Cryptonator is an online cryptocurrency wallet. Detailed description, registration of a personal account and entrance to the official website, replenishment, withdrawal and reviews


Cryptonator is an online cryptocurrency wallet. Supports storage of 13 cryptocurrencies, including the most liquid coins: Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic. Fiat money accounts are available: US dollar, Russian ruble, hryvnia, euro. Cryptonator is available as a web interface or Android phone app.

After registering and entering your personal account, all possible financial operations will become available: receiving, transferring, buying / exchanging cryptocurrency or fiat money. Account verification is not required. Exchange operations with the Russian ruble are available through payment systems Yandex, Qiwi, AdvCash, Payeer, bank cards.

The official website of the Cryptonator:

Continuing: “Matbea Wallet and Exchanger” – buying and selling cryptocurrency for rubles, storage.

Cryptonator wallet information

When using the Kryptonator wallet, the owner does not have private keys. There is no way to export (unload) them. All responsibility for the safety of the cryptocurrency lies solely with the service and depends on its reliability. According to them, they store 90% of the cryptocurrency in cold cryptocurrency wallets, without third-party access. You can only protect your personal account by setting security settings in your account. Be sure to include two-factor authorization and notifications for entry, departure, etc.

Alternatively, you can use the popular Blockchain wallet for online storage, Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges (EXMO, Binance, LocalBitcoins, etc.), etc.

Cryptonator is operated by Global Technical Enterprise Ltd. Registered office: 418 Harbor Road, 35 / F Central Plaza, Wanchai, Hong Kong. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of the Cryptonator Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before registering the wallet on the official Cryptonator website.

The “Cryptonator Cryptocurrency Wallet” application is available on Google Play (only for Android phones):

Registering a Cryptonator wallet

It is very easy to create a Cryptonator wallet. You need to register your personal account on the official website or download a mobile application. The procedure is free, there is no verification.

You need to click in the top menu “Registration” and indicate:

  1. Email. Recommendation for everyone: It’s best to create and use email from a reliable service provider – Gmail from Google.
  2. Password. Don’t use light passwords (1234; 2222, etc.). It is better to use password generators, but do not forget to save it in specialized programs. We use the free KeePass.

After entering the registration data, click “Open an account”.

Then you need to confirm the specified email by clicking on the link in the letter:

A second letter will come about the successful opening of the account and the completion of the registration of the Cryptonator wallet. After that, you can enter the Cryptonator personal account.

Login to your personal account Cryptonator

To enter the account of the Cryptonator online wallet, you need to click “Login” and enter your registration email and password.

Next, you will need to confirm (verify) the entrance, since the intellectual protection was triggered when the IP was changed.

Follow the link “Add to trusted list” in the letter received by email:

At the first login, the service will offer to make small settings:

  1. Choose which cryptocurrencies and fiat money to keep in the wallet and which to hide.
  1. Second stage: generation of new addresses for cryptocurrency. The maximum number is 10.
  1. Connecting two-factor authentication. This action will protect the Cryptonator wallet from hacking by the client by 98%. This can be done through the application on the Google Authenticator phone; via Telegram; by receiving an SMS to the specified phone number. Each time you enter the crypto wallet, the system will ask for a six-digit code, which is provided using the selected services.

General view of the Cryptonator cryptocurrency wallet:

✅ “Balance” is the most important section. All crypto and fiat money accounts are displayed. You can choose the fiat currency for calculating the balance. By default, this is the United States dollar (USD). The balance is floating and depends on the rate of cryptocurrencies. Accounts can be added / removed via the “Manage Wallets” button. When you click on the drop-down list, the address of the selected cryptocurrency will appear. It is public, it can be specified when buying a cryptocurrency in an exchanger, transferring from a cryptocurrency exchange, when transferring from another wallet, etc.

✅ “Send” – transfer of cryptocurrency from the Cryptonator to another address.

✅ “Pay” – a section for paying for mobile communications, landline telephone, Internet, online games, television, social networks, transport.

✅ “Exchange” is a built-in cryptocurrency and fiat money exchanger.

✅ “History” – shows all transactions in the wallet.

✅ “Portfolio”. You can follow your investment in cryptocurrency.

✅ “Settings” – includes subsections “General”, “Security”, “Notifications”. In the general settings, you can change the balance currency, select the language of the Cryptonator website, close an account, manage wallets.

