Cryptocurrency Trading Bots | Top 27 crypto bots for automated trading on crypto exchanges. Advantages and disadvantages of trading robots


Cryptocurrencies continue to be an extremely interesting phenomenon of our time. Having quickly achieved popularity and becoming very popular, digital coins continue to be an incredibly profitable investment tool, capable of generating colossal profits on cryptocurrency exchanges or with long-term investments in these assets.

Services and bots for automating crypto trading on exchanges:

Bots and platformsOverviewWebsiteThe costCryptocurrency exchanges
Revenuebotrevenuebot.ioIs free. Payment due to% of profitable transactionsExmo, Livecoin, Binance, Binance Futures, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, OKEX, HitBTC, CEX, Bitmax, Kraken, Kucoin
3Commas3Commas.iofrom $ 14. Test period – 3 days at the “Professional” tariffBitmex, Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, EXMO, Gate, Huobi YOBIT, Bittrex, BitFinex, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC, Cex, Coinbase Pro, OKEX
Cryptorgcryptorg.netfrom $ 30 per month depending on the tariff. There is a trial plan for 2 weeks with the ability to create one botBinance, Bittrex, BitFinex, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC, BTC-alpha, Livecoin, CoinsBit, OKex
Bots from Veles.Finance Veles.Finance Is free. Payment due to % of profitable tradesBinance, Binance Futures, Binance Coin

Now there is a systematic increase in user interest in crypto-exchanges, where it is easy to “catch” a good trend and very quickly make money on this price movement. Experienced speculators create their capital in this way. On platforms where trading operations with Bitcoin, altcoins and other cryptoassets take place, you can get profit by opening positions manually after analyzing the market, studying the price chart, viewing data from technical indicators, etc. mode by means of special cryptobots.

The editorial staff of will consider in detail the developing trend of automated trading in virtual currencies using special algorithms, analogues of which have long been generating income for traders in Forex, the binary options market, stock exchanges and other financial exchanges. Let’s analyze the 27 best cryptocurrency trading robots and advisors that are recommended to be used in 2022 for making money.

What is a cryptobot for trading

As noted, effective trading on modern financial markets is possible without the direct participation of a speculator in trading. This is also relevant today for cryptocurrency exchanges, where the competent use of the capabilities of cryptobots can bring a stable profit to the trader.

So, a cryptocurrency robot (bot) is a specially created algorithm that uses different indicators, as well as a software system (scanner) that recognizes points of entry into the market and makes transactions on behalf of the user.

In such a rapidly developing segment as the crypto market, the ability to automate the trading process is in great demand. Traders with coding skills and programming knowledge can create their own cryptobots or intelligently optimize existing advisors for effective trading with digital coins. The robot will independently trade cryptographic assets, bringing income to its owner.

However, there is a significant risk here, which for some reason stubbornly ignored by beginners and inexperienced crypto traders. Tens and hundreds of algorithms that automate trading in exchange instruments are now regularly available on the Internet, and nothing is known about their real quality of work. It’s not hard to make a configuration mistake or launch an initially ineffective bot. Of course, this will entail a quick drain of the deposit. Therefore, it is necessary to work carefully with cryptorobots, having previously carried out multilateral tests on demo accounts.

Important! Since the cryptocurrency market, due to its popularity, immediately began to attract all sorts of scammers, a progressive increase in fraudulent cases appeared in this area of ​​the modern economy. Many cybercriminals cheat illiterate people in various ways. Cryptocurrency bots here confidently enter the top 6 scam schemes.

You should always be vigilant and be extremely careful when choosing a crypto trading advisor. Otherwise, it is easy to pick up a viral miner, lose funds from a trading account, or simply unknowingly transfer the earned coins to the scammer’s crypto wallet!

What are cryptocurrency bots

Types of cryptobots and their features:

Trading. They use indicators of technical analysis SMA, RSI, MACD, etc. to make decisions about buying or selling an asset.

Advanced. For advanced users. There is no preset strategy, the bot can be completely customized from scratch to suit your requirements.

Script. For those familiar with programming. Open source is taken and edited for yourself. This allows you to get the most tailored result due to the flexibility of development.

Market makers. They add orders to both sides of the order book, thereby forming market liquidity. If ✅ during this process live traders appear, then their orders are instantly redeemed, after which the bot continues to work.

Signal. Help collect forecasts from TradingView, social networks, blogs, media, Telegram channels and other sources. Based on the received data, they send signals about changes in the market or create trading recommendations.

Arbitration. Focused on intra-exchange or inter-exchange arbitrage. Due to the high volatility of the crypto market, such bots carry out a large number of transactions and provide a certain amount of income. However, finding an effective arbitrage bot is difficult – the more people use it, the lower the profitability will be.

Statistical arbitrage bots. They reveal the regularities of the rates of different coins and find the dependence of some on others. The set of cryptocurrencies in question is selected by the user, he also sets the candidates for short and long at his discretion. Such cryptobots are usually not made available for public use and are used by hedge funds.

