rubles using bank cards. The exchange of rubles for cryptocurrency occurs instantly and without commissions.


IEO is rapidly replacing ICO as a way to raise funds for new crypto projects. The essence is almost the same, but IEO is carried out on some kind of crypto platform. All parties benefit from this:

✅  the exchange receives additional advertising (for example, Binance received a lot of new users due to IEO BitTorrent);

✅  project developers also receive advertising, as well as instant listing after the end of the auction and a ready-made audience;

✅  users get the opportunity to trade the token of interest and avoid risks – a popular exchange will never risk its reputation by launching an unverified token.

What is earnings? This is a type of cryptocurrency investing. Practice shows that tokens that were distributed in this way, after listing, grow in price by 100-1000%, which allows them to be subsequently sold profitably. But you need to pay a lot of attention to the selection of really promising projects, since participation in IEO itself does not guarantee that the course will take off.

Earnings on affiliate and referral programs

Referral or affiliate programs today are provided by almost all crypto platforms. Making money on them is especially convenient for those who have popular sites, blogs, channels, that is, a large and interested audience.

For each invited person who starts using the platform, either a bonus, or a discount, or a percentage from the referral’s actions is credited.

Example of conditions for the affiliate program of the EXMO exchange:


There are platforms specifically designed for blogging. Articles are published there for free, and if the article gets 50+ votes, then the author is paid a reward in the form of cryptocurrency.

The most popular example of such platforms is Steemit. The more votes a blog post gets, the more the author gets the reward. The amount earned is publicly displayed and available for viewing by anyone, as is the amount in the author’s wallet on the site. Payment is made in STEEM tokens.

Cryptocurrency lending scheme

On some exchanges, you can lend funds to other users at interest – this money is used to provide the above-mentioned margin trading.

Examples of such sites:

✅  Poloniex.

✅  Bitfinex.

Lending at interest is much more profitable and more interesting than just keeping the crypt in your account. As a rule, loans are issued for a short period (for example, two days).

There is also a Biterest platform, designed strictly for issuing and taking loans. It works very quickly, safely and allows you to use many popular payment systems in the process. The rate at which the loan is issued is set by the lender himself.

Cryptocurrency deposit at% or landing page

Another type of passive earning of cryptocurrency on the Internet is to use an analogue of a bank deposit to receive annual interest.

An example is the Nexo service, which allows you to instantly take microloans in several cryptocurrencies and more than 45 fiat currencies. Anyone can, on the contrary, give money at interest. Conditions of 8% per annum are offered on a deposit in dollars, euros, pounds sterling, stablecoins (USDT, TUSD, USDC, PAX, DAI), etc.

Another example is Blockfi. You can get income by placing a cryptocurrency deposit at%. The service works with Bitcoin, Ethereum and GUSD stablecoin. Each coin has its own conditions.

On September 13, 2019, Blockfi removed the restrictions on the minimum deposit – you can place any amount in cryptocurrency, but you need to take into account the withdrawal limit.

Terms of cryptocurrency deposit on Blockfi

The possibility of real earnings on the landing page of cryptocurrencies also deserves attention. Binance recently launched a landing program. The bottom line is that you just need to keep on your account one of the available digital currencies – BTC, USDT, ETH, etc. At the end of the term, you can withdraw the invested amount plus interest. Rate – from 3 to 15% per annum, terms – 14-28 days.

More examples of landing pages:

✅  Coincheck.

✅  ETHLend.


A masternode is the main node in a decentralized network. It performs actions that are not available to simple nodes, such as direct or private transactions. Running a masternode is not available to everyone, as it is expensive and technically difficult. However, in return, masternode owners receive interest from rewards for blocks found during mining.

There are a number of factors on which earnings on masternodes depend. These are the features of a particular coin, changes in its rate, and the mining protocol. When choosing which masternode to invest in, it is necessary to analyze which coin will give the fastest payback.

Examples of cryptocurrencies that make it possible to purchase a masternode:

✅  Dash.

✅  ImageCoin.

✅  Blocknet.

✅  Stakenet.

A complete list is available at masternodes.pro.

