Cryptocurrency exchanges with withdrawals to bank cards: an overview of crypto-exchanges that withdraw to VISA / Mastercard / MIR cards


Cryptocurrency exchanges with a withdrawal to the card allow holders of digital assets to effectively manage their funds, using equally fiat money and crypto-coins. This option of withdrawal is supported today by many sites, despite the observed trend towards decentralization and removal from traditional banking systems. The editorial staff of invites you to learn about the features of crypto-exchanges with withdrawal to VISA / Mastercard / MIR.

List of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that display on cards:

BinanceWhen working with fiat money, verification is required.Visa / Mastercard.
CurrencyYesVisa / Mastercard.
EXMOYesVisa / Mastercard.
PayeerNoVisa / Mastercard.
AdvcashNoVisa / Mastercard.
LivecoinNoVisa / Mastercard.
CEX IOYesVisa / Mastercard.
YobitNoVisa / Mastercard.
CoinsbitYesVisa / Mastercard.

Cryptocurrency exchanges with withdrawals to bank cards

Let’s list the popular platforms that provide the ability to withdraw assets to VISA, Mastercard or MIR cards. In addition, you should take into account the following possibility: withdrawing to Yandex.Money (yuMoney) is equivalent to withdrawing to a Yandex card, since they have the same account.

1. Binance Exchange

Binance crypto exchange supports a number of popular world currencies, namely: RUB, EUR, GBP, AUD, BRL, GHS, HKD, IDR, KZT, KES, NOK, NGN, TRY, PEN, UAH, UGX, ZAR. Some of them, in particular rubles and hryvnias, can be withdrawn to a card (Visa, MC, MIR). This can be done by strictly verified users.

Binance Exchange

You need to go to your personal account, in the section “Fiat money and Spot”. Find the currency you are interested in and click the “Withdraw” button. Then, on the “Fiat money” tab, select the desired withdrawal method. The following withdrawal limits are set for the ruble:

  • 1 – 75,000 rubles one time
  • 100 – 350,000 rubles / day
  • 100 – 1,500,000 rubles / month

The commission when transferring to the card is 2% + 45 rubles.

2. Exchange Currency

Exchange Currency

The exchange of tokenized assets provides the ability to withdraw to bank cards on the following conditions:

  • The minimum amount is 750 rubles
  • Commission for Mastercard 1.9% + 150 RUB
  • Commission for VISA 2.4% + 150 RUB

The creators warn that the site is working with a Russian payment provider, so card-related transactions go through conversion into the Russian ruble. This may cause slight differences between the estimated and final amount.

3. EXMO exchange

EXMO exchange

The EXMO exchange allows verified users to withdraw the following fiat currencies to VISA or Mastercard: RUB, UAH, KZT. Certain restrictions and fees are set for each currency. So, the ruble is withdrawn on the following conditions:

  • Strictly Russian card.
  • Maximum 300,000 rubles / day.
  • Maximum 1,500,000 rubles / month.
  • Maximum at a time – 100,000 rubles.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 140 rubles.
  • Commission – 4.49% + 60 rubles.

When making an application for withdrawal, the user will need to enter the card number, his last name and first name, country of residence, city, phone number, date of birth.

4. Livecoin exchange

Livecoin exchange

Livecoin is an exchange that allows you to withdraw dollars to a bank card even without confirming your identity. Conditions:

  • Commission 3% + 6 USD.
  • There are no withdrawal limits.

To withdraw funds, you will also need to enter sufficiently detailed information about your identity. So the advantage of not being verified is nullified. But otherwise, the bank is not an example of a payment and may block it.

5. Exchange Exchange

The platform allows you to withdraw rubles, dollars, euros and pounds sterling to bank cards. Conditions established for the Russian ruble:

  • Service charge from 0.5% to 1.8% + ₽ 20.00
  • Commission from 1.2 to 2.5% + ₽ 30.00

For new users (less than three months from the date of verification), stricter limits are applied: the amount for withdrawal per day is equivalent to $ 1,000 and per month – up to $ 3,000

6. Yobit Exchange

Yobit makes it possible to withdraw fiat money to a bank card without verification. The maximum withdrawal amount is 100,000 rubles (it is better to withdraw smaller amounts, according to various sources, no more than 14-30 thousand, otherwise the bank will have questions). The commission is charged: 70 rubles + 6%. Visa and Mastercard are supported. It is noteworthy that Yobit does not require the indication of confidential information when withdrawing to the card (name, address, phone number, etc.).

