overview of a platform for buying, selling cryptocurrency and an investment portfolio management service

353 is a universal service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, as well as convenient investment portfolio management. Provides the ability to store funds in a secure online wallet, an intuitive interface, loyal commission fees. You can buy cryptocurrency from a bank card and create your portfolio in a few clicks.

We offer more detailed information about the Broex service from the editorial staff of

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The main features of the site:

  • Instantly buy and sell currencies through the exchange widget, which is always on the screen.
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals.
  • Referral program that gives 20% of the trading commissions of invited users.
  • Ability to add an exchange widget to the site.

General information

Official site
Russian languageYes
Year of foundation2020
CompanyCountside Holding Corp
AddressSeychelles, Mahe, Victoria, Francis Rachel Street, Sound and Wine House, of. 1 (second floor)
Provided productWallet, investment platform, exchanger
Own tokenNo
Trading commission1%
Deposit commissionFrom Qiwi 3%, from the card 5%; for cryptocurrencies – absent
Withdrawal commission5-6% depending on the payment system; for cryptocurrencies also individual fees
Supported cryptocurrenciesTRX, LRC, USDT, ETH, BTC, ZRX and more than 20
Supported fiat currenciesRubles
Ways of paymentYandex.Money, Qiwi, WebMoney, bank cards Visa / Mastercard / MIR
VerificationNeed not
SafetyCold wallets, SSL / TLS protocols, encrypted passwords and messages
Mobile appIn developing
ContactsOnline chat
Social network;,,

Registration on the website

To create an account, click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the page. Fill in the required fields: email, password, password repeat. Accept the terms of data processing and privacy policy, click “Register”.

Go to your mailbox and find a letter from Broex with a confirmation button (it may be in your Spam folder). Click “Confirm Email” to return to the site and continue working.

Immediately after that, the system will offer a number of interactive tips on the interface – we recommend that you look through them, it will take all a minute, but all primary questions will disappear and it will be easier to navigate.

Broex site sections

The four main sections that the Broex user profile includes:

Assets. All information about the value of the portfolio in rubles and in cryptocurrency. Instant buy / sell asset widget. List of all supported currencies, information about their cost and rate charts. Clicking on the arrow next to the required cryptocurrency opens more detailed information.

Transactions. History of account replenishment, withdrawal of funds, exchange operations, credits under the referral and affiliate program. You can customize the display of amounts in any convenient currency.

Referral program. Here is a referral link where you can invite other users and receive 20% of the commission whenever they make a deal.

Affiliate program. The participant has the opportunity to place the cryptocurrency exchange widget on his site and earn profit from each operation (90%). The appearance of the widget is customizable.

You can turn off the news feed located on the Assets page by clicking on the Personal Feed button and turning the switch to off.

How to top up your account

To top up your Broex balance in rubles:

  1. Select the ruble from the list of currencies.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button. A dialog box will open.
  3. Choose a convenient method of replenishment – QIWI or a Visa / Mastercard / MIR bank card.
  4. Enter the desired deposit amount. Click “Deposit”.
  5. Follow the further instructions of the bank or payment system.

The minimum top-up amount from Qiwi is 5000 rubles, from a card – 1000 rubles.

Select the ruble from the list of currencies.

  1. Select the required cryptocurrency from the list of currencies.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button to open the modal window.
  3. Click the Add Address button. Your personal deposit address will be displayed to fund your account.
  4. Copy the address and send cryptocurrency to it from any third-party wallet or exchange. You can also scan the QR code using your mobile device.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Broex allows you to quickly exchange existing funds for cryptocurrency to start building your investment portfolio.

To do this, open the Buy tab on the widget (it is open by default). Then select the required coin from the drop-down list. Indicate the amount of the purchased cryptocurrency (for speed, you can also use the buttons 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% – this is the amount of the available one that will be used to purchase).

Choose what you will pay with – rubles.

Click the “Buy” button and the transaction will be instantly completed.

Selling crypto through Broex is just as easy, through the same widget. Only this time, select the Sell tab.

Specify the exchange currencies and amount in the same way. Then click the Sell button.

How to withdraw funds

How to withdraw rubles from Broex account:

  1. Select the ruble from the list of currencies.
  2. Click the “Withdraw” button.
  3. Indicate which withdrawal method is the most comfortable for you at the moment. It can be Yandex.Money (6% commission), bank cards (5%) or Qiwi (5%).
  4. Enter your wallet / card number.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  6. Click the “Withdraw” button.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from Broex account:

  1. Select the coin of interest in the list of currencies.
  2. Click the “Withdraw” button.
  3. In the window that opens, enter the address of the wallet to which you would like to receive the withdrawn funds.
  4. Enter the amount to be withdrawn based on the existing balance.
  5. If the receiving address requires it, also enter the tag (label).
  6. Click the “Withdraw” button.

Both when depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, remember that the duration of the crediting of funds depends on how much the blockchain is currently loaded and how quickly the transaction will be confirmed.

Commissions and limits

The Broex service commission system is as follows:

  • Both when depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, remember that the duration of the crediting of funds depends on how much the blockchain is currently loaded and how quickly the transaction will be confirmed.
  • Commissions and limits
  • The Broex service commission system is as follows:


  • For replenishment – 5,000-50,000 rubles from Kiwi; from the card 1000-200 000 rubles.
  • For withdrawal – Kiwi 3,000-100,000 rubles; card 3000-100,000 rubles; Yandex.Money RUB 3,000-100,000; WebMoney 3000-100,000 rubles.

An additional commission of 50 rubles is charged if the user withdraws less than 3500 rubles to the card. There is also a nuance regarding the Ripple network: it automatically freezes 20 XRP when you deposit to a new wallet.

More information about commissions and limits specific to each cryptocurrency can be found on the page platform security

The Broex investment site protection system includes three circuits: private, public, and secure. Safe and private are responsible for the safety of user funds, and platform employees do not have direct access to them. In addition, the contours do not interact with each other, the data associated with them is stored on separate servers. The interaction of circuits can only be carried out using encrypted messages.

The servers that store information related to security contours are located at a territorial distance from each other. Specialized protocols are designed to counteract any unauthorized penetration into the server infrastructure – in especially serious situations, even a physical shutdown of equipment is possible. Employees conduct 24/7 security monitoring.

The storage of cryptocurrency assets takes place on cold wallets disconnected from the Internet, which are located in several storages remote from each other.

Application traffic works over SSL / TLS protocols. All three circuits are regularly audited by independent audit companies in order to promptly eliminate any vulnerabilities. Broex makes sure to use the latest and most reliable software that meets security standards.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅ Convenient payment methods (cards, e-wallets).

✅ Support for a large number of cryptocurrencies.

✅ Simple, minimalistic and intuitive interface.

✅ Education system.

✅ Completely Russian-language site.

✅ Referral and affiliate program.


❌ A deposit fee is charged. Also, not the lowest limits on deposit and withdrawal are set.

❌ Of the fiat currencies, only the ruble is supported.

❌ The blog does not contain materials specifically about the work of the service.

❌ Nothing is known about the project team.

❌ The minimum number of personalized settings.

Conclusion is a young project, which, however, is already able to attract attention. It is quite possible to consider it as a tool for forming an investment portfolio if you are satisfied with the Russian ruble as the main operating currency. So far, you can work with the service only in a browser, but there are plans to release mobile applications.

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