Cryptocurrency mixers TOP-5 best sites [2022]: a list of cryptocurrency mixers, key features, nuances of work, current recommendations for use


Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies are now being systematically introduced into various spheres of life. In particular, speculators make money on digital coins, they are used for online purchases, money transactions, etc. Such popularity of Bitcoin, as well as many altcoins, is due to the mass of positive characteristics of virtual currencies with a minimum of negative aspects. One of the common misconceptions of people who are not professionally involved in cryptocurrencies is the absolute belief in their anonymity.

Current cryptocurrency mixers in 2022:

Mixer websiteOverviewMixing CryptocurrenciesMinimum amountService commission 
BitMix.bizBitMix Mixer ReviewBitcoin, Litecoinfrom 0.005 BTC; 0.015 LTCfrom 0.4% to 4% + network commission mixer reviewBitcoinfrom 0.003 BTCfrom 1% to 5%
BitcoinMix.orgBitcoinMix Mixer ReviewBitcoin, Ethereum0.02 BTC; 0.5 ETHfrom 2% to 5% + network commission

* the commission depends on the specified degree of mixing, i.e. the expected level of confidentiality.

Innovative technologies used by some state security structures make it possible to relatively quickly and easily decrypt the last or all links of the blockchain chain of most cryptocurrencies. If necessary, the data of an unwary user will become known. This scenario, of course, is not wanted by the owners of digital money. For them, cunning specialists have developed a rather new type of services through which you can remove personal data from the blockchain before any conversion or transaction. These are Crypto mixers.

In a review from, we will consider in detail the key aspects of this service provided by specialized resources. We will study the features of cryptomixers, the principle of operation, and also consider the most important rules for their use.

TOP 5 reliable cryptocurrency mixers

There are many resources of this kind on the Web, however, about 50% of them are scammers or outright combiners who charge huge bills for the provision of services or do not fulfill the conditions. It is recommended to cooperate with proven digital coin mixers from the list of sites:

  1. Bitmix. One of the best cryptocurrency mixers. You can mix Bitcoin and Litecoin. The service is completely anonymous and does not store user logs. The commission depends on the level of mixing strength – from 0.4% to 4%. Minimum amount: 0.005 BTC or 0.015 LTC. Multiple addresses can be selected to receive cleared cryptocurrencies, further enhancing anonymity. Site:
  1. BitcoinMix is a mixer that mixes Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. The service commission is from 2 to 5% + the blockchain network commission. Minimum mixing amount: 0.02 BTC and 0.5 ETH. You can set the delay time for receiving clean coins: from 30 to 1200 minutes. To clear the cryptocurrency, you must specify the address to which the coins will be sent. Then, transfer the cryptocurrency to the specified service address.
  1. is a stable Bitcoin mixer that mixes digital coins with high quality. Has a solid supply of funds – constantly a little less than 1958-2050 BTC. Works through Tor browser or VPN. There is an integrated calculator that calculates all costs. The fee charged is 0.0005 BTC (flat fee) + 0.25% -2.575% of the amount processed;
  1. is also a great option for a reliable coin mixer. Customers pay a random commission of 1–3.2%, regardless of the size of the order. Bonus tariffication is provided, as well as a referral program.
  1. Does not work. is a cryptocurrency transaction mixer in Russian. Works with three types of coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Ethereum coming soon. It is actively developing, expanding opportunities. The commission depends on the cryptocurrency and the degree of mixing, and starts from 1% of the mixing amount. There is an option to separate transfers to different cryptocurrency addresses;

The SmartMixer is in demand and popular with the community, which is proof of its reliability. Customer reviews of the service on the BitcoinTalk forum are positive. To use the mixers, you need to select the cryptocurrency, specify the address (s) to receive the cleared coins, select the mixing parameters (pool and transfer delay). Next, I agree to the terms of service. At the last stage: download the letter of guarantee and save the SmartMixer Code (smart code) for future operations. It remains to transfer the cryptocurrency to the specified address of the mixer and wait. The minimum mixing amount for Bitcoin cryptocurrency is 0.001 BTC. Start with a test, small amount.