Cryptocurrency staking

Proof-of-Stake coins allow network users to store their coins in exchange for rewards. In terms of earning, the principle is similar to masternodes, but requires a little less effort. It is enough just to keep funds in your wallet. The more coins, the greater the reward.

Some projects approach this with imagination. For example, in EOS, you can make a profit in tokens or instead rent network resources needed by developers of decentralized applications.

Binance exchange regularly distributes staking rewards such as GAS, ONG, XLM, KMD, QTUM, VTHO, ALGO and STRAT.

Cryptocurrency trading bot launch

There are many reasons why companies and private traders can turn to the help of a trading bot. One of them is getting the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency without the need to physically constantly be at the computer and create orders. Another option is to develop your own bot to share with others on a commercial basis. This area can be very profitable if done correctly.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak admitted that he sold all his Bitcoin holdings because he was tired of constantly monitoring the price charts. Even the most dedicated crypto fanatic won’t want to spend their entire life chained to a screen. Moreover, the market is highly volatile. There were cases when the price of a currency fell or increased by 25% per day. Traders using a properly configured bot can make good money on these swings.

Examples of trading bots:

✅  BTCRobot.

✅  Gekko.

✅  Zenbot.

✅  CryptoTrader.

✅  Haasbot.

RevenueBot is also popular. A few days ago, its developers published a case study with the best settings that guarantee profitability. According to the test results, the profitability of working with such settings was +10.54%.

Earnings on cryptocurrency exchange (arbitrage)

On exchanges and exchangers, so-called rate surebets are often found, this is when the rate on one resource is slightly higher than on another. Having carried out simple trading operations, you can make money on this difference. For example, exchange Qiwi for BTC in one bitcoin exchanger, and then exchange BTC for Qiwi in another with a profit. This scheme is also called rate arbitration.

There are programs that facilitate the task, which automatically monitor all services included in the base and select the most profitable chains. As an example, Kurs Expert Arbitration.

The resource makes up chains, including up to 5 exchangers, so that the result of earning on the exchange of cryptocurrencies is as profitable as possible. In addition, he also assesses the reliability of sites, takes into account the commissions of payment systems and the cryptocurrency exchangers themselves, and offers a large selection of individual settings.

Cryptocurrency games

This is one of the methods of making money on cryptocurrency without investments (although there is an opportunity to do them). Some games resemble in their principle the work of cryptocranes, where you need to receive cryptocurrency once in a certain period of time, only all this is done in a playful way.

Others are more like online casinos, where the outcome depends on winning or losing. This is the choice of people with strong nerves and a tendency to take risks. As a rule, crypto casinos are more convenient than traditional projects because they do not require any personal information from the user and do not carry out any checks.

It should be remembered that this industry is completely unregulated. Whatever losses were in the process, law enforcement agencies will not be able to help.

There is a fairly large selection of cryptocurrency games for Android. The earnings from them are small, but the effort is minimal.

Airdrop, lockdrop

This is a free distribution of tokens of various cryptocurrencies to users for the purpose of advertising or increasing loyalty. Exchanges actively support this method of making cryptocurrency earnings. So, on Binance, the JEX token airdrop for all BNB holders was recently launched, and the WINk (WIN) airdrop for TRON (TRX) holders was completed a little earlier. As part of the Edgeware lockdown, on September 1, 2019, EDG tokens were distributed to all ETH holders.

And Bitforex, about a month ago, randomly conducted a Bitcoin Airdrop for 100 thousand dollars among those site users who have ever traded perpetual contracts.

Freelance for cryptocurrency

There is an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency using your knowledge and skills – to write texts, create designs, edit videos, edit photos, etc. Freelance is usually the most obvious answer to the question of which business to start on the Internet. Many companies looking for freelancers today are willing to pay in crypto. Examples of sites where you can find employers:

✅  Bitgigs.com.

✅  CryptocurrencyJobs.co.

✅  Cryptogrind.com.

✅  Ethlance.com.


We have considered a lot of ways to earn cryptocurrency, and each of them has its pros and cons – you need to choose the one that suits best. Some are more risky, some require a considerable amount of knowledge, others require labor.

With a little effort, you can find the option that will provide a stable income stream.

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