There is no perfect bot that will do everything for you. Everywhere a deep understanding of the robot’s actions is required, the ability to properly configure it. It is also advisable to train on demo accounts first.

How to choose a cryptobot

There are at least eight main criteria for choosing a bot for cryptocurrency trading:

What strategies the robot allows to implement. Editable parameters, support for specific technical indicators and market information.

Easy to configure and user freedom of action. Which settings the user should adjust on their own, and which ones the bot chooses automatically.

Ease of use. Some bots can be launched in a couple of clicks by choosing the desired strategy, others need to be programmed. The choice depends on your knowledge and skills.

Exchange support. As a rule, all known bots are compatible with all well-known exchanges. But if you use lesser-known platforms for trading, then pay attention to this factor.

Reputation and duration of work. How many years the platform has been on the market, what are the user reviews, is the use of this program legal.

Payment. Some bots are available only for a subscription fee, others are free, but they charge a commission for each trade operation.

Profitability. Before you start using the robot, calculate how profitable the process will be, taking into account the payment for the program’s services.

Safety. It is important to study the feedback and what the developers have to say about their security measures. After all, in some way you will have to trust the platform to manage your funds.

The best bots for trading cryptocurrency on the exchange in 2021

Robots and advisors that help crypto investors or traders make money in the cryptocurrency market are gaining more and more popularity, becoming in demand in modern online business. We have reviewed all the well-known trading bots, highlighted their pros and cons. Some options are more complex and only suitable for advanced users, while others are quite easy to get started even for beginners.

1. Revenuebot

A bot for automatic cryptocurrency trading that requires minimal user intervention. It is enough to set a number of initial settings. All settings are described in detail in the FAQ, so that a beginner can handle it too.

RevenueBot is a cloud bot for making money on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Automatic trading on the Martingale system is carried out around the clock. There is no subscription fee, only a percentage of the profit obtained during the auction is withheld. Works with Binance, Binance Futures, Exmo, Livecoin, etc.

✅ Features: smart order grid, volatility indicators, backtests, automatic switching between trading pairs.

✅ Supported exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex Bittrex, Exmo, Livecoin, HitBTC, OKex,, Bitmax, Kucoin, Kraken, Binance Futures.

✅ Cost: a commission of 20% from the profit from the work of the bot, but not more than $ 50 per month. This scheme is good in that it encourages developers to make the bot as efficient as possible.


✅ No monthly fee.

✅ Security – All funds are held on connected exchanges and not with Revenuebot.

✅ Simultaneous trading on several trading pairs.

✅ Detailed statistics for all trade indicators.

✅ Ease of connection and setup.

✅ Affiliate program.

✅ Russian language.


❌ If you do not understand the essence of the strategy, then you can go into the negative.

❌ Sometimes there are malfunctions.

Setting up Revenuebot using the Binance exchange as an example

First you need to register on the website Then go to the Bots section and expand the CREATE NEW BOT menu.

Setting up Revenuebot using the Binance exchange as an example
setting up the Revenuebot bot

Enter any name for the bot and choose a crypto exchange from the supported ones. In our case, Binance. Fill in the fields that will open after that:

  • trading pair;
  • API key – you must first create it on the Binance exchange, this is done in your personal account in a couple of clicks;
  • wallet – select an existing one or create a new one by specifying its name and other parameters;
  • commission – choose which commission Binance will apply, namely, whether to use the BNB token (this option must also be activated in the account of the exchange itself);

Next, the algorithms for the cryptobot operation are selected. There are two of them – Long and Short. In both cases, the principle “buy cheaper, sell more expensive” applies, but the difference lies in the nature of placing orders, at what moments to buy and sell. After choosing an algorithm, you can select a preset template for it or specify the settings manually.

The settings include:

✅ Percentage of the price change overlap, on the basis of which the order grid is calculated.

✅ Indent of the first order in the grid.

✅ Selecting the rate on the exchange (buy, sell, average), from which the order grid will be calculated.

✅ Martingale and the number of orders in the grid.

✅ The profit that the bot will apply when calculating the price of the final order.

✅ The coin in which there will be a profit (only for Short).

✅ Updating the order grid to the current price, which is necessary to avoid price drift far from the grid.

✅ Pause before canceling the current grid of orders if the previous setting was triggered.

✅ Pause before installing a new grid.

✅ Pause before starting a new cycle after the end of the previous one.

And a number of additional settings – for example, crediting the profit to the virtual wallet of the bot or the logarithmic distribution of the order density.

additional settings of the cryptobot Revenuebot

Before launching a robot, you will also need to install a number of filters to ensure that it starts trading at the most opportune time based on your wishes and the chosen trading algorithm. Finally, you can configure the receipt of notifications about the progress of trading by SMS, email, Telegram, etc. And click “Create New Bot”.

2. Stratum Bot

Simple and user-friendly Stratum Bot aims to facilitate automated trading, especially for novice users. It can simultaneously work with several or even dozens of pairs, using individual settings for each. In difficult situations, a flexible averaging tool (DCA) insures, and a stop loss protects against large losses.

