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Crypto platform Bitzlato (Bitzlato) was formed from a telegram bot for exchanging cryptocurrencies, known as ChangeBot. Now Bitzlato includes a whole range of services for working with digital assets: a p2p exchanger, a payment gateway, a cryptocurrency exchange, a storage wallet, telegram bots for exchanging Bitcoin, altcoins and stablecoins. offers a detailed analytical overview of the platform’s functionality.

The official website is Mirror for Russia:


There is a demo account where you can practice trading on the stock exchange without risking real funds.

The Bitzlato website is completely Russian-language, created by Russian developers who started their activities back in 2013, when interest in cryptocurrencies began to grow rapidly in Russia. They plan to add another mining pool to the services available today.

General information

Official; mirror
ServicesExchange, p2p-platform, Telegram bot, wallet, payment gateway
Year of foundation2016, rebranding in 2018
Place of registrationHong Kong
Registration addressUnit 617, 6/F, 131-132 Connaught Road West, Solo Workshops Hong Kong
Company nameBitzlato Limited
Registration number2616456
Russian language supportYes
Working with fiat moneyYes
Fiat currenciesAll world currencies
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monolith RUB, Monolith USD
Payment optionsMasterCard and VISA cards, bank transfers Sberbank, VTB24, Raiffeisen, AlfaBank, etc., electronic payment systems QIWI, PerfectMoney, Payme, Yandex.Money, etc., cash payment via ATM, cash transfer in person
Commissions for transactionsExchange: 0.5% maker, 0% taker. p2p-exchanger: 0.5% from the creator of the ad
Deposit fees0%
Entry limitsNo
Withdrawal feesBitcoin: 0.00025, Ethereum: 0.001, Dogecoin: 1.0, Litecoin: 0.001, DASH: 0.001, Bitcoin Cash: 0.0002, Tether USD: 1.5, Monolith RUB: 40, Monolith USD: 0.6
Withdrawal limitsBitcoin 0.00000546 BTC; 0.02 ETH for Ethereum; Litecoin 0.00000546 LTC; Tether 10 USDT; USD COIN 0 USDC etc.
VerificationNot required, but many users agree to trade only with verified system participants. Also increases the number of responses to ads.
SafetyDeal protection system, automatic punishment system, reimbursement of funds to users who suffered from fraud. Two-factor authentication to protect your account.
Mobile appNo
Telegram bots@btc_change_bot, @eth_change_bot, @ltc_change_bot, @dash_change_bot, @bcc_change_bot, @doge_change_bot, @tether_change_bot, @rubm_change_bot, @usdm_change_bot
ContactsUser support bot @CBHelpBot; online form on the site
CEOMikhail Lunev

Using the Bitzlato bot

To start using the Bitzlato P2P exchange bot, you only need a Telegram account. It allows you to work with any bot from Bitzlato – a common rating, nickname, statistics are applied for all. You can also combine accounts for the Web version and the bot.

To view all available cryptocurrency Telegram bots from Bitzlato, you need:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Select the “p2p-exchanger” section.
  1. Click on the “Select telegram bot” button.
  2. Select the bot you want.

The exchange is carried out in a decentralized manner, without intermediaries, directly from person to person. The creator of the ad himself sets the course and other terms of the deal, and other users view the ads and choose those that suit them according to the terms.

The transaction protection system blocks coins on the merchant’s account throughout the entire transaction. If necessary, you can open a dispute and return the money if the user has not fulfilled his obligations. In this case, an unscrupulous participant will receive a rating downgrade.

The bot offers to perform the following operations:

  1. Create your own ad for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency (item “My ads”).
  2. Choose from existing offers (items “Buy / Sell”).
  3. Exchange at the rate of the Bitzlato exchange (item “Concrete”).
  4. Safe mode using checks.

The procedure for creating an ad in the Bitzlato bot:

  1. Go to the “Exchange” section.
  1. Go to the section “My announcements” and select the item “Add announcement”.
  2. Set the type of ad – sale or purchase.
  3. Choose a payment method.
  4. Choose a fixed or floating rate. In the second case, it will depend on the exchange rate.
  5. Set limits – the minimum and maximum amount of funds that can be bought / sold in one deal.

