Cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian: a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges with a localized interface in Russian


There is a fairly large cryptocurrency community in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, so it is not surprising that almost all major exchanges support the Russian version of the interface. At the same time, the translation can be of high quality, or it can be half machine, if the Russian interface is implemented “for show”. One way or another, this is a convenient option for those who do not know English or simply feel more comfortable using services in their native language. Below is an overview of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian, compiled by the editorial staff of

Stock exchangeVerificationFiat moneyMarketsRussian
BinanceOptional.YesSpot, p2pYes
Currency.comAvailableYesSpot, futuresYes
BitforexNoNoSpot, futuresYes
Binance FuturesNoNoFuturesYes
LocalBitcoinsMultiple levelsYesp2pYes
CryptoLocatorMultiple levelsYesp2pYes
CEX IOYesYesSpotYes
HuobiNoYesSpot, futuresYes
BitfinexOptionalYesSpot, futuresYes
DeribitNoNoSpot, futuresYes
PaxFulWith a turnover of up to $ 1500, verification is not required (only email and phone number)Yesp2pYes
OKEXYesNoSpot, futuresYes
BitzlatoOptionalYesp2p, spotYes
GateNoNoSpot, futuresYes
KrakenYesNoSpot, futuresYes

The concept of “cryptocurrency exchange in Russian” means the localization of the interface of the online platform and (or) site materials into Russian. It is one of the criteria when choosing a crypto exchange for trading or exchanging digital assets, but not the main one.

What are cryptocurrency exchanges

The localized interface of the exchange in Russian is not the only and far from the main feature that you need to pay attention to. Today there are a lot of trading platforms, some have already won the trust of traders, and some do not correspond to generally accepted standards at all and cause a negative experience of use. First, let’s figure out what cryptocurrency exchanges are like.

By ownership type:

  1. Centralized (CEX). They are currently considered the backbone of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The centralized exchange acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and earns by charging a commission on each transaction. The exchange owners control all aspects of the platform and set commissions and limits at their discretion. All user funds are kept on exchange accounts. The main advantages of this type of exchanges are high liquidity and the ability to restore lost access to an account. And the disadvantages are the low level of confidentiality and the need to give your funds to a third party for storage. Examples are Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex.
  2. Decentralized (DEX). Such platforms operate without the participation of a central regulatory body and allow you to trade cryptocurrencies on the p2p principle, directly from person to person. Each user himself keeps the keys to access funds, and, therefore, he is responsible for their safety. Decentralized exchanges provide the highest level of confidentiality, but significantly less liquidity. There are also hybrid exchanges, which include, for example, Binance DEX. It combines the functionality and liquidity of a centralized exchange with the privacy of a decentralized one.

By type of trade:

  1. Spot. When trading on a spot crypto exchange, assets are sold at the current market price and immediately move from one trader to another.
  2. Derivative. In such a trade, on the contrary, it is not the assets themselves that are bought, but contracts for them, in which the period and sale price are indicated. A deal under such contracts can be completed, for example, in two weeks. There are different types of derivatives – futures, options.
  3. p2p. Peer-to-peer exchanges allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies directly from user to user. The role of the platform in this case is reduced to monitoring the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction and resolving disputes.

Fiat money support:

  1. Fiat money. Such cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to purchase cryptocurrency for real money (rubles, dollars, euros, yuan, hryvnia, etc.). This opportunity is offered by many centralized exchanges, so it is on them that a beginner who decided to buy a cryptocurrency goes first. Fiat exchanges are considered one of the main drivers of growth in the cryptocurrency space because they attract traditional resources to this sector.
  2. No fiat money. Platforms for more experienced traders who have already acquired cryptocurrency elsewhere. Typically, these exchanges offer the least flexibility and maintain fairly strict rules. But they are more anonymous, do not require identification, and are safe in terms of government interference.

You can divide exchanges with a localized Russian-language interface and many other parameters. For example, exchanges without verification and with the obligatory provision of data. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal needs. On our site you will find reviews of all popular exchanges with their advantages and disadvantages.

The best cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian

Let’s consider the most famous crypto-exchanges that support the Russian-language interface:

1. Binance Exchange

After launching in 2017, Binance became the leader in terms of trading volume in an incredibly short time and has maintained this status to this day. It currently supports over 180 currencies (604 currency pairs). The daily trading volume is more than $ 850,000,000. It makes it possible to buy cryptocurrency from a credit card or payment system using a fiat gateway.

In addition to standard spot trading, Binance allows you to: use margin trading, trade futures on Binance Futures, give away cryptocurrency for interest for a certain period (this is called lendig programs), take out a loan secured by cryptocurrency, use the services of the Binance DEX decentralized exchange and p2p platform, save on commissions using the BNB token, as well as order a debit card that can be used to pay in stores.

2. Bitmex Exchange

The Bitmex derivatives exchange is also available in Russian, including a help section. Offers leveraged options using perpetual contracts and futures. The most popular and liquid contract is called XBTUSD (XBT is an alternative designation for bitcoin). All transactions, deposits and withdrawals of funds are carried out in bitcoins. Fiat is not supported.

The user can open a long position (buy) or a short position (sell) on contracts supported on the exchange. You can open sell deals even if the user does not have contracts, this is called “naked” shorting. On some contracts, BitMEX offers up to 100x leverage. This means that you can buy contracts worth up to 100 BTC with only 1 BTC. High leverage gives you the chance to get high profits, but the risk of losses increases.