Stratum Bot
  • Features: DCA, Trailing Profit, reverse trailing, multithreading, ignoring minor orders.
  • Supported exchanges: Binance, YoBit.
  • Cost: YoBit free, Binance $ 13 per month.


✅ Ease of use, quick start of trading.

✅ Free version for the YoBit exchange.

✅ Automatic selection of parameters in one click.

✅ Good trading functionality.

✅ Russian language.


❌ Only two sites supported.

3. 3commas

3Commas is both a bot and a trading terminal. Supports 20+ cryptocurrency exchanges and Paper Trading function. Allows you to organize a single cryptocurrency portfolio by uniting all your exchange accounts. The portfolio is conveniently visualized as infographics in your personal account. Since 2020, 3commas has partnered with the Binance exchange, which gives users a comfortable trading environment through Binance’s asset management and security infrastructure.

automatic bots 3commas

✅ Features: backtests, trial period, shorting, DCA.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; Binance Jersey; Binance US; KuCoin; Bitstamp; Bybit; Huobi Global; HitBTC; Coinbase Pro; EXMO; OKEx;; Kraken;; Binance DEX;; YoBit.

✅ Cost: rates from $ 29 to $ 99 per month (when buying for a year – cheaper). The maximum PRO tariff can be tried for free for three days.


✅ Copy-trading function (copying strategies of successful traders).

✅ Support for many exchanges.

✅ Smart Trading function (simultaneous execution of transactions on different exchanges in order to obtain maximum profit).

✅ Mobile app.

✅ Functional interface.

✅ There is a Russian language.


❌ Not very suitable for beginners.

4. Cryptorg

The Cryptorg platform allows you to activate an almost unlimited number of trading bots at the same time, this number is limited only by the number of trading pairs on the exchange. It is possible to connect robots via API. For automated trading, you can use built-in strategies or customize your own. In addition, the project is a social network with a chat for exchange of experience between traders.

Cryptorg interface for creating trading bots

✅ Features: Trade-to-mine, Telegram notifications, trial period, built-in marketplace, CTG tokens.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; Bitmex; KuCoin; HitBTC; CoinsBit; BTC-alpha; PrizmBit.

✅ Cost: rates from $ 30 to $ 100 per month. If you have a trial plan with stripped-down features, which you can use for 14 days for free, and then for $ 15 per month.


✅ Multi-platform application.

✅ Support for working simultaneously with a large number of bots.

✅ Built-in crypto exchange.

✅ Mining CTG tokens by making deals.

✅ Russian interface language.


❌ Supports few exchanges.

5. Zignaly

Zignaly is a cloud service that you can work with through a browser, without installing an application. More than 20 external signal providers help users to automate the trading process. Works in conjunction with a TradingView account.

cryptocurrency trading bots Zignaly

✅ Features: trailing stop, stop loss, signaling devices, application of custom strategies from TradingView.

✅ Supported exchanges: Binance and KuCoin, others on the way.

✅ Cost: recently completely free, previously $ 15.99 per month. The platform became part of the Binance Broker program and now earns commissions from the Zignaly Exchange platform.


✅ Free.

✅ Interacting with your TradingView account.

✅ Using effective trading algorithms.

✅ Reliable signal sources.


❌ There are few cryptocurrency exchanges, and some of the functionality is still at the implementation stage.

6. Botee Trade

A cloud service that provides many opportunities for trading bitcoin and altcoins on different exchanges. Supports margin trading function. The interface is almost completely customizable, you can configure it as you like. You can work through a browser or application. A set of tools allows you to create and run your own strategy.

Botee Trade trading bots

✅ Features: Paper Trading, Backtests, Trial, Shorting, DCA.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bitfinex, Binance. Addition of HitBTC and is planned.

✅ Cost: rates from $ 60 to $ 270 per month. You can try it for free for seven days with minimal functionality.


✅ Extensive functionality, a large number of options and indicators.

✅ Margin trading with leverage, you can enter short and long.

✅ Affiliate program.

✅ Free and unlimited backtests.


❌ Supports few exchanges.

❌ There is no Russian language.

❌ Quite expensive tariffs.

7. Apitrade

The ApiTrade platform supports 6+ trading and arbitrage algorithms with minimal risks, which are automatically trained in the process. According to the developers, it guarantees a small regular level of income almost every day due to the fact that it simultaneously uses the 25 largest exchanges at once, finding conditions for profitable transactions.

Arbitrage and High Frequency Crypto Trading on Apitrade

✅ Features: DCA, moneyback 7 days in case the services are not satisfied, no monthly fee, automatic trading.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; KuCoin; Bitmex; Huobi; Cryptopia; GDax; Bit Z; Kraken, OKex, etc.

✅ Cost: 50% of the profits generated from automated trading and arbitrage transactions. Manual trading is completely free.


✅ In fact, it is completely free.

✅ Easy to set up, it is possible to start trading in one click.

✅ Russian language.

✅ Advanced system algorithms.

✅ The ability to work with small deposits.

