DSX cryptocurrency exchange (DSXglobal): registration and entrance to the official website, reviews of the crypto exchange


DSX (Digital Securities Exchange) is a cryptocurrency exchange listing 7 crypto coins: BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, BSV, BTG and USDT stablecoin. The crypto exchange was founded in 2014, the place of registration is Great Britain (London).

Cryptoexchange DSX is a payment agent for Epayments. It is registered in the register of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the number 900410. The fact of partnership with the EPA opens the possibility for the client to use fiat (dollars, euros, rubles) for replenishment or withdrawal of funds. Therefore, it is better to link a verified Epayments account with the DSX exchange. In this case, you do not have to go through verification, and you can replenish and withdraw money directly to the USD, EUR or RUB wallet. The official website of the exchange is dsxglobal.com.

Alternative cryptocurrency exchanges for trading: Binance, Currency.com, Bybit, EXMO, Localbitcoins, Bitmex, FTX and others.


On 03/25/2020, the exchange moved to the new platform dsxglobal.com (the former address is dsx.uk). The first step is to change / restore your password. If you went through epayments, then you need to indicate your email in this payment system. Then install 2FA and confirm verification (you will need to enter the old 2FA). Important. The old generated cryptocurrency addresses do not work on the new platform.

Attention. Since August 2020, there have been problems with the withdrawal. Do not transfer cryptocurrencies to DSX. Support Response: Unfortunately, the withdrawals are suspended for technical reasons at the moment. We will provide official information on the current situation shortly. We are sorry for the inconvenience. – Best regards, DSX Support Team.

04/12/2020 There is information about the bankruptcy procedure of the DSX exchange. Coordination of victims via telegram chat https://t.me/dsx_important.

Since 01/12/2021, Greenfield Recovery Limited has been filing for the bankruptcy of the DSX exchange. Email dsx.global@greenfieldrecovery.co.uk.

Trading volume – USD 3.6 million. Currency pairs BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, ETH / USD, ETH / EUR account for 70% of the volume.

Mandatory account verification has been introduced on the Digital Securities Exchange. There is trading in demo mode.

DSX Information

Stock exchangeDSX (Digital Securities Exchange)
Official sitehttps://dsxglobal.com/
Year of foundation2014
CountryGreat Britain, London
Registration number900410
Russian languageYes
Working with fiat moneyBank transfer. EPayments payment system
Fiat accountsUSD, EUR, GBP, RUB
Input and outputCryptocurrency, ePayments, bank transfer
Entry limitNo
VerificationKYC. Mandatory for all users of the DSX exchange
SafetyTwo-factor authentication 2 FA: Google Authenticator, SMS to phone.
Trading commission maker 0.0-0.15%0.0-0.15%
Trading commission taker0.1-0.25%
Types of ordersMarket and limit
Account type
Cryptocurrencies for tradingBitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin SV, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Tether (USDT)
Internal tokenNo
Number of trading pairs34
Trading volume as of May 16, 2019$3 540 688
Site languageRussian English
Mobile application for tradingNo
Demo accountYes
Simple market exchangeYes
Margin tradingNo
Commissions and limitsTariffs
Affiliate programYes
Legal address91 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0EF, UK
Telephone+44 207-788-7471

Registration on the DSX exchange

To register on the crypto exchange, go to the official website https://dsxglobal.com/ and click “Login” or “Start in the top menu”. For ease of navigation, select Russian.

We recommend registering and verifying immediately in ePayments, and then simply link it to the exchange account.

If it is not possible to create an account with ePayments, then use the options offered by the DSX exchange: enter your email and password or log in using your social media profiles: Google+, Facebook, Twitter. To continue creating your account, agree to the AML policy and terms of the user agreement. Indicate the appropriate item and click “Register”.

The next step is to confirm the specified email.

Open the letter and follow the link to verify your email address.

In the next step, set a complex password and confirm it. Registration on the DSX cryptocurrency exchange is now complete.

Attention! If you have an account in the Epayments payment system, then just when registering, click on its logo.

After that, log in to the DSX exchange using your username and password.

DSX.UK account verification

Account verification on the DSX exchange is a prerequisite for working on the site. The cryptocurrency exchange is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a representative of ePayments, which in turn is also regulated by the FCA in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Thus, the exchange suppresses illegal financial transactions, terrorist financing and money laundering. For this, a verification procedure is introduced for each account. If the condition does not fit, look for another exchange for trading cryptocurrencies.

If the ePayments account is verified, then you do not need to re-verify on the exchange. The information will be automatically linked to your DSX account.

If you are creating a new account, then provide additional information to work with the exchange:

  1. Phone number.
  2. Personal information (copy of passport, driver’s license).
  3. Address. A utility bill, bank statement with personal details and address will do. Documents must be no older than three months.

We recommend working with the DSX exchange through the ePayments payment system and being verified there. The conditions are the same, but there are more advantages: there will be convenient ways of depositing, withdrawing and the ability to order a Mastercard debit card.

Personal Area

The top panel contains the necessary sections for working with the official website of the DSX exchange.

