Bonus Bitcoin: A faucet for collecting satoshi. Full review, reviews, registration, entrance to the official website, instructions for work and withdrawal


Bonus Bitcoin is a faucet for earning cryptocurrency without investments and monetary investments. You can request a portion of free coins every 15 minutes, and the maximum amount, if you’re lucky, will be 5,000 Satoshi. The number of issued coins is influenced by the rate of cryptocurrencies and ad revenue. If in 2017 the average value was 20-40 satoshi per request, then at the beginning of January 2021 you can get from 3 to 8. The service is popular with users, so in the review we will analyze the main points of work: from registration and login to withdrawal of coins.

Bonus Bitcoin official website:

From January 31, 2021, the BonusBitcoin faucet is no longer operational.

The site interface is presented in English only. We recommend using automatic translators for your convenience. For example, when using the Chrome browser, just right-click anywhere and select “Translate into Russian”

The earned cryptocurrency is automatically transferred to the CoinPot micropayment wallet. From it, direct withdrawal of bitcoins to the specified wallet address or other online services is available.

How much can you earn with Bonus Bitcoin? If you request satoshi every 15 minutes, then theoretically, you get 96 attempts in 24 hours. On March 19, 2019, the average is 6 satoshi. Per day: 96 * 6 = 576 satoshi or 0.00000576 BTC. At the current exchange rate – $ 0.02. This is very small. If you are serious about earning bitcoins, then you should use dozens of similar sites. For example, FreeBitcoin.

Faucet Bonus Bitcoin provides additional rewards:

  1. 5% of all Bitcoins earned in the last 72 hours.
  2. 50% of the referral’s earnings.

For your information. Satoshi is a part of Bitcoin, equal to 0.00000001 BTC. Cryptocurrency faucets are online resources that earn from advertising and share part of the income with visitors. It is important for them that more people visit their site, for which they offer to get free cryptocurrency.

Registration and login on the Bonus Bitcoin website

Before registering on the Bitcoin Bonus faucet website, you need to carefully read the terms of service. Here are the main points of the rules that must be observed:

✅  Multi-accounts are prohibited. You can only have one account.

✅  You cannot change the IP address to create another account.

✅  If you are using ad blockers, you need to disable them.

✅  The ban also applies to the use of automatic satoshi collection systems or bots.

Registration instructions:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click “Register”.
  1. Fill out the registration form.

Enter your email and password in it, go through the captcha and agree to the terms of service.

  1. To complete the registration, confirm your e-mail by clicking on the link in the received letter.

To enter the Bonus Bitcoin faucet, you need to enter your email, password and solve the captcha.

Working with the Bonus Bitcoin faucet

There are a lot of ads on the Bonus Bitcoin faucet, but blockers cannot be used, otherwise it will be banned. Over time, users stop noticing it and perform only the necessary actions.

Instructions for working with Bonus Bitcoin:

  1. After logging in, your personal account will open.
  1. Then you need to go down the page, skipping the ad units. Find a block with captcha and a button for receiving the “Claim now” cryptocurrency. Above is information about the average number of Satoshi issued. In the example: for one request, about 6 satoshi are obtained:
  1. The big plus of the Bitcoin Bonus faucet is the absence of additional systems for checking cheating, called antibots. It is enough just to click in the captcha window, confirming that this is not a robot, and tap on the “Claim now” button.
  2. A new page will open, which will display a notification about the successful deposit of bitcoins to your CoinPot account. In our example, we get 3 satoshi, which is less than the average. If there is a desire to change the dynamic value and always get on the average, then this can be done in the settings (more on this below).
  1. Until the next request 15 minutes. At this time, the countdown timer is running. In order not to miss this moment, you need to click “Change you claim setting” and enable sound notification.

Site settings and sections

Faucet Bonus Bitcoin has a small number of configurable parameters and sections. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  1. Settings under the balance. In the “Account” section: change your password, go to the CoinPot wallet; “Refer” – viewing the conditions of the affiliate program; “Sign out” – log out of your account.
  1. Under the “Claim now” button. Sound alert setting and the option to always get the average satoshi value.
  1. At the bottom of the official website Bonus Bitcoin “Claim now” – an informational part with a detailed description of the service, services and conditions.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency from the Bonus Bitcoin faucet

The main question that interests users is how to get Satoshi out of the tap and what needs to be done for this. The account balance on the Bonus Bitcoin website and the micropayment collector CoinPot are linked. This means that after registering on the tap, an account is automatically created on the CoinPot service. All financial transactions are carried out from it: withdrawal, input, exchange, etc.

Detailed guide to withdrawing from Bonus Bitcoin:

  1. Log in to the site using your registration data.
  2. Go to the “Account” section.
  1. Click on the links to go to CoinPot:
  1. Go to the wallet website. The Satoshi collected on the Bonus Bitcoin faucet are displayed in the “Bitcoin Core” block.
  1. Select “Withdraw bitcoin core”.
  1. Select the desired withdrawal method. The main one is a direct transfer to a bitcoin address. Then the cryptocurrency can be exchanged in exchangers or on cryptocurrency exchanges. Other options are the withdrawal to the collector wallets FaucetHub, Faucet Fly or to the online advertising service Mellow Ads.
  1. Withdraw to bitcoin wallet. Regular application processing time is 48 hours. There is no commission, the minimum amount is 0.00001 BTC or 10,000 Satoshi.

Indicate in the line “Withdrawal bitcoin core address” the public address for receiving bitcoins. If it is not there, then you can use cryptocurrency wallets. For example, install local applications on a PC: Exodus, JAXX, Electrum; Coinomi mobile application; purchase a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet, or use the online Blockchain service. In some cases, it makes sense to make a transfer directly to the cryptocurrency exchange in order to exchange coins for fiat currencies (rubles, dollars, etc.) or trade. But you need to look at the minimum amount and commission for input: some exchanges have no restrictions, there you can transfer any amount; others set a limit or charge a commission. For example: on the EXMO exchange, the minimum amount is 0.001 BTC; on LocalBitcoins – there is no minimum wage, but a commission of 0.00015 BTC is withheld; DSX – there are no restrictions, but account verification is required; Crex24 – unlimited.

  1. Next, enter the amount (press Maximum to display all satoshi); password (which was specified when registering on the BonusBitcoin faucet); go through the captcha and click “Withdraw”.
  2. Confirm withdrawal (click “Confirm withdrawal”):
  1. A notification will appear that an email has been sent. Within 60 minutes, you need to follow the link in it and confirm the operation.
  1. In the letter, click the first link:
  1. If everything is correct, a message about the creation of a withdrawal request will appear. It must be approved within two days.
  1. The received coins can be kept in the wallet with the expectation of a rise in price or exchanged for fiat money through bitcoin exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges.


Faucet Bonus Bitcoin is one of the oldest services that regularly fulfills its obligations to users. The decline in the bitcoin rate was reflected in the profitability of the faucet. In 2017–2018, earnings were several times higher than now (screenshots are automatically translated into Russian).

The amount of earnings is also influenced by the country from which the entry is made. Customers from Europe or the USA get more from the crane than from the CIS.

The Bonus Bitcoin website has a very simple procedure for getting free satoshi. On other services, it is sometimes very confusing and misleading to users. The abundance of ad units should not scare away, since this is the main income of the cranes, from which its reserves are replenished.

It is important to remember to follow the site rules and not try to bypass them. For any fraudulent actions, the Bonus Bitcoin account may be blocked.

In continuation: Other ways to earn cryptocurrency.

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