✅ In the event of losses incurred as a result of bot errors, a full refund is guaranteed.


❌ No apps, only browser version.

8. ProfitTrailer

A powerful cryptobot that allows you to automate any strategy on technical indicators – BB, DCA, RSI, EMA, SMA, MACD, STOCH, etc. There is a detailed reference section, but only in English. The bot app is available for all devices. The platform has a fairly active community, you can communicate and get help from other traders.

crypto trading bot Profittrailer

✅ Features: Paper Trading, DCA, Trial, Tech Support via Discord, Signal Alert Subscription

✅ Supported exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, BinanceUS, Binance Futures, Binance Jersey, Binance DEX, Kucoin, Huobi, BitMEX, Bybit.

✅ Cost: from € 30 / month. There are one-time rates (€ 799 and € 999). Free limited editions for Binance and Bybit. There is also Paper Trading.


✅ Lots of features, strategies and tools.

✅ Free trials available.

✅ The ability to run two bots at the same time.

✅ Multiplatform.

✅ Detailed statistics.


❌ Difficult to learn for beginners.

9. HAASonline / HAAS bot

The most famous and difficult to learn cryptobot. Allows you to quickly create, test and deploy automated strategies across multiple exchanges. All processes take place in the cloud, on the company’s servers. The HaasScript programming language allows you to create your own automated trading algorithms, develop technical indicators, interpret signals, etc.

HaasBot is a complex version of a trading robot that consists of 4 separate algorithms. The robot uses up to 500 cryptocurrencies in trading operations. The program was developed in 2014. This bot has two key features – it is paid and really productive, as many traders say.

HaasBot trades on virtually all major cryptocurrency exchanges (BitMEX, KuCoin, Binance, Gemini, Kraken, Huobi, etc.). The tariffication is three-level, due to the different openness of the functionality for the client. License cost for 3 months:

  1. Basic access – 0.028 BTC.
  2. For advanced beginners – 0.049 BTC.
  3. Professional version – 0.08 BTC.

Payment is accepted by Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can compare plans and choose the one according to your needs.

✅ Features: Paper Trading, Backtexts, Shorting, Trial.

✅ Supported Exchanges: Binance, Binance Futures, Binance US, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex, ByBit, Deribit, Gemini, CCEX, Cex.IO, Cobinhood, Coinbase, HitBTC, Huobi, Ionomy, KuCoin, NovaExchange, Kraken, Kraken Futures, OKCoin, OKEX, OKEX-Futures, OKEX-Swap, Poloniex.

✅ Cost: tariffs for a period of 3 to 12 months at a price of 0.028 BTC to 0.208 BTC. There is a 14-day trial license.


✅ Support for many exchanges, including futures.

✅ Visual strategy editor.

✅ Own programming language.

✅ HaasOnline trading server running 24/7.


❌ Expensive rates.

❌ There is no Russian language.


A powerful and relatively easy-to-use trading bot. Contains many pre-installed strategies for beginners to quickly start trading and make a profit. For advanced users, there are also many options, from margin trading to customizing JSON configurations.


Cryptorobot Gunbot is a paid bot for automated trading of virtual currencies. This platform, first of all, attracts attention by the wide possibilities for customizing the functionality, which allows you to set the maximum level of trading risk, bring the work of the cryptocurrency bot to the used trading strategy, etc. An important nuance is the work of Gunbot on most functioning cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, on Cex .io, Binance, Bitmex

what is gunbot

The tariff plans offered to crypto traders provide for a different number of available functionality and cost from 0.002 BTC (the most stripped down version) to 0.125 BTC (for professionals). Interestingly, you need to pay the fee once, without additional payments.

Another significant advantage of the Gunbot cryptobot is the integrated set of 32 efficient decentralized coin trading systems. After testing, the user can activate any option that has proven itself worthy!

Gunbot trading bot interface

✅ Features: Paper Trading, DCA, Backtexts, Shorting, Trial.

✅ Supported exchanges: Binance, OKex, HitBTC, Kucoin, etc., over 100 in total.

✅ Cost: Lifetime versions are priced from 0.02 BTC to 0.125 BTC, the number of functions varies.


✅ The ability to save the configured algorithm locally.

✅ Privacy – the bot does not collect or store information about users.

✅ Multiplatform.

✅ 40+ trading strategies.

✅ Maximum number of supported exchanges.


❌ You can only buy with bitcoins.

❌ It runs on your computer, therefore it requires a certain amount of computing power.


SWBOT is aimed at experienced users who have already dealt with automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. There are versions of the application for Linux and Windows, and the bot can be controlled via Telegram. To create an account, you need to specify your telegram ID. Bot @my_id_bot or another similar bot will help you find it out.


✅ Features: DCA, trial, two-way trail, web interface with statistics.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Wex.

✅ Cost: $ 25 per month, there is a limited demo version. Payment is made in BTC at the current exchange rate.


✅ Automatic recovery after reboot or shutdown.

✅ Tracking the general market trend.

✅ The ability to work with several currency pairs at once with one bot.

✅ Cross-platform.


