Coinpot: an overview of a cryptocurrency wallet for receiving microtransactions, login and registration, work with faucets, input and output


Coinpot  a cryptocurrency micro-wallet, suitable for working with transactions from faucets or axle boxes. It allows you to earn internal CoinPot Tokens, mine several types of cryptocurrencies, and play the lottery. The Coinpot account is automatically linked to the accounts of supported cryptocranes if they are registered to the same email.

Official website:

We recommend to get free satoshi bitcoin faucets: FreeBitcoin, Satoshi Hero, Cointiply, BonusBitcoin, Moon faucets.

01/15/2021 Coinpot wallet is closing. The cranes that paid for it will also stop working in the coming months. Hurry up to withdraw your cryptocurrency. An alternative to Coinpot is FaucetPay.

We offer an overview of the functionality of the wallet from the editorial board of Btcnewsweb – we will study the sections of the site and try in practice to test the work in conjunction with the Bonus Bitcoin faucet.

General information

Official site
ServicesWallet for microtransactions, lotteries, contests
Supported cryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Coinpot token
CommissionsFor deposits and withdrawals 0%
Minimum withdrawal amount0.0001 BTC, 100 DOGE, 0.002 DASH, 0.002 LTC, 0.001 BCH
Minimum deposit amount0.001 BTC, 1000 DOGE, 0.01 LTC, 0.01 BCH, 0.02 DASH
Internal currencyYes, CoinPot tokens
Russian languageNo
Two-factor authenticationYes
Other wallets for receiving microtransactionsFaucetPay

Check in

Click the Register button on the home page to create a Coinpot account.

Fill in the proposed fields: email, password (letters, numbers, at least 8 characters), password confirmation. Solve the captcha and with a tick, confirm that you agree with the terms of service.

Click Register at the bottom of the window.

Next, you need to confirm your email by clicking on the link sent to your email. The letter may not arrive immediately, but within five minutes. In addition, we have it in the “spam” folder – check it too and click “this is not spam” in order not to lose messages from the service in the future.

Log in using your username and password. At the same time, a confirmation email will be sent to enter the Coin Pot website, just like every time you log in with a new IP address. This is for security reasons.

Wallet interface

The sections of the Coinpot wallet are as follows:

Dashboard. Aggregated information on the status of all accounts linked to the account. If you click on the arrow next to the View summary button and select the Convert to item, you can convert any currency to another – instantly and free of charge, at the current rate. 1 CoinPot token is equal to approximately 1-2 Satoshi.

News. Project news regarding changes in its work.

Lottery. A lottery where you can buy a ticket and win Coinpot tokens.

Multiplier. A game of chance, which theoretically allows you to increase your bet by 1000 times.

Challenges. New system to further stimulate user activity. Allows you to perform various tasks and receive tokens for this.

More details about the conditions of games and contests will be described in the relevant sections.

Account settings can be found by clicking on the Account Details button.

Here you can change your password, enable two-factor authentication, track your account login history and link faucet accounts or external wallet addresses.

Coinpot mining

By clicking on any of the coins of interest, you can select the Mine function.

The desired processor load parameters are specified here.

If mining does not start automatically, then it is recommended to disable antivirus and ad blockers, since these programs prohibit it. Coins are mined in a passive mode, earnings drop to the account balance about once every five minutes. Depending on the settings, the process additionally loads the processor by 10-80%. To stop it, just close the tab or press Pause Mining.

By clicking the Earn More button, you can get a link – if you enter it on other devices, they will also connect to mining, the income will come to the same account. Also here you can get the code for the site to embed the miner as a widget on the site.

Working with a wallet

Let’s consider how the deposit and withdrawal processes take place on Coinpot.


Select the required cryptocurrency and click the Deposit button.

Click Generate Deposit Address to display the address to send money to. A QR code will also appear – if you use a mobile wallet, you can use it to scan this code and start transferring immediately.

Send the required amount of cryptocurrency to the specified address. Do not send less than the minimum threshold (it is indicated in the blue field), otherwise funds will not be credited to the account. The deposit is received after 1 network confirmation of the transaction.

