Cex.io exchange: reviews and review, registration on the official website of the cex.io cryptocurrency exchange


Cex.io is a UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 as a cloud mining service. The company owned one of the largest mining pools “GHash.io”. In 2015, this line of activity was suspended, and the company focused on the development of a trading platform for working with cryptocurrencies. Subsequently, the Cex.io company became a popular online service with the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency. In 2016, a PCI DSS level 2 certificate was received, which allows working with banks directly and independently accepting and processing bank card data. The Cex exchange provides an opportunity for margin trading with 1: 2 and 1: 3 leverage on trading pairs: BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, ETH / BTC, ETH / USD.

The official website of the exchange is cex.io.

The site interface has been translated into six languages, including Russian. The exchange is international, the number of clients is more than 500 thousand.

Important information about the Cex exchange. In 2018, the exchange introduced mandatory account verification (identity confirmation). Without it, you will not be able to trade (replenish, withdraw) fiat and cryptocurrency. Alternative exchanges that you can work with without the need to confirm the data: Localbitcoins, Exmo, Bitmex, Binance.

Listing 9 cryptocurrencies: BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BTG (Bitcoin Gold), DASH, ETH (Ethereum), GHS (GhanaCedi), XLM (Stellar Lumens), XRP (Ripple), ZEC (Z-cash) ) and fiat accounts: USD, RUB, EUR. The daily trading volume is 4800 BTC. The most liquid trading pairs (information as of February 11, 2018): BTC / USD (48%), XRP / USD (22%), ETH / USD (11%).

Cryptocurrencies are stored in cold wallets. The trading commission is dynamic – from 0 to 0.25% depending on the currency pair, order status (Taker, Maker) and trading volume for the last 30 days.

The advantage of the Cex exchange is the ability to work with fiat currencies through Visa / Mastercard bank cards, bank transfers. The limits depend on the degree of information provided about the account owner (verification). Bank transfer is available only to verified clients. Bank cards must first be linked to your account. Accounts in fiat are available: USD, RUB, EUR, GBP, when they are replenished in another currency, an automatic conversion will take place.

Cex LTD is registered in the UK, No. 8757996. Registered office: 2nd Floor, 1 – 5 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5PA, United Kingdom.

Registration certificate:

Registration in FinCEN:

PCI DSS Certificate:

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Registration on the Cex.io exchange

To register, go to the official Cex.io website and enter your password, e-mail, first name, last name and country of residence.

The next step is to secure your account and enable two-factor authentication. This will generate codes that should be entered during authorization. You can install the Google Authenticator app or receive codes on your phone via SMS. If you do not plan to enable additional protection, click “Keep 2FA disabled”.

If you select “Google Authenticator”, you will need to download the application of the same name to your phone, smartphone, tablet. After that, you need to launch the program and scan the barcode or enter the security key (2fa backup key). The backup key must be downloaded or copied and saved in a safe place to restore access to the application. If all actions are completed, a six-digit code will be displayed in Google Authenticator, and you need to enter it in the “Enter 2FA code” line and click “Next”.

Confirm your registration at Cex io and follow the “Confirm” link in the letter received on your e-mail.

Login to the Cex io website, settings and account verification

To enter the Cex io website, you will need to enter your username and password (or through your social media profile). If two-factor protection is connected, then the code is also 2fa.

An interface for quickly buying cryptocurrency will appear immediately. To change the profile settings, click on the account ID and select “Profile”. When changing any parameter, you will need to confirm the action and enter the 2fa code.

You can change the following data: profile information, password; add an additional e-mail; enable or disable two-factor authentication; API; download mobile application Cex io.

To increase the limits on deposits and withdrawals and add the ability to use a bank transfer, you must go through the verification of your account. Depending on the degree of its completion, the account can have the following statuses: Basic (without verification); Verified; Verified Plus; Corporate.

For Basic, the following account limits are set: daily – 1000 US dollars; monthly – 3000. For other statutes: unlimited.

To do this, go to the ID – “Verification” section and provide the required information and documents.

More detailed information on the process of passing this procedure is available in the “CEX.IO Identity Verification Guide” in the “Help” section of the Cex exchange website.

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How to deposit or withdraw money from the Cex exchange

You can replenish your CEX IO account by going to the “Finance” section.

On the exchange, you can use accounts in fiat: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB.

 The following payment solutions are available: bank cards Visa, Mastercard; bank transfer; transfer to CryptoCapital.

To be able to use the card, you need to link it to your account. This requires:

  • Provide the following information: name and surname of the cardholder (in Latin); number; validity.
  • Take a selfie with a card and a photo of the card with an ID document.
  • Enter CVV / CVC (three digits on the back).
  • Verify with a small amount (less than $ 1), which will be withdrawn and then returned to the card account.

Linking the card takes several hours and is carried out by the employees of the Compliance Department. As a result, you will be able to replenish the deposit very quickly. More information in the “Payment Card Verification Guide”.

After linking the card, simply enter the amount, account in fiat and pay.

When using bank transfer or CryptoCapital, there is no commission from the cryptocurrency exchange, but the account must be verified. Commissions for deposits and withdrawals by cards (USD, EUR, RUB):

When replenishing from cards in another currency (Ukrainian hryvnia, Kazakhstani tenge, Belarusian ruble, Georgian lari, Polish zloty, etc.), the money will be automatically converted into the account currency.

Limits for deposits from a Visa, Mastercard (USD): daily (monthly): for Basic – 1000 (3000); Verified – 3000 (30,000); Verified Plus – 10,000 (100,000); Corporate – 10,000 (100,000). The minimum amount of one transaction is 20 US dollars (1200 rubles); maximum – depending on the status of the account.

Withdrawal limits (USD): daily (monthly) for Basic 1000 (3000); Verified – 3000 (30,000); Verified Plus – 10,000 (50,000); Corporate – 10,000 (500,000). Withdrawals by bank transfer are not carried out; transfer to CryptoCapital – no limits, commission – 3%.

To replenish your CEX IO account with cryptocurrency, click “Replenish” and transfer the coins to the specified wallet address.

For example, to transfer Bitcoin to the exchange, you should send the cryptocurrency to the specified address of the Bitcoin wallet, the minimum amount is 0.0001 BTC.

How to buy, sell cryptocurrency on CEX IO

There are several ways to buy or sell cryptocurrency on the CEX IO exchange. This is a simple exchange, “Bidding” and margin trading (with borrowed funds).

In the case of an exchange, simply indicate the required amount and the direction of exchange, or choose a ready-made offer. Cryptocurrencies are available for this option: BTC; ETH; BCH and fiat currencies. The exchange will take place instantly, at the market rate.

To trade cryptocurrency on the CEX IO exchange, go to “Trades”, select a currency pair, for example, BTC / USD. There are two types of orders: limit (Limit), market (Market).

For a limit (pending) order, you need to specify the quantity and value; for the market – only the quantity, and the purchase will occur at the market price instantly. A limit order can be canceled at any time if it has not yet been executed.

For analysis, a graph of the movement of a trading pair, order book, market depth and trading history are presented.

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Trading commissions on the CEX IO exchange are dynamic:

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