❌ For advanced users only.

❌ Few exchanges are supported.

12. BOTanica

BOTanica is a series of trading bots for use on the Binance and Poloniex exchanges. Supports all currency pairs available on these platforms. The user himself chooses the pairs of interest to him. The trading strategies used are an averaging strategy with a given profit rate and martingale. Current updates of the BOTanica bot in the thread on the forum.

cryptobot BOTanica

✅ Features: DCA, trial version, customizable alerts, unlimited number of simultaneously traded pairs.

✅ Supported exchanges: Poloniex and Binance.

✅ Cost: one-time 0.06 BTC, there is a demo version.


✅ Simultaneous trading of several pairs.

✅ Switch between automatic or manual selection of par.

✅ Handling freezes or errors of the crypto exchanges themselves.

✅ Possibility of setting sound notifications.


❌ Works on only two exchanges.

❌ No website, only forum posts.

13. Gimmer

The bot carried out an ICO in 2018 and raised $ 2.8 million (although 6 was planned). The decentralized trading platform includes modern trading indicators and artificial intelligence tools. The platform is quite easy to use, therefore it is of interest to different categories of traders, regardless of their trading experience.

bot platform for cryptocurrencies Gimmer

✅ Features: Paper Trading, Backtests, DCA, Demo

✅ Supported exchanges: OKCoin, Huobi, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex, Cobinhood, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Poloniex.

✅ Cost: from $ 25 per month to $ 255 per year. For holders of GMR tokens, use can be free.


✅ Good infrastructure with ample opportunities.

✅ GMR token giving a number of bonus to holders.

✅ Margin trading.

✅ Portfolio formation.

✅ Cross-platform.


❌ There is no Russian language.

❌ Little background information, and only in video format.

14. GBOT

A trading bot that can be controlled via Telergam or a control panel. Trailing stops and stop losses are supported. You can work simultaneously with an unlimited number of trading pairs. Website:

automated trading system GBot trader

✅ Features: DCA, demo version, control via Telegram,

✅ Supported exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Exmo, Bitfinex, Liqui, Binance, etc. (total 16)

✅ Cost: a license from $ 30 / month for one exchange or $ 100 at once for all. You can also buy unlimited for $ 900.


✅ Support for all popular exchanges.

✅ Convenient interface and management.

✅ Russian language.

✅ More than 10 combinations of trade settings.

✅ Round-the-clock work.

✅ Detailed FAQ.


❌ Difficult setup, not for beginners.

❌ For quite a lot of money, the functionality is not very wide.

15. Cryptohopper

Cloud-based crypto trading bot that works 24/7. Allows you to interact with a wide range of exchanges and currencies. Offers many features, including copy trading, and is easy to set up.

trading bot for cryptocurrency CryptoHopper

CryptoHopper is a robot for automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges: Huobi, Binance, KuСoin, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex and others. A free plan for 7 days is available to get acquainted with the functionality of the platform. There are 3 plans in total: starter, medium, professional. On the latter, arbitrage trading is available, opening 500 trades with 75 cryptocurrencies, signals, etc.

✅ Features: Backtests, DCA, Trial, Crypto Portfolio Management.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; Binance US; KuCoin; Bitstamp; Huobi Global; HitBTC; Coinbase Pro; OKEx; Kraken; BitVavo.

✅ Cost: from $ 19 to $ 99 per month (if you buy for a year, then it is cheaper). There is a free version with reduced functionality.


✅ Easy installation and setup.

✅ Lots of features, exchanges and coins.

✅ Moderate tariff rates.

✅ The ability to use professional tools without specific knowledge.


❌ Little information about the developers.

❌ There is no Russian language.

16. (ex. Leonardo bot)

The service was previously known under the name Leonardo, but then changed ownership and underwent a rebranding. In addition to the name, the interface has changed and a number of functionalities have been added. Supports technical indicators MACD, EMA, RSI, VWAP, etc.

bot Margin ex. Leonardo bot

✅ Features: Paper Trading, trial version, interactive charts, structured approach to trades.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; Binance Jersey; Binance US; OKEx; Kraken; KuCoin; Bitstamp; Huobi Global; HitBTC; Coinbase Pro;; YoBit; Gemini; CoinOne.

✅ Cost: Lifetime license from $ 129 to $ 2999


✅ Flexible interface settings.

✅ Wide range of indicators.

✅ There are many crypto exchanges.

✅ High level of security.


❌ Substantial initial investment required.

❌ Custom strategies are too complex.

❌ Narrow bot customization functionality.

17. Cap Club (closed)

Cap Club is a platform for manual and automated trading on the Binance and Bittrex cryptocurrency exchanges. The tools collected on the platform make it easier and more efficient to trade: simultaneously working StopLoss and TakeProfit; installation of personal signals; Trailing mechanisms for buying and selling; ready-made basic strategies.

A distinctive feature of the service is a visual editor with flexible parameter settings, which allows you to create strategies of any complexity and logic.

To hone your trading skills, a demo exchange is available, where you can practice trading with virtual funds, without risks and financial losses!