Withdrawal from the faucet to the Coin Pot wallet

Coinpot works with the following cryptocurrency faucets:

  1. Bonus Bitcoin
  2. BitFun
  3. Moon faucets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, Cash).

Let’s use the Bonus Bitcoin faucet as an example. Sign up for it using the same email as for your Coinpot account.

Confirm your email address using the link from the letter.

Find the Claim Now button on the page and click on it, having previously solved the captcha.

The balance in the Coinpot wallet was immediately updated.

Similarly, you can collect cryptocurrency at once from all the faucets that the wallet supports, which is very convenient.

Withdraw funds

To withdraw cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet, click Withdraw on the page of the coin of interest.

In the upper part of the window, you can select the direction of output:

  • To a regular bitcoin wallet – no commission
  • Mellow Ads ad network – no commission
  • FaucetFly Wallet – 1.5%
  • FaucetPanet – 2%
  • ExpressCrypto – 1%
  • FaucetPay – 1.5%
  • MicroWallet – 1.5%

Insert the recipient’s address, enter the amount of cryptocurrency and confirm your action with a password. Then solve the captcha and click Withdraw. A confirmation email will be sent to your registration email. Withdrawal takes up to 48 hours.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

When making deposits and withdrawals, consider the minimum amounts:


On Coinpot, there is an opportunity to increase your capital by participating in the lottery.

Tickets are bought with CoinPot tokens at the price of 1 token = 1 ticket. The drawing takes place once an hour. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased for one round. The prize pool includes all the tokens received from the purchase of tickets, plus an additional 1000 tokens.

The winners are chosen at random. Each participant, regardless of how many tickets he has, can only win 1 prize in the current round.

The first winner will receive 50% of the total prize pool, and the next 5 winners will receive 10% of the prize pool.


A tool that allows you to multiply your savings on Coinpot.

To start the game, you need to choose the high or low method, it affects what range of numbers will be covered to win. Then a multiplier of 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x or 1000x is chosen – it means how much the bet will be increased in case of a win. Of course, the higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of winning.

Then click on the bet to throw. At this moment, the rate will be deducted from the wallet balance. A number will fall out of the range from 000 to 999 inclusive. If it is within the required range, then the prize amount will instantly be added to the balance.

You can also set up automatic rolls by clicking on the AutoRoll Settings button.

The House Edge score is 0% when playing, which means that in the long run, neither the user nor the site has an advantage. The results are always provably fair, which excludes fraud by either party.

History at the bottom of the page:


This section appeared on Coinpot in early March 2019. Challenges are a fun and easy way to get extra bonuses. To do this, you just need to use a wallet, accept payments from taps, invite referrals, play a lottery or multiplier, etc.

Tasks can be daily, monthly, unlimited. They look like this:

Each challenge has five difficulty levels, they correspond to stars from 1 to 5. For obtaining each level, a bonus is given in the form of CoinPot tokens (100 per star). Since some tasks are repeated every day or every month, this is a virtually endless source of income.

In addition, once a month, the 25 participants who have earned the most stars win super prizes (up to 10,000,000 tokens).


Reviews and personal experience show that there are no difficulties in working with the CoinPot wallet. Everything works stably and quickly, there may only be delays when withdrawing to a third-party wallet (up to 48 hours). And additional earning opportunities and linking several convenient taps to the wallet make working with this site even more pleasant.

Questions and answers

What is Coinpot?

This is a crypto wallet for collecting and storing cryptocurrency from faucets or other sources.

How to exchange cryptocurrency with CoinPot?

Withdraw to your wallet and then exchange through exchangers, exchanges, payment systems.

How else can you earn on Coinpot?

Play lottery or multiplier, complete challenges.

How to receive transfers from taps?

Create accounts on those faucets that are tied to the Coinpot wallet. In the process of using faucets, income will instantly go to your wallet account. Details about the work of faucets and CoinPot.

Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals?

The deposit is always commission-free, and withdrawal fees depend on the final destination. As a rule, this is 0%, but when transferring to other popular micro wallets, fees of 1-2% are charged.

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