Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency: rate and chart, how to buy, sell, exchange Dogecoin in 2022. Full overview and instructions


Dogecoin (DOGE) is an open source cryptocurrency, completely decentralized and anonymous. The coin was created in 2013 by programmer Bill Marcus and Jackson Palmer. The famous Internet meme depicting a dog of the Shiba Inus breed became the logo and face. The creators of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency positioned the project as a comic competitor to Bitcoin, so they tried to distance themselves from communication with it as much as possible. The project has a very close-knit community that periodically engages in charity work and various events. Dogewallet became known to the general public after the Dogewallet wallet was hacked by hackers in December 2013. Then the community announced a fundraiser to return money to the victims, and a month later the losses were compensated.

Since 2020, dogcoin cryptocurrency can be traded on the popular Binance crypto exchange (, DOGE / USDT, DOGE / BUSD, DOGE / BTC pairs are available. On February 9, the Dogs were added to the exchange (DOGE / USD).

Dogecoin (DOGE) tries to distance itself from Bitcoin, but is forked with some modifications. More precisely, the code of the Luckycoin coin, which is a fork of Litecoin, was taken as a basis. In turn, Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin.

Dogecoin cryptocurrency can be mined by mining. Initially, the reward for the mined block was variable, but in 2014 it became constant – 10 thousand DOGE. The issue, instead of the planned limit of 100 billion coins, became unlimited. Therefore, Dogecoin is an inflationary cryptocurrency. Approximately 5 billion DOGE is created every year, the bulk of which was mined in 2014 (100 billion).

The main characteristics of the Dogcoin cryptocurrency for November 2018:

✅  Date of creation: December 12, 2013.

✅  Hash algorithm: scrypt.

✅  Consensus method: proof of work.

✅  Coins in circulation: 116 billion DOGE.

✅  Network structure: decentralized.

✅  Code: open.

✅  Block reward: 10 thousand DOGE.

✅  Cost: $ 0.0059.

✅  Capitalization: $ 648 million.

✅  Blockchain Explorer:

✅  Official wallet: Dogecoin Core.

✅  Exchanges to buy or sell: Binance, EXMO,, Crex24, Yobit.

In the review, we will analyze in detail the issues of buying, selling and exchanging Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Let’s find out on which exchanges it is traded, which wallets to use for storage, as well as other nuances.

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Name Price Market Cap Supply Change % (7D) Performance
Dogecoin DOGE
$18,715,280,514.83 132921026383.71 DOGE

How to buy, sell Dogecoin

The Dogcoin cryptocurrency began trading on December 15, 2013 at a price of $ 0.0006. For 5 years, the cost has increased 10 times. Today one Doge is offered $ 0.0059. From this we can conclude that buying Dogecoin is a profitable long-term investment. Of course, you need to take into account all the associated risks, so the exchange rate can not only rise, but also fall.

You can buy or sell Dogecoin in the following ways:

✅  Crypto exchanges. Dogs are listed on many exchanges.

EXMO exchange, DOGE currency pair

Russian-language exchanges where you can buy or exchange Dogecoin: Binance, EXMO,, Huobi, FTX, Crex24, Yobit. They carry out financial transactions in fiat, that is, traditional currencies: rubles, dollars, hryvnia, euros. Available payment systems: Yandex, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill, bank cards Visa / Mastercard, Advcash, Payeer, Perfect Money, etc. Especially a large number of solutions on the Exmo exchange.

✅  Exchangers. Most crypto exchangers allow you to make an exchange with this cryptocurrency. Let’s name some of the most popular ones: Prostocash, Xchange, Baksman, 60 cek, etc. In them, the process of buying Dogecoins is very simple: choose a direction, for example, Sberbank rubles to Dogecoin, specify the amount and your wallet to receive. Next, you need to follow the instructions and pay the bill.

Where to buy (sell) Doge is more profitable: on the exchange or in the exchanger? The decision is influenced by many factors, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. The exchanger has more payment systems, quick exchange. There is a more favorable rate on the exchanges, but the commission for the deposit or withdrawal of fiat can compensate for this difference; the wallet is created automatically after registration. It is necessary to analyze and compare all parameters in each specific situation.