The free tariff for Cap.Clap is not limited in time, however, it has limits on the number of strategies, API keys and notifications. In order to trade without restrictions, you can purchase the PRO tariff – $ 30 per month or $ 300 per year.

18. The C.A.T. bot

The bot has been in operation since 2014 and offers a variety of settings and preset strategies for bullish and bearish market conditions. It is a Java8 managed application launched using the API.

automatic bot for trading C.A.T

✅ Features: transparency, access to logs and backups, fine-tuning strategies.

✅ Supported exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, C-Cex, HitBTC, Bitstamp, CEX.IO, Kraken, OKEX, Livecoin, etc.

✅ Cost: lifetime license 0.065 BTC, add-on for API interfaces 0.015 BTC.


✅ Flexible configuration.

✅ Relatively easy to start regardless of operating system.

✅ There is also an arbitrage bot for passive income.

✅ Lifetime license. All following releases are sent as a link to Dropbox.


❌ High price.

❌ The add-on is provided for a fee.

19. Shrimpy

The bot is relatively new, but has already gained popularity due to the fact that most of the services are provided for free or inexpensively. The transparency of the development also captivates – the creators regularly post news about updates and listen to the opinions of users. The bot provides several rare features such as Rebalancing – automatic portfolio rebalancing for maximum profit.

Cryptocurrency trading bots

✅ Features: backtests, copy trading, free Hodler trading bot package

✅ Supported exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, etc.

✅ Cost: There is a free plan, as well as a paid one for $ 19 per month. You can contact support and create a tariff for yourself for a fee.


✅ Low cost and lots of free features.

✅ Convenient friendly interface.

✅ Built-in social network for communication with other traders.

✅ Decent feature set.


❌ No mobile app.

❌ Less profitable than competitors, according to reviews.

20. Livetrader

Cryptobot with support for powerful trading algorithms. Supports 24/7 trading using automated strategies. There are customizable alerts to keep you on top of important work events. Lightweight strategy builder.

crypto trading bots

✅ Features: Paper Trading, technical and fundamental indicators, a set of predefined strategies, backtests, trial version.

✅ Supported exchanges: Kraken, Binance, BinanceUS; plans to add KuCoin, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex

✅ Cost: from $ 9.50 to $ 49.50 for the first month, the price increases in subsequent months. Two out of three tariffs can be tried for free for 7 days.


✅ High security.

✅ Different complexity of the strategy (from 4 to 20 triggers).

✅ Up to 1000 different bots.

✅ Up to 10 strategies to choose from.


❌ A small number of exchanges.

❌ While the functionality is incomplete, many options are only planned to be implemented.

21. Hodlbot

HodlBot is a highly customizable cryptocurrency trading bot that allows you to carefully index the market, create investment portfolios and automatically rebalance them. Portfolio management is positioned as a priority function, and is really organized conveniently

crypto trading bot Hodlbot

✅ Features: automatic rebalancing, market diversification for any coins, blacklists of coins.

✅ Supported exchanges: Binance only at the moment

✅ Cost: from $ 3 to $ 14 per month, depending on the volume of the portfolio.


✅ Low prices.

✅ Convenient interface.

✅ Possibility of comfortable portfolio management, including its automatic balancing.

✅ Flexible settings.

✅ Competent technical support 24/7.


❌ Only one exchange.

❌ There is no Russian language.

22. TradeSanta

TradeSanta is a relatively new cloud bot that has already earned a positive reputation. Supports all major types of orders, and also allows automatic execution of more complex strategies. The functionality is extensive, but you need to get used to it.

cryptocurrency trading bot TradeSanta

✅ Features: longing and shorting, custom templates, a large selection of technical indicators, including rare ones.

✅ Supported exchanges: HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, UPbit, OKex

✅ Cost: there is a free plan with a minimum number of options, as well as paid ones from $ 14 to $ 70 per month


✅ Simple interface.

✅ Many options for automated trading.

✅ High degree of security.

✅ Lack of trading commissions.

✅ Reasonable prices.


❌ There are complaints about poor technical support.

❌ Works best only with proven strategies.

23. GEKKO bot

One of the oldest and most proven bots, with which many started their way in trading. Now no longer supported by the creator, but can still be freely used. Collects market information in real time and executes live orders. The results can be tracked in the graphical interface on the site.


Gekko is a free cryptobot on the GitHub web platform. The site allows registered customers to always use a unique function to create their own cryptocurrency bot, which has an open source code. Then you just need to download the program, run it on the PC, set the parameters and wait for the earned coins.

Gekko has a ton of powerful, effective options that make it possible to optimize, correct and test trading strategies.

It is not difficult to use a trading robot. You need to create your own version of the Gekko bot and activate it.

✅ Features: Paper Trading, open source, web interface, plugins, backtests.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Binance, EXMO, Bittrex, etc. (total 23)

✅ Cost: Free.


✅ Free.

✅ There are many crypto exchanges.

✅ Graphical interface.