  1. An “exchange” is a simple form of buying or selling an asset at its current market value.
  2. “Trade” – transition to a trading terminal with advanced trading functionality.
  3. The “Personal Account” includes the subsections “General” (showing the balance, activity, trading commissions, history of entries), “Deposit” and “Withdraw”.
  4. “Reports” – information about financial transactions and trade operations.
  5. “Help” includes the sections “Tariffs”, “API Reference”, “Help”, “User Agreement”.
  6. Bell icon – service notifications.
  7. “Account Information”. “Profile” – personal information and verification status. “Settings” – enable two-factor authentication via SMS or Google Authenticator, email notifications, API keys, change the language, change the password.

How to fund your DSX account

You can replenish your account on the DSX exchange with both fiat and cryptocurrency. Go to the section “My Account” – “Deposit funds”.

The methods of making a deposit are as follows:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Using the Epayments account.
  • Bank transfer. Initially add and confirm a personal bank account. There is no commission from the exchange.
  • Litecoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • Bitcoin Cash.
  • Bitcoin Gold.

Transfer the cryptocurrency to the specified wallet address. If necessary, a new address can be obtained for each new transaction. The number of confirmations for crediting and the limits for each crypto coin are different, more about them below.

Minimum deposit amounts:

You can fund your ePayments account in the following ways:

  1. Bank transaction.
  2. Bank cards Visa / Mastercard (2.6%).
  3. From Yandex.Money account (2%).
  4. Via Webmoney (1%).

Withdrawing funds from a crypto exchange

To withdraw funds from the DSX exchange, go to your personal account and click “Withdraw”.

The following methods are available:

  • To the ePayments account.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Bank transaction.

You can immediately withdraw to the ePayments wallet if the accounts are linked. Withdrawals are available from the following payment systems:

  1. To a bank card. Commission – 2.9%.
  2. At Webmoney (2%).
  3. Yandex.Money (2%).
  4. Qiwi (2%).
  5. To a mobile phone account (2%).
  6. To a bank account. Transfers: Sepa – $ 0.6; Swift – 0.5%; local transfer – $ 3.

More details about tariffs on the website ePayments.com.

To withdraw cryptocurrency, click “Create Template” – “Cryptocurrencies”.

Select the desired coin, enter the wallet address and name.

Regulations for withdrawal from the DSX exchange:

  • Cryptocurrencies: a few minutes.
  • To ePayments wallet: instantly.
  • Bank transfer: 1-2 days.

Minimum withdrawal amounts:

DSX.UK limits and fees

Detailed information on deductions and restrictions on the exchange website in the “Tariffs” section.

  • DSX Account Maintenance Fees:
  • Commissions for depositing and withdrawing fiat by bank transfer and to ePayments account:
  • Commission for operations with cryptocurrency:
  • Trading commissions:

How to trade on DSX

The DSX exchange has a simple market exchange and limit execution. In the first case, go to the “Exchange” section, specify the direction, quantity and account (Trading or wallet). Execution in this case is instant, counter orders act as liquidity. If there is little liquidity, slippage will occur, so the exchange price may differ from that specified in the order. Therefore, we recommend looking at the order book or placing limit orders.

To go to the trading terminal, click “Trade”. In the left area are available trading pairs and balance. In the middle – a graph of the rate movement and viewing deals. On the right – the order book of limit orders and the order form for selling or buying. Available orders: market and limit. In the top menu – information about the course change; login to your personal account; notifications and deposit of funds.

To manage currency pairs, click on the portfolio icon. A column will appear on the right with a complete list of the pairs available for trading on the DSX. Click on the desired one to add it to the main column.

A feature of the exchange is training on a demo account. Select “Trading Demo” in the balance display column.

The bottom central area displays information on deals: completed and active. Limit orders will be displayed in active orders; they can be canceled at any time if they have not yet been executed. The history of orders contains all executed orders.

The order book shows open limit orders of other users of the DSX exchange. Red – for sale; green – to buy.

  • To create a market order (Market), you just need to select the desired currency pair, specify the quantity (volume) and click “Sell” or “Buy”. Indicate the volume in the first currency in the pair. For example, ETH / USD – in the application form, indicate the amount of ETH.
  • The limit order contains the price and volume. The order enters the general order book and, depending on the price indicated, will be executed after a certain time. Condition: the market value must reach the level specified in the order. A limit order can be canceled and a new one created by specifying a competitive price. Addition: the price is indicated in the units of the second currency in the pair, the volume – in the first.

We recommend that you first try demo cryptocurrency trading, and then switch to a real account.

Feedback on the DSX exchange

A big plus is DSX’s partnership with the ePayments payment system. This makes it possible to use fiat money for trading. Therefore, we recommend that you register and verify not on the exchange, but in ePayments, and then link the accounts.

Many will not be pleased with the mandatory verification, but this is a requirement of the FCA regulator and other regulatory documents. No platform will provide an opportunity to work with bank cards or transfers without account verification.

Some people are interested in the question of whether the DSX exchange or the payment system transmits information to the tax or other regulatory authorities. Representatives answer: no, companies operate in the UK jurisdiction and provide information to third parties only by decision of a local court.

Disadvantages – a small number of cryptocurrencies in the listing and little liquidity for some pairs.

Feedback on the DSX exchange is positive, it is chosen for its connection with ePayments, with which you can withdraw money to a Mastercard debit card or in other ways: Qiwi, Yandex, bank cards and transfers.

In continuation: Rating of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading.

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