After creating an ad, you can manage it: edit the limits and rate, activate or deactivate the ad. Using the buttons “Start / stop trading”, you can activate or deactivate all available positions at once. The ad can be destroyed by clicking on the “Delete” button.

When your ad was responded to, or you yourself found a suitable option, the following happens:

  1. A certain amount of funds is blocked on the seller’s account.
  2. The buyer studies the terms of the transaction and receives the details for the transfer from the seller.
  3. After transferring the details, the buyer must transfer money to them, and then confirm his action in the bot. If he does not do this within 30 minutes, then the transaction is canceled.
  4. After making sure of the receipt of funds, the seller unlocks the coins, and they go to the account of the buyer. If he does not do this within two hours, then the transaction goes into completed and the buyer receives his coins.

If the payment is made and confirmed, and the seller does not release the coins, then the buyer gets the right to open a dispute after 40 minutes. It is necessary to attach as much information as possible to it – a description of the situation, screenshots, receipts of payment.

To buy or sell cryptocurrency through Bot Bitzlato, you can select ads from other traders:

  1. In the main menu of the Bitzlato bot, click “Buy / Sell”.
  2. Choose a payment method. In the “Settings” you can change the fiat currency RUB (Russian ruble) to another, for example, USD dollar or Belarusian ruble BYN. When buying Bitcoin for rubles, the following payment methods are: bank transfer, electronic payments, other – phone top-up, cash in ATM, cash in hand and other methods. The number of options is indicated in brackets.
  1. For example, we choose the Advcash payment system. We see the available ads of traders indicating the price and limit:
  1. Choose an offer of interest, study the conditions, information about the trader (look at the reputation):
  1. Enter the amount in rubles or BTC:
  1. Confirm the deal (click “Yes” or “No”):
  1. Make payment to the received details.

You can exchange cryptocurrencies for Monolith and Tether (USDT) stablecoins at the Bitzlato exchange rate. To do this, click “Concrete” in the bot’s Telegram menu:

Using the web version of the p2p platform Bitzlato

Go to and click “Go to the web version”.

Click on the “Login” button.

Then you can log in using your google-account or create a new account by clicking “Register” below. Upon completion of registration, accept the license agreement.

After that, you have your own personal cryptocurrency wallet with a specific address that works in all Bitzlato services. Here you can store your coins and also exchange them for other currencies offered by users. After the purchase, the funds are credited to the wallet in the service, and after the sale they are withdrawn from it.

To select the available traders’ offers, select “p2p” – “Notice board”. Set conditions: Buy / Sell, select cryptocurrency, payment method:

Select an ad, study the terms of the deal, the trader’s reputation and start discussing the deal:

To create an ad in the web version of Bitzlato, go to the “My Ads” section.

Click on the “Add ad” button.

On this page, you must specify:

✅ Trade type (buy / sell).

✅ Cryptocurrency to buy or sell.

✅ Currency with which trades will be made.

✅ Available payment methods.

✅ Floating or accurate course.

✅ Minimum and maximum transaction amounts.

✅ Additional conditions, description of the announcement.

✅ Whether unverified users will see the ad.

After filling in all the appropriate fields, click the Create button. After that, make sure to enable trading in the “My Ads” section. Only when it is enabled will the offer be displayed in the general list.


To get verified on Bitzlato, you need:

✅ In the Telegram bot, go to the “About Service” section, click the “Verification” button and follow the link.

✅ In the web version, go to your Personal Account, click “Please go through the verification of your account.”

Documents that will be needed to carry out verification on Bitzlato:

✅ Photo of the passport (ID-card) taken against the background of the verification page.

✅ Your selfie with your passport (ID-card).

✅ A video recording where you hold the document next to your face and say the phrase “For verification in ChangeBot. I have read the terms of service. ” In addition, you need to video the site so that the address is clearly visible.