✅ A large number of indicators from different libraries.

✅ Open source.

✅ A set of ready-made strategies and the ability to reward your own.


❌ No technical support since 2016.

❌ There is no Russian language.

❌ Installation requires specialized knowledge.

24. Zenbot

Zenbot is an open source trading bot powered by artificial intelligence. The bot can be customized according to your trading preferences and can be used on all major operating systems.

cryptocurrency bot Zenbot

Zenbot is a great crypto trading robot. This bot is provided for free on the same GitHub. The program is installed on virtually all computer operating systems and is open source. Zenbot is capable of high-frequency trades and also enables profitable cryptocurrency arbitrage.

✅ Features: high-frequency trading, many supported assets, AI, open-source, no GUI.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex, Gemini, Quadriga, GDAX.

✅ Cost: Free


✅ Free.

✅ The ability to trade multiple assets at the same time.

✅ Effective high frequency trading


❌ For experienced users only.

❌ No graphical interface.

❌ No site.

25. Kryll

An online platform for launching automated cryptocurrency trading strategies. Focuses on maximum simplicity (the principle of What-You-See-Is-What-You-Trade). Strategies can be created independently and rented or rented.

crypto bots Kryll

✅ Features: Drag’n Drop editor for strategies, Smart Trading, stop loss and take profit, cloud computing, backtest.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex, Binance, HitBTC, BitStamp, Poloniex, etc.

✅ Cost: 1% of trading capital.


✅ A full-fledged strategy market.

✅ Clear and simple controls.

✅ Small payment.

✅ KRL token giving benefits to holders.


❌ Since the payment is taken for the trading capital, then even trading at a loss, you will have to pay.

26. Bitsgap

A platform that supports the full functionality required for a full-fledged cryptobot – trading, arbitrage, portfolio formation, signals. There is a demo version. Automatic algorithms generate profits with every market move and minimize risks.

cryptobots Bitsgap

✅ Features: analysis of over 10,000 currency pairs, arbitrage between exchanges, free trading simulator.

✅ Supported exchanges: Bittrex; Poloniex; Bitfinex; Binance; KuCoin; Bitstamp; Huobi Global; HitBTC, etc., over 30 in total.

✅ Cost: from $ 19 to $ 110 per month + free plan with limited trade volumes.


✅ A large number of supported exchanges, indicators and trading pairs.

✅ Intelligent orders.

✅ Integration with TradingView charts.

✅ There is a demo mode.

✅ There is functionality for managing investment portfolios.


❌ There is no Russian language.

❌ For beginners, the initial setup may seem daunting.

27. aBOT (Arbitraging)

ABOT (automatic bot) is an arbitration cryptorbot. It will help people who make money on cryptocurrency arbitrage. The algorithm independently searches for cheap altcoins, purchases them and later on another cryptocurrency exchange sells the entire number of coins at a bargain price.

To access this bot, you need to register an account in the project. You do not need to pay any commission for using the program, so trading operations can immediately generate income. The only fees charged to users on the service are moderate transaction fees. Arbitration is completely decentralized. You can control the transactions made by the robot on the blockchain.

Additionally, the Arbitraging service provides a cryptocurrency wallet, a semi-automated bot (MBOT), its own exchange, etc.

28. Сryptotrader is a cloud bot for automating trading strategies without installing any software. Provides the opportunity to work on all popular exchanges. The service allows you to test the operation of a trading robot in real time or on historical data.

The cost depends on the chosen plan and starts for Basic + at 0.012 BTC per month.

Basic concepts

  • Paper trading – trading on an exchange demo account with virtual coins, without real risks to finance.
  • Backtest – checking the effectiveness of a bot based on historical data. The goal is to properly set up profitability and risk.
  • Lifetime license – the ability to pay for the program once and use it indefinitely. But often such a one-time payment applies only to a specific version of the product, and newer ones will have to be paid again.
  • Live trading bot is a robot that trades on the stock exchange at the moment and with real money.
  • Ordering is the logic used by the bot to build buy and sell orders.
  • HOLD – holding a deposit on the balance sheet without performing operations with it.
  • Shorting – leveraged margin trading.
  • Liquidation value – the moment of liquidation of a position set by the exchange in case of a rate reversal With a higher leverage, the position is closed faster because the liquidation value is closer to the purchase price.
  • DCA (martingale) is a strategy based on averaging. Suitable for experienced traders and makes it possible, if necessary, to reduce the cost of buying currency. In the settings of cryptobots, the DCA knee (DCA level) is found – it means how many additional purchases of the coin will be made. And also the DCA coefficient – an option that determines the size of the next orders by DCA
  • Grid of orders – the order of orders based on the distance between them or by setting the maximum distance and a certain number of orders. For example, 5 orders every $ 10.
  • Trailing Stop, Trailing Buy – dynamic stop orders configured in such a way as to automatically follow the market price.

Security when using cryptobots

Care must be taken when trusting anyone with API keys from their exchanges. Only trusted services with a good reputation deserve this. After all, an API key is a kind of permission to use your account, including trading through it and withdrawing funds. Any bot requires the provision of an API to work, this in itself is not a sign of fraud.