How to create a Dogecoin wallet

To store Dogecoin cryptocurrency, you can use the following options:

  • Desktop: Dogecoin Core, MultiDoge, Jaxx, Agama, Guarda.
  • Online or Web: DogeChain, Guarda Wallet, Holy Transaction, CoinVault, OctoBit, Mitex. The cryptocurrency exchange also falls into this category.
  • Mobile Apps: Infinito Wallet, CoinPayments, Multiwallet by Freewallet, Guarda, Doge Freewallet, Coinomi, Jaxx, Doge Android Wallet, Coffee Wallet.
  • Hardware devices: Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey.

The official wallets for Dogecoin are Dogecoin Core and DogeChain.

  • DogeChain is a secure online wallet available at under the Wallet section. The private key is generated in the browser and is not sent anywhere. To register, you need an email and password. All standard operations are available: receiving, transferring cryptocurrency, importing and exporting private keys, etc.
  • Dogecoin Core is a cryptocurrency wallet for installation on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and applications for installation on mobile phones. You need to download the installation files at You can choose the “light wallet” MultiDoge, it consumes less resources, since you do not need to download the entire blockchain to the device for synchronization, and besides, it is fast to use. Dogecoin Core is a heavy wallet.

What is the Dogecoin address to receive? It is a 33-34 character identifier. The addresses begin with the letter D. Do not confuse them with private keys.

Buying and selling Dogecoin (Doge) in the exchanger

Let’s analyze the process of exchanging Dogecoin cryptocurrency in the exchanger. Most of them work around the clock and provide quality service. Reliable exchange services are: Baksman, Prostocash, Xchange, 60 cek.

Step-by-step instructions on how to buy or sell Dogcoins using the example of the 60cek exchanger:

  • First step. Registration on the website of the exchanger 60cek. To do this, go to the “My Account” section and click “I don’t have an account yet.” In the registration form, enter your email, create a password, go through the captcha. By creating an account, get a discount on every exchange.
  • Select the direction of exchange. The site has a large number of possible options: banks (Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, Russian Standard, Alfa-Bank, Rosselkhozbank, VTB), bank cards, e-wallets (Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Advcash, Payeer, etc.); exchange for other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano, Tron, Lisk, Dash, Monero, Nem, Verge, 0x, Ethereum Classic, etc.); exchange codes (EX-code and Livecoin-code).
  • Indicate the quantity, taking into account the minimum amount and the reserve.
  • Fill in the details of the exchange, including the Dogecoin address in the “Wallet to receive” line. Read the exchange rules and click “Exchange”.
  • Next step: check and pay within 15 minutes.
  • Click “Go to Payment” and pay the invoice.
  • The status of the application can be viewed in your personal account. You will also receive a message by email.
  • The exchanger’s website has an online support chat. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.
  • After confirming the payment, the service will transfer Dogecoin to the address specified in the application. After confirming the transaction on the network, they will be displayed in the wallet. You can track this process in the browser of the blockchain network:

Exchange of contracts in the exchanger is a simple process, so difficulties should not arise. The support service is always online and will come to the rescue.

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Exchange and trade Dogecoin on the cryptocurrency exchange

In addition to a simple exchange, Dogecoin cryptocurrency can be traded on exchanges. In simple words, the process is to buy for less and sell for more.

Step-by-step instructions for trading Doge using the example of the Exmo exchange:

  • Go to the website, register.
  • Be sure to confirm the email to which you will receive the letter.
  • In the security settings, enable two-factor authentication for logging into your account and for financial transactions. We recommend using the receipt of codes not by SMS, but in the Google Authenticator application.
  • Go to the “Wallet” section and top up your balance. Fiat and cryptocurrencies can be selected. To work with some payment systems, you need to go through verification.
  • On the Exmo exchange, Dogecoin is traded in tandem with Bitcoin (DOGE / BTC). Therefore, you should first buy Bitcoin, and then exchange it for Dogcoin.
  • There are two types of trade orders: limit and market. In the limit, you yourself indicate the optimal cost of buying or selling a crypto-asset (in BTC) and the amount (in DOGE). In a market order, the order is executed instantly, counter orders in the order book act as liquidity (you only need to specify the quantity). Trading commission – 0.2%.
  • Once purchased, Dogecoin is stored in your exchange wallet. They can be transferred to other addresses at any time.

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Dogecoin cryptocurrency was created as a joke, but has become very popular thanks to the community and marketing policy. The Dogethereum project will start soon, which will unite two blockchains. Against this background, the value of the coin is growing, despite the falling market in early autumn. Buying Dogecoin can be a good investment, but always consider the risks.

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