Cointiply: an overview of the bitcoin faucet for earning cryptocurrency, registration and login to the site, deposit and withdrawal of funds


Cointiply is a bitcoin faucet that pays out cryptocurrency for performing actions, namely sending a request and solving a captcha. If a prime number falls out, then another bonus is paid, there are also bonuses for logging in and daily use of the tap. You can earn extra money by inviting friends and receiving 25% of their income.

Official website:

To increase earnings, we recommend additionally using other bitcoin faucets: FreeBitcoin, Satoshi Hero, AdBTC, BonusBitcoin, Moon Bitcoin and others.

As of March 21, 2020, the crane pays the earned:

Currently the site is used by more than 670,000 members, in total, over $ 450,000 have been paid. The unit of calculation on the site is the so-called coins, the value of which is tied to USD. When outputting, they can be converted to satoshi.

Features and ways to make money on Cointiply:

✅ Loyalty bonus. Gradually increases to 100% if you log into the system daily.

✅ A multiplier in a playful way that allows you to increase the balance.

✅ 5% bonus on your account if you accumulate 35,000 satoshi.

✅ Bonus points for completing tasks. Can be exchanged for prizes.

✅ Additional interest on deposit to Cointiply account.

✅ 25% from the earnings of referrals, 10% of their income from offers and 0.25% of the amounts won in the multiplier.

✅ Expert support, fast wallet payments and chat to communicate with other members.

Attention. It is forbidden to create multi-accounts, use VPN and proxy servers.

General information

Official site
Year of foundation2018
ServicesFaucet, multiplier, offers, polls, paid clicks, games
Russian languageNo
Time interval for requesting coins from the tap12 hours
Withdrawal methodTo cryptocurrency wallet Bitcoin or Doge
Minimum withdrawal amount30,000 coins ($ 3) for Doge wallet, 50,000 coins ($ 5) for Bitcoin wallet. 100 coins = $ 0.01
Withdrawal feesNo
Two-factor authenticationAvailable
Number of registered clients674,091
Mobile appYes, for Android
Social networks
ContactsCreating a ticket on the site


To start earning, enter your e-mail on the main Cointiply page and click “Start Earning Now”.

To complete the registration, you will need to enter your name, come up with a password for your account and solve the captcha by selecting its type.

Click Create your account.

Then you need to confirm the email using the link sent in the letter. After that, you will go to your account and receive a bonus of 100 coins to your account.

Account setup

Cointiply settings are located in the Settings tab.

Here you can buy a premium account. What the premium gives:

✅ no pop-up advertisements;

✅ increasing the maximum bet in CointiPlay;

✅ the ability to not log into the system for two days and not lose loyalty;

✅ premium badge and access to a separate premium chat;

✅ early access to new functionality;

✅ individual technical support.

The cost is 17,000 coins per month or 170,000 coins per year.

Also, in the settings, you can enable the function of accruing 5% per annum on the balance over 35,000 coins, disable receiving mailings by mail, disable profile visibility to strangers, change the account name.

Below are the security settings that allow you to enable PIN or 2FA authentication through the Google Authenticator app.

All outgoing transactions can be viewed in the history:

Cointiply tap earnings

The available ways to earn money are on the Faucets tab. To see the full functionality, please make sure your ad blocker is disabled.

Cointiply Faucet

There are two requests per day, every 12 hours. Click “roll & win” and solve the captcha, then click Submit captcha & roll.

For the dropped number 10 coins were awarded. For the drop of an integer, an additional 17 coins are awarded.

After receiving the coins, the counter starts until the next turn. You can turn on an audible alert to hear when it is available.

The right side of the page displays your Cointiplier – it shows how much you can earn for one brand. Everyone starts with an indicator of 1.5x, then the course is adjusted based on daily activity. If you earn only on brands, then the number will remain close to 1.5x, but if you complete other tasks, as well as invite referrals, then it will increase significantly.

The tariff is determined automatically and cannot be manually set by the administration. Cointiplier is not updated in real time, but about once a month or a little more often.


Multiplier allows you to increase the number of your coins by 61x (this is the maximum multiplier).

After clicking on Play now, the bet selection window opens. You can replenish your account if there is not enough money on the balance up to the required rate. The minimum bet is 10 coins, the maximum is 50,000.

After specifying the rate, click Start Round.

