Cryptocurrency airdrop – nuances of free distribution of tokens


The modern world of cryptocurrencies constantly surprises with all kinds of innovations, as well as various possibilities that make it possible to simplify trading operations on the Web, conduct anonymous transactions, make money on virtual currencies and much more. It is the earnings on digital currencies, as well as on blockchain projects that are very promising. Participation in airdrops of cryptocurrencies belongs to this type of getting a profit.

The airdrop procedure has long been demonstrating efficiency in the promotion of new business projects, therefore, its successful integration into the crypto sphere immediately gave a positive profitability. Of course, the free distribution of crypto coins turns into profit not for every blockchain development, but the fact of receiving such tokens free of charge already attracts the attention of literate users.

Airdrop of cryptocurrency is a free distribution of a token by a project for any completed task, which serves for marketing purposes for effective promotion. Anyone can take part and receive a small amount of virtual coins. After a token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, it can be exchanged for fiat currencies.

Let’s consider in detail some aspects related to cryptocurrency airdrops and cryptographic projects. Let’s analyze the essence of this process and study its varieties.

Airdrop – what is it?

In fact, any airdrop procedure is a campaign to popularize some kind of innovation, development, project, business and other ideas that need to quickly spread fame or accelerated implementation into everyday use. In other words, there is a promising idea, the implementation of which should be useful to people and beneficial to developers. So, practically at no cost, an action is organized that can attract public interest. In situations with blockchain projects, this is the distribution of tokens to users for easy actions that can improve the popularity of the campaign and lure more customers to themselves.

For developments related to blockchain technologies, it is the delivery of gift cryptocoins that is the strongest motivating nuance. Users perform elementary actions, encouraged by rewards – so far little-known and inexpensive tokens. If the project develops, expands and becomes in demand, then the holders of such altcoins will earn good money.

Varieties of airdrop cryptocurrencies

Two leading types of airdrop are actively used now.

⭐  Automatic airdrop – this option is based on forks of some existing, popular cryptocurrency. Here, the holders of the main coin do not need to perform certain targeted actions, it is enough to have a minimum number of virtual coins in the cryptocurrency wallet. Thanks to such a local distribution of tokens, the organizers of the project let the most potential customers know about the new digital money.

A good example of an automatic airdrop is the bitcoin fork (bitcoin, BTC), which appeared in August 2017. This is bitcoin cash (ticker BCH, bitcoin cash). When a new cryptocurrency (fork) was released, BTC holders automatically received BCH altcoins for free in an amount proportional to the number of bitcoins available in the virtual storage. That is, users, for example, received 2 bitcoin cash for every 2 bitcoins for free.

Important! Any owner of a popular, expensive cryptocurrency needs to follow the news. Free receipt of new digital assets often requires filling out a special application form on the official portal of cryptocurrency developers!

⭐  Stimulating airdrop – this type of campaign for the free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens implies the implementation of actions necessary to popularize the project from users. Anyone can get some amount of crypto money here. As a rule, the “work” is simple – reposting information, retweeting articles about a new virtual currency, registering in a thematic group, post likes, issuing a new crypto wallet, etc. Campaigns of this type, helping to popularize the blockchain project, contribute to the rapid formation of a large community and the development of the popularity of the advertised cryptocurrency. At the same time, developers do not invest real funds, and the efforts made for effective popularization are minimal.

There are many modern stimulating airdrops. You need to look for acceptable options at specialized sites. You could see a lot of projects on the airdropbox portal on July 12, 2018. For example, an advertisement for the ETHX platform brought the user 10 tokens for each task.

Crypto wallet for airdrop participants

Of the total number of tokens created, most of them absolutely comply with the ERC20 standards. Because of this, each user with free giveaways needs a formalized cryptocurrency wallet for ethereum to receive coins. Storages of this type are capable of performing any operations with ERC20 tokens. It turns out that the owner of only one functional crypto wallet is able to participate in all kinds of airdrop procedures.

Reminder! Airdrops should not be perceived as a serious option for making money on the Internet. This procedure is an extremely rare opportunity to get some bonus reward!


A cryptocurrency airdrop is an attractive option for promoting a certain blockchain project through a free distribution of tokens, derivative digital assets. On the cryptocurrencies organized by airdrop, literate users manage to earn substantial sums.

It is necessary to scrupulously trace each project, isolating promising, noteworthy proposals from the mass of analogues. There are tokens with great potential. It is they who, without any investment, allow you to receive a profit of up to several hundred and thousands of dollars. You need to have time to recognize a good airdrop in a timely manner in order to fully use every opportunity in today’s digital world.

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