3. Bybit Exchange

Bybit is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency derivatives, opened in 2018. Supports several highly liquid perpetual contracts and leverage up to 100x. No verification required to use the trading functionality. Beginners can take advantage of a wide range of information materials. The trading terminal has a simple interface.

Bybit has a high level of security and speed. There is risk hedging, a double price mechanism to protect against manipulation, cold wallets for the safety of users’ cryptocurrency. The platform is capable of processing 100,000 transactions per second. Among the downsides is the modest choice of assets for trading.

4. EXMO exchange

The EXMO exchange has been operating since 2013 and supports more than ten interface languages, including Russian. It is also convenient for a wide range of payment methods, including fiat. Traditional currencies can also be used for trading. The number of trading pairs exceeds 160. Since 2020, most of the functionality is available only after account verification, this is due to the new requirements of regulators.

The interface on EXMO is quite simple and burdened with unnecessary details to a minimum. The site is suitable for beginners – through it you can buy cryptocurrency for regular money, there is a Russian-language interface, responsive technical support. Thanks to the support of the ruble and the hryvnia, it is very popular in Russia and neighboring countries.

5. Livecoin exchange

Livecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian. Also supports eight more languages. The translation is not bad. The platform has a huge selection of trading pairs – there are over 700 of them – and is in the top 50 in terms of daily trading volumes. You can deposit and withdraw money using bank cards and payment systems (Qiwi, Payeer, Capitalist, etc.).

Users’ funds are stored for security in cold wallets, which makes them resistant to hacks. You can transfer funds between accounts using special codes (“vouchers”). Trading commissions are quite low and even further decrease as the user’s trading volume grows.

6. Localbitcoins exchange

A peer-to-peer exchange for direct exchange between users. Localbitcoins is considered to be the leader in this field. Supports almost all possible payment methods – banks, payment systems, mobile operators, etc. The seller himself sets the restrictions on the methods suitable for him, he also sets the course. The buyer chooses from the ads the one that is optimal for him and responds.

The transaction takes place using an escrow account (temporary storage where bitcoins are stored until the buyer transfers the fiat to the seller). Thus, all parties to the transaction are safe. If disputable situations arise, then there is an opportunity to apply to arbitration.

7. Currency exchange

Currency is an officially regulated Belarusian cryptocurrency exchange with Russian language support. It operates in compliance with the legislative norms of the Republic of Belarus, in particular, the decree “On the Development of the Digital Economy”. supports trading in cryptocurrency and tokenized assets, the number of which is planned to be increased to 10 thousand (now there are more than 1300).

Tokenized assets are understood as a variety of instruments – stocks, ETF instruments, commodities and much more – everything that can be found on the world’s traditional exchanges. To increase the efficiency of trading, you can use leverage, it reaches 1500x for some assets, and various trading instruments (stop loss, take profit). The exchange has the ability to open a demo account.

8. Bitfinex Exchange

Bitfinex is a centralized exchange with support for over 270 trading pairs. It has been working for a long time – since 2012 – and has a good reputation among traders, including Russians. Provides convenient trading due to a large number of graphical tools that visualize market changes. Also, the developers guarantee high security while meeting all account protection requirements.

It is also possible to trade futures on Bitfinex, leverage is available. You can top up your wallet in fiat. Unfortunately, in order to open some opportunities, you need to go through thorough verification. There are fully functional mobile apps.

Criteria for choosing a crypto exchange

✅ The large number of cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian can be confusing. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems – in order to choose the right platform, it is enough to determine your goals and take into account several important factors:

✅  Liquidity. How easy and fast it is to sell / buy cryptocurrency on this exchange. In other words, how many buyers and sellers are there in the market. The more there are, the easier it is for the system to find a counter order that matches your request.

✅  Selection of available coins and trading pairs. Of course, the site should support Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top cryptocurrencies, but the more diverse the choice, the better – this will give more freedom to trade.

✅  The quality of technical support. Responsive, competent and prompt technical support will help you get used to and solve possible problems if they arise.

✅  Safety. A reliable exchange must support a minimum set of tools to protect user accounts and funds – two-factor authentication, storage of funds in cold wallets, encryption of transmitted data, confirmation of transactions by SMS or email.

✅  Convenient interface. The site should have a clear structure, all the main elements are in plain sight so that it is easy to use.

✅  Commissions. For a one-time sale or purchase of cryptocurrency, this may not be so important, since the commissions on all exchanges are approximately the same (on average 1%) of the transaction volume). But if you are a regular trader, then this indicator is critical, since you can lose quite a lot of money on commissions.

Be careful when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange in Russian, and then it will be comfortable to work with it, and trading will not cause difficulties.

Questions and answers

What cryptocurrency exchanges exist with a Russian-language interface?

Popular ones are Binance, Bitmex, Bitfinex, EXMO, Currency, LocalBitcoins, Bybit, Livecoin, etc.

What types of cryptocurrency exchanges are there?

Exchanges can be fiat or non-fiat, spot or derivative, centralized or decentralized, with or without verification.

What to look for when choosing a site, except for the presence of a Russian interface ??

A crypto exchange must meet all security requirements, have high liquidity, a large selection of trading pairs and a comfortable interface.

Are there exchanges that support fiat money?

Yes, there are such sites. On some, for this you need to go through verification. Before starting work, familiarize yourself with the conditions of the selected site and commissions for input / output.

Are there exchanges registered in the Russian Federation?

Not yet, since there is no legislation in the Russian Federation that would allow them to be regulated.


As you can see, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges that support the Russian language is quite large – you can make a choice without any problems. All exchanges listed in this review are 100% working and tested, each of them tested by our editorial team. Therefore, you just have to choose and use it successfully.

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