In some cases, the support service asks for additional information. Photos must be in JPG, JPEG or PNG format, and videos in MP4 format. Natural lighting, the use of graphic editors is prohibited.

An important point: you must also indicate the reason for verification, choosing it from three possible: “Become a trusted merchant”, “Unlock your account” or “Recover a lost account”. If you choose the wrong reason, then this may become a reason for refusing verification.

Consideration of the application takes several days, but if there is still no response within 7 days, then you can try again by making better photos and videos.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

To replenish your Bitzlato account, go to the “Wallets” section, select the currency of interest from the side and go to the “Enter” tab.

Click “Generate” and transfer the required amount to the address that appears.

To withdraw funds from the Bitzlato wallet, go to the “Withdraw” tab.

Here you will see information about limits and fees. At the bottom, insert the address of the external wallet and indicate the amount that must be greater than the minimum.

When replenishing your Bitzlato account, you need to wait for 1 network confirmation, when withdrawing, it depends on the parameters set by the external wallet. Usually they require 1 to 6 confirmations. Thus, the speed of the operation depends on the network load and can range from several minutes to several days.

Bitzlato Exchange

The interface of the recently launched Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange is similar to that of other similar cryptocurrency exchanges.

There is a graph of changes in the exchange rate of a currency pair, a form for creating buy and sell orders, below – information about currently open orders and trading history.

To buy or sell cryptocurrency, you need to replenish the wallet in the system, and then create an order: indicate the desired number of coins and the price at which you plan to buy them. You can click on the price labeled “Best Offer” to instantly populate it into the form.

BitzlatoPay payment gateway

Bitzlato payment gateway is a way to accept payments for services or goods in cryptocurrency. Relevant for:

✅ Online game developers.

✅ Online store owners.

✅ ICO organizers.

✅ Charitable organizations and non-profit foundations

✅ Sellers of virtual goods (books, music, films, games, certificates).

With BitzlatoPay, you can accept payments according to the following algorithm:

  1. The client chooses a product / service and clicks “Pay”. This can be done anywhere – in an e-mail letter, in a messenger, in an application.
  2. The client pays for the purchase by debiting funds from the Bitzlato wallet.
  3. The cryptocurrency is instantly transferred to the seller’s wallet.

The client does not need to wait for confirmation of transactions or pay network fees, so the process is instant and free for him.

Using checks

Check is a link, upon clicking on which the user receives to his account the amount of funds included in the check by the sender. Used to transfer money instantly within the Bitzlato system.

You can create such a link in the “Wallets” section on the “Checks” tab. You must enter the amount of funds that you want to give, and the currency used, and then click “Write a check”.

If you received a check, all you need to do is follow the link.

Commissions and limits

✅ A Bitzlato user who responds to an ad and makes a deal on it does not pay a commission, this applies to bots and the web version. The creator of the ad pays a commission of 0.5% of the transaction amount, but this does not apply to trading LTC, DOGE, DASH, BCH, RUBM, USDM coins. Every week on weekends, you can also trade Bitcoin and Ethereum without commissions.

✅ Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange commission: maker – 0.5%; taker – 0%.

✅ There is no commission for depositing funds to the site. Withdrawal fees are not paid to Bitzlato, but to the miners that support the network.

Withdrawal limits and sending speed:

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros: ✅

✅ Extensive platform functionality, including all the main tools for managing your cryptocurrency assets.

✅ Full Russian language of the site and bots.

✅ API use is available, you can download a working bot from GitHub.

✅ It is possible to write checks (vouchers).

✅ Most operations are carried out without commissions or they are minimal.


❌ Complex and time-consuming verification.

❌ Incomplete knowledge base – some of the materials are outdated, some are still in development, for example, on the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange.

Conclusion and feedback

The Bitzlato platform offers users a wide range of services for storing digital assets, exchanging and trading them. The use of fiat funds is available. It is convenient that in this way the project combines many services at once under one account, while providing a convenient interface and low commissions. According to the promises of the developers, this development will not stop – we are waiting for the opening of the mining pool.

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