Yobit Exchange

Withdrawal via p2p platforms

Among the cryptocurrency exchanges with withdrawal to the map, it is also necessary to mention peer-to-peer platforms. Their essence is as follows: some users create ads for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, indicating their conditions (rate, payment methods, limits). Other users, choosing the conditions suitable for them, respond to the ad. Payments are made directly between the participants. The exchange provides escrow services, where the cryptocurrency is temporarily stored until a fiat money payment is received and confirmed, and also acts as arbitration in disputes.

Examples of p2p exchanges:

Offers on Paxful

How else can you withdraw cryptocurrency to a Mastercard / Visa card

Alternative ways of receiving fiat money on a card are exchangers and electronic payment systems.

Withdrawal to the card through cryptocurrency exchangers

Exchange services offer the greatest freedom in choosing payment directions and, as a rule, do not require the provision of any personal data. To work with them, you need to select the direction of exchange, enter your details and make a transfer using those details that the service offers. To find a reliable exchanger and not get caught by scammers, you can use the BestChange aggregator or see a list of trusted services on our website, for example:

cryptocurrency exchange in the exchanger

Withdrawal to the card via EPS

Electronic payment systems are platforms that make it possible to make transactions using cryptocurrencies and fiat money funds within one account, with the ability to withdraw to external cards and wallets. Examples of EPS that provide the ability to work with maps:

  • Advcash. There is a withdrawal to Visa / MC cards all over the world in USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, KZT, TRY. Commission 1.5%. The minimum withdrawal amount is individual for each currency, for the ruble – 50 rubles, for the dollar – 5 USD.
withdrawal to the card via Advcash
  • Capitalist. There is a transfer to bank cards of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan with a commission of 2.5%. With regard to the Russian Federation, there is a commission fee for payments up to 800 rubles: 2.5% + 25 RUR. When withdrawing to Visa / Mastercard (Worldwide) 2.5% + 4 USD / EUR, Visa / Mastercard (RF, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) 3.5% + 4 USD / EUR.
  • Payeer. Allows you to withdraw rubles to Visa and Mastercard with a commission of 1.99% + 45 rubles. The withdrawal is carried out instantly. The available amount of funds for withdrawal is from 100 to 100,000 RUB.
withdrawal via Payeer

Features of exchanges with support for cards. Possible difficulties.

Trading platforms that provide the ability to withdraw funds directly to a bank card are convenient for everyday use. However, they have two major drawbacks. First: as a rule, to use fiat money functions, you need to pass the KYC / AML check, and as a result, the loss of anonymity. In addition, it is often required to verify the card. All this takes quite a lot of time.

The second is possible obstacles and prohibitions on the part of banks and government agencies. For example:

  • Large receipts on the card may generate interest from the tax office.
  • Banks regard transfers as suspicious and block them.
  • They can also block a bank card without any warnings and explanations.
  • The platforms are often blocked by Roskomnadzor, making it difficult to withdraw funds.
  • If we are talking about p2p platforms, then there is a risk of getting caught on a fraudulent trader.

All these situations have been repeatedly described on thematic forums, since a large number of active users encounter them. The issues of the legality of cryptocurrencies are still very acute in the Russian Federation and other countries of the world.

If you want to do everything according to the law, then taxes on income received from cryptocurrency are paid at the standard rate of 13% for Russia. It is required to fill out the personal income tax form-3, submit it to the tax office, attaching printouts of information on the withdrawal of funds, on the basis of which conclusions can be drawn about the origin of income (the latter is not necessary, you can simply indicate the amount). The deadlines are the same as for any other tax return.

Financiers also note that the trick with dividing large amounts into smaller ones does not always help, the bank can still spot suspicious transactions and check them. Ultimately, the case can be referred to law enforcement. By paying taxes, not hiding the sources of income, and keeping the confirmation of all transactions, then the likelihood of problems is minimized.


There are quite a few opportunities for withdrawing funds to a card from a cryptocurrency exchange. But some care should be taken in the process. Both banks and the state currently show minimal interest in cryptocurrencies and often negatively affect private transfers. Therefore, you should not get carried away, after all, cryptocurrency and fiat money are two opposite concepts that do not always interact correctly with each other.

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