How to work with a cryptocurrency mix

To mix cryptocurrency in a mixer, you need:

  1. Select the cryptocurrency to be cleared.
  2. Fill in the form. Indicate the code that you received during the first mixing. If this is the first time the action is performed, then this step is skipped. Provide cryptocurrency addresses to receive clean coins. Set the degree of delay, commissions and other settings that affect the mixing strength.
  3. Read and agree to the terms.
  4. Download the letter of guarantee, save the code (during the first mixing), transfer the cryptocurrency to the specified address of the mixer.
  5. Get clean coins.

Relevance of the issue

Users believe that trade and exchange manipulations with Bitcoin and all cryptocoins that have appeared after it cannot be tracked and found out information about their former owners. This is not the case if the user uses a cryptocurrency wallet or a crypto exchange account, where there is a link to real information about a person.

Typically, such systems require verification, so any transactions with most digital coins are permanently fixed in the blockchain. Consequently, such data can be extracted, analyzed and used, for example, for evidence in court or as evidence in the investigation of a case. The technical and material capabilities of special services are developing in parallel with blockchain technologies and for a long time these structures have been able to track the flows of virtual currency, especially its early variants – Ripple, Bitcoin, Verge, Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Of course, professionals have developed blockchain projects whose coins are virtually impossible to track, for example, Dash, Zcash, Deeponion, Monero or new coins – Beam and Grin. Despite the many altcoins with a sufficient degree of anonymity, many crypto investors prefer classic coins that have existed in the digital money market for a long time. It is to help such users that cryptocurrency mixers are created. They are able to solve the problem of low anonymity of coins.

Features of cryptomixers

Specialized applications or web resources called “cryptocurrency mixer” often offer a useful service. These services minimize the possibility of identifying a user performing transactional conversion operations with digital money. This happens due to the mixing of coins from different people and the formation of the initial amount, in which virtually all crypto coins have excellent senders.

For example, a transaction from Vasya in 5 Ethereum, carried out through a cryptomixer, will come to the addressee in the form of 1 ETH from Lena, 2 Ethereum from Petit, 1 coin from Lesha and 1 coin from Sveta. There will be no information about the real sender of the amount in the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency mixers, after a relatively recent appearance, are now intensively developing, spreading and improving. Such a service is incredibly in demand among digital coin holders interested in the confidentiality of their transactions.

Nuance! Given the effectiveness of ensuring anonymity in transactions, crypto mixers are increasingly disliked by law enforcement agencies. They are trying to close them in order to prevent cybercriminals from laundering funds!

Services that mix virtual currencies use a simple scheme in their work. The cluster cells of the site accumulate cryptocurrencies sent by different users. Then, special algorithms mix the accumulated mass of coins and automatically send them to the specified addresses. It is because of the function of thorough mixing that such resources have come to be called cryptocurrency mixers.

The result of the work of these services is obvious – the continuation of the financial transaction occurs with already “clean” coins that are in no way connected with one sender. This principled approach to anonymity makes it almost impossible to track the real participant in a particular transaction in which the crypto coins were used. Even if one coin from the amount presented for mixing is returned (extremely rarely), then the special services will have minimal claims and suspicions about this user.

Of course, Bitcoin mixers or projects working with other crypto coins charge a commission, the final amount of which is determined by the pricing policy of a particular service. Somewhere the amount of collection is fixed, but more often a percentage of the volume of coins sent for mixing is taken.

It is necessary to highlight a significant fact – different categories of users resort to the services of cryptomixers. There is, of course, a large proportion of fraudsters who want to “launder” money, but honest citizens who care about the confidentiality of their transactions do not less often apply.ü

Advantages of cryptocurrency mixers

Services that mix digital coins have many positive features. Some are obvious, some of the advantages have already been noted above, but there are also implicit advantages.

The main advantages of cryptomixers include:

✅  Fast creation of completely anonymous transactions.