Research each platform carefully before using it. Find out what security methods are applied there. Always enable two-factor authentication to restrict access to your account.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅ Round-the-clock trade. A bot does not need to sleep or do other things, unlike a human.

✅ Lack of human factor. People make mistakes, both in trading operations and in auxiliary ones, such as entering details.

✅ Instant automatic execution of operations according to the specified parameters.

✅ Lack of emotion and strict adherence to the plan.

✅ Ability to test trading ideas using Paper Trading or historical data.

✅ Convenient diversification and risk sharing.


❌ There are unsuccessful or outdated strategies embedded in the cryptobot. An inexperienced user who chooses such a strategy will incur losses.

❌ There are many fraudulent projects. You should not be led by promises of hyper-profits, this should immediately alert you.

❌ The bot needs to be monitored, adjusted and maintained, contrary to the common “set and forget” misconception.

❌ There are bots with low-quality software. Usually these are new and raw projects, so it is better to choose proven and already 100% debugged platforms.

❌ A bot, even if configured correctly, does not guarantee a profit. There are many factors on which prices and earnings depend.

Advantages of Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading

During its period of prosperity, the now bankrupt MT-Gox cryptocurrency exchange used a very active special crypto-robot Willy, which manipulated the value of BTC coins. Such a trading robot was the first bitcoin bot that really caused the ups and downs of bitcoin quotes. This situation happened in 2012–2014, when the cryptocurrency market, and indeed all decentralized money, was little known and not very popular.

Naturally, the current development of the cryptoindustry has completely blocked the possibility of using bots for such manipulations of the price of decentralized coins. Robots are mainly used to automate trading on exchanges. This implementation of algorithms is due to a good set of advantages in speculative activities carried out by means of cryptobots. The most significant advantages are:

✅ the trader does not need to constantly monitor the state of the virtual currency market and constantly calculate the moments for opening positions;

✅ using crypto robots to trade digital assets eliminates the factor of fear and the element of emotional state in trading decisions. Most novice crypto traders lose their deposits solely due to psycho-emotional instability and due to disregard of the rules of their own trading strategy;

✅ a cryptocurrency bot is able to clearly recognize chart patterns, candlestick patterns, direction of movement of quotes and trend reversal points, which are often invisible to a trader;

✅ a well-tuned trading robot analyzes charts more efficiently, concludes more efficient deals and searches for the most optimal entry points.

The noted qualities are just an example of the usefulness of automatic cryptocurrency trading. Such programs have many advantages.

Disadvantages of cryptocurrency exchange robots

After indicating the positive aspects of using bots for crypto trading, you should definitely highlight the key disadvantages of this method of making money on digital coins.

The main disadvantages of cryptobots are as follows:

✅ Strict adherence to the programmed algorithm. Any shifts, rapid deviations, short-term fluctuations and other force majeure events will give the robot signals to perform trading operations. This can easily nullify the deposit, since orders will only give losses.

✅ The work of bots is based solely on technical analysis data. They are unable to see the cause and effect relationships and view the market more globally.

✅ Cryptobots lack analytical thinking, emotion and fear. This is a significant disadvantage, since there will be no stopping the loss of funds in the transaction until the moment a signal is formed for the robot. Under certain factors, he is able to quickly drain the deposit without seeing the fatal development of the situation in a particular transaction. The trader quickly sees the danger and minimizes losses in a timely manner.


Manual trading on any stock exchange requires speculators to have excellent theoretical and practical training and a lot of time. It is necessary to have specific trading skills, knowledge of assets. On crypto-exchanges, these difficult moments for beginners can be easily mitigated by using trading crypto-robots. But it is important to make competent testing of a purchased or taken free algorithm for automatic crypto trading.

It should be remembered that the quality of any cryptobot is determined by the correlation between its efficiency and real value. Any bot for trading cryptocurrencies on the exchange must have a stable performance.

Questions and answers

What is a cryptobot for trading?

It is a set of software tools and algorithms that performs automatic trading on a crypto exchange in order to maximize profits.

Why do we need such robots?

Basically, in order not to miss good moments for buying or selling an asset. Bots do not interfere with the human factor, and they do their work strictly in accordance with a given plan.

What are the disadvantages of using such programs?

Bots are not perfect and still need user control. They also often require specialized knowledge and complex settings, and even then they do not guarantee a profit. In addition, almost all robots are paid.

Crypto exchanges don’t mind using trading bots?

Not. This is not prohibited and does not interfere in any way with the natural processes of exchanges.

Why does a trading bot need an API key?

To trade on the exchange on your behalf. Trust the key only to trusted sites so as not to face scammers.

Where can I get API keys?

API keys are created in the Settings section of the personal account of the cryptocurrency exchange. Be sure to use a new key for every new cryptobot.

How to try a cryptobot for free?

Almost all services provide such an opportunity. Sometimes it is a trial version with limited functionality, sometimes Paper Trading is virtual trading with virtual money.

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