✅ In the “Security” section – enable two-factor, intelligent protection, payment password.

✅ We recommend enabling all events in the “Notifications”.

How to fund your Cryptonator wallet account

Cryptonator wallet can be replenished with cryptocurrency or fiat money:

  1. USD account: Payeer and AdvCash payment systems are available.
  2. In euros: Payeer and AdvCash.
  3. In Russian rubles: Yandex.Money, bank cards (up to 5 business days), Payer and AdvaCash.
  4. In hryvnia: only withdrawal.

The commission for replenishment will be 2.9% for all payment systems, except for Yandex (for it – 1.9%). Minimum amount: 1 USD, 100 RUB, 1 EUR. Maximum: 1000 USD, 50,000 RUB, 1000 EUR.

To enter fiat money, select the desired account and click “Deposit”:

Then select the method of replenishing the wallet balance and indicate the amount, while taking into account the limits and commissions.

When replenishing the Cryptonator wallet with cryptocurrency, click on the drop-down list and copy the address to receive. For example, bitcoin address:

Click on it and get it in the form of alphanumeric symbols and a QR code:

Next, cryptocurrency should be transferred to it. When buying cryptocurrency in a bitcoin exchanger, when entering data, you must specify the cryptocurrency address of the Cryptonator wallet:

When transferring from another wallet, you just need to specify the address in the required line, usually this happens through the “Send” section. For example, in the Exodus wallet:

Important: when transferring cryptocurrency, you need to take into account the minimum amount. Otherwise, the payment will not reach (all subsequent payments are not summed up). There is no commission.

For example, when depositing Bitcoin, the minimum will be 0.0001 BTC or $ 0.35 at the BTC rate as of 13/01/2019.

How to withdraw funds from the wallet

When withdrawing cryptocurrency from the Cryptonator wallet, you must click “Send” under the desired coin or by going to the appropriate section. Indicate address and quantity. The minimum and maximum limits have been given above in the “Deposit” section. Next, you will need to confirm the transfer in accordance with the activated security settings. Sending is made within 2 minutes, and the further time for confirming the transaction depends on the blockchain network. You can use browsers to check the status of the translation.

Commissions for coin withdrawal:

When selling cryptocurrency, it can be immediately transferred to a crypto exchanger and exchanged for the desired payment system: banks (Sberbank, Privat 24, etc.; Visa / MasterCard; Qiwi wallets, Yandex, Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money and others).

We recommend exchangers:

  1. ProstoCash,
  2. 60cek,
  3. Platov,
  4. Ramon Cash.

Fiat money is received in a similar way:


Regular time: instantly when withdrawing to e-wallets and up to 5 days – to Visa / MasterCard.

Crypto and fiat money exchange on

An internal exchanger allows you to convert one cryptocurrency to another or to fiat money. The limits are the same as for deposits and withdrawals.

You need to click “Exchange”, select the direction and specify the quantity. There is no commission, the exact amount will come. For example, buying bitcoin for rubles:

Advantages and disadvantages

The Cryptonator wallet has the following advantages:

  1. Fast registration.
  2. Lack of verification.
  3. Long term of work.
  4. Russian-language site.
  5. Small commissions for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency.
  6. Working with fiat money.
  7. The presence on the official website of additional sections that are available without registration: a converter, cryptocurrency rates, widgets for the site, API, a list of cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.
  8. Mobile app.
  9. Accepting payments for stores, websites, etc.
  10. Convenient and understandable personal account.
  11. The ability to connect two-factor authentication.

Disadvantages of the Cryptonator online wallet:

  1. Private keys are stored on the service side.
  2. Large commissions for the withdrawal of fiat money.
  3. The presence of negative reviews. Since mid-2018, their number has decreased by an order of magnitude.
  4. New coins are not added after a hard fork.
  5. Signing of wallets (addresses) is not supported.
  6. Import of other private keys is not supported.
  7. Lack of a referral program.
  8. No support for ERC-20 tokens.
  9. When replenishing the Ripple wallet, 20 XRP is held. This is a standard requirement of the Ripple network. But some exchanges don’t.

Conclusion and feedback

When using the Cryptonator online wallet, the owner does not have access to the private keys, and therefore the stored cryptocurrency. Recently, complaints about the service have decreased, but it is better not to store large amounts on it. The wallet is suitable for those who collect satoshi on bitcoin faucets, since the minimum amount for input is small.

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