✅  Acceptable commissions for a useful service.

✅  Using regularly updated mixing algorithms.

✅  Simplicity of services. They are easy to follow, and if confusion occurs, there are always detailed instructions.

✅  Flexibility of mixing settings – setting the time of final translations, adjusting the amount of distribution, the ability to re-mix.

✅  Good reliability on stable, honest projects.

✅  There are many alternative ways to enter the desired service and many others. dr.


❌  The prevalence of fraudulent services. In the field of blockchain projects, there are a huge number of criminal sites where coins are stolen from customers. Cryptocurrency laundering resources are in the top 5 here.

❌  Ability to calculate clients using mixer services. Reasonable questions immediately arise from the special services – where does the amount in virtual currency come from? Why is a cryptomixer involved? etc.

❌  The probability (albeit insignificant) of the return of their own coins, sent for mixing.

❌  The chance of getting bitcoins or altcoins with a very “black” history. You can get colossal troubles.

Scheme of the process of mixing cryptocurrencies

The whole procedure for mixing cryptocurrencies consists of a number of stages:

✅  the user sends digital coins to the recipient’s crypto wallet addresses;

✅  collection of all coins received in the pool in the last 23-24 hours;

✅  waiting for all participants in the mixing session to confirm the declared operation;

✅  mixing coins and sending amounts to the specified addresses.

It is possible to get back your cryptographic money, which already has a different circulation history.

Important! You should take into account the unequal processing speed of the operation for different types of cryptocoins. Everything is determined by the complexity of the blockchain project network, the number of coins sent, as well as the technical capabilities of the service!

After the fulfillment of contractual obligations, the service launches an additional mechanism to ensure the anonymity of transactions – all information about the last mixing sessions for all types of virtual currencies is erased. Cryptocurrency wallet addresses used for mixing are also automatically replaced immediately.

Naturally, no identification and especially verification is required on mixers and other similar services. Customers visit them solely for privacy reasons.

Several nuances of working with cryptocurrency mixers

All holders of digital coins wishing to use cryptomixers need to know the specifics of their tariffication and limit conditions. The following points are highlighted here:

  • the weighted average amount for mixing is approximately 0.001 Bitcoin. When the user sends less cryptographic money, the system will of course accept the transaction, treating it as a donation for the development of the service. The client irretrievably loses his coins. This is a generally accepted norm that operates on various services that work with cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to analyze the nuances of services very scrupulously;
  • you should always look for opportunities to use discounts and promo codes, and also try to mix during periods of profitable promotions. This will contribute to the preservation of a certain amount of coins. Cryptocurrency mixers, being little-known services so far, often attract customers with discounts, sweepstakes with prizes, bonuses, etc .;
  • be sure to close browser tabs and delete emails from personal email. The service confirms the behavior of all actions for mixing digital coins with a special letter of guarantee. It contains contractual conditions, commissions, the total amount and, what is important (!), A digital identifier (code) is provided. He is only the only option to prove the coins sent for mixing. If you lose this letter, then during verification (often happens) or force majeure, you will not be able to return the coins.

These are just special nuances that must be taken into account. The rest of the nuances are always prescribed in the terms of cooperation or the rules for working on the web service. It is very helpful to study them before using the mixer.


For many holders of virtual money, cryptomixers are very important. Even a non-100% assurance of anonymity does not reduce the demand for their services. Fraudsters and special government services are trying in every possible way to disclose information about people using cryptocurrency transactions. This aspect should be kept in mind, especially in the context of the active use of digital coins for exchange and transactions.

It is better to pay a certain percentage of the commission to cryptocurrency mixers in order to avoid troubles and significant losses. It will be difficult to track the movements of cryptoassets for interested structures and cyber warriors. If we neglect the basic postulates of protecting digital capital, then every user with some knowledge, skills and technical capabilities will be able to get important information from the blockchain of the coin. This information is quickly used against a person who has performed an ingenious operation with virtual currency.

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