Click on any of the white circles. If a red stone opens, you have won. If black, then you lost.

If a winning target is chosen, then the level increases along with the multiplier.

You can press Take Win at any time and take the earned, or you can continue to play, but if you lose, the initial bet will be lost.

The maximum number of levels is 11, the eleventh multiplier will be 61.3x.

CointiPlay Multiplier is provably fair, according to the technical documentation.


Offers are services that pay a user to complete various tasks. This can be watching a video, installing an application, taking surveys, going to sites, registering, etc. For example, for installing the CointiPly application, 500 coins are credited to the balance.

To find out more information about the offer you are interested in and the rules for receiving a reward, you need to click View Offer. If everything suits you – Complete the offer.


Watching short promotional videos for money (a kind of offers). The cost depends on the type of assignment and other factors. For example, if such, where they pay a certain amount for 3 viewed ads. Or 100 coins for a certain number of minutes of viewing.

Deposit and withdrawal

It is possible to fund your CointiPly account in order to increase the possible bet in the Multiplier game. To do this, you need to click the Deposit button before starting the game, or select the Deposit Bitcoin item in the drop-down Activity & Payments top menu.

On the page that opens, click Generate Deposit Address, then transfer the bitcoins from your external wallet to the address that appears.

The funds will come after two confirmations from the miners. There is no minimum transfer amount.

You can buy coins in bitcoin exchangers or on bitcoin exchanges.

To withdraw earned funds from CointiPly, select Withdraw Coins from the menu mentioned above. Select the direction of withdrawal – to the Bitcoin or DOGE wallet.

The page displays the current coin balance and its equivalent in dollars and BTC.

After clicking on the Withdraw to your wallet button, a field appears for entering a Bitcoin address and amount. The minimum withdrawal amount for BTC is 50,000 coins, for DOGE – 30,000. The service does not charge a commission when withdrawing funds. All payments are processed within 24-72 hours.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros: ✅ 

✅ Extensive functionality, many ways to make money.

✅ The ability to withdraw to Bitcoin or Doge wallets.

✅ Convenient system of coins, the rate of which is pegged to the dollar.

✅ There is no minimum top-up amount.

✅ No withdrawal fees.

✅ Two-factor authentication.

Cons: ❌

❌ There is no Russian interface language.

❌ Large minimum wage for withdrawal.

❌ Not the easiest interface.

❌ Brands every 12 hours.


User opinions show that mostly on CointiPly they are not satisfied with slow earnings – long waiting times between requests and long withdrawal periods. Otherwise, the crane has a right to exist, since it regularly pays the money earned and provides a wide choice of ways to generate income.


How do I go to the CointiPly website and register?

Details on creating an account are described in the section.

Where can I exchange the earned coins on the tap?

In exchangers or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Is registration available for all countries?

Yes (registration instructions), but there may be problems with withdrawing funds from Iranian residents. The site administration does not know how to solve these problems.

Where can I get the address for receiving bitcoins?

Create a cryptocurrency wallet and click “get money” in it. Copy generated address.

Does CointiPly pay?

According to reviews, the service pays regularly, although the withdrawal takes a lot of time (1-3 days). We personally verified the output and provided a screenshot from the blockchain explorer.

What are coins on CointiPly?

Coins on CointiPly are called the local currency, the rate of which is linked to the dollar rate.

How to withdraw earned cryptocurrency?

Go to the page and specify the address of an external cryptocurrency wallet.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

30,000 for DOGE wallets, 50,000 for Bitcoin wallets

What are the rules for withdrawing funds?

Applications are processed within 24-72 hours.

How to make money for free on CointiPly?

Once every 12 hours, you can click on the “roll & win” button, solve the captcha and get a random number of coins. The Multiplier game of chance will help to increase the number of coins. You can also make good money by completing offer tasks.

How often does the faucet give out a portion of free coins?

2 times a day.

How much can you earn per request?

10 to 110 coins (100 coins = $ 0.01). The amount depends on the Cointiplier coefficient.

How else can you earn extra money on the CointiPly website?

Invite referrals and execute offers from partners.

Is the CointiPly website translated in Russian?

Not. You can right-click on the page and select “translate into Russian” if the browser supports this function.

What is PTC?

Paid-to-Click. Pay for viewing ads.

Are there any tap apps for Android and iOS?

Yes, for Android.

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