Bittrex – cryptocurrency exchange, full overview: registration, entrance to the official website, verification, input / output, cryptocurrency trading


The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange is a well-known and reliable trading platform in the market. You can trade cryptocurrencies on it without any fears, the liquidity of the site is at a high level, and the security is unmatched. Many young promising projects want to join the site, because the resource opens the door for them to the market of new generation digital assets.

The official website of the Bitrix Exchange (USA):

International website (for all countries except the USA):

For Asian users:

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The founders of the crypto exchange are: Bill Shihara, Richie Lai, Rami Kawach. At the end of 2018, the company launched a new trading platform Bittrex International, targeting the European market and an over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform. There is no Russian language on the site, but you can use automatic translators. The identity verification process is mandatory; without passing it, you cannot replenish, withdraw or trade cryptocurrency.

Details of the Bittrex exchange

Stock exchangeBittrex 
Website in RussianNo
Year of foundation2014
Legal registrationUSA, Seattle; Malta
CompaniesBittrex, Inc .; Bittrex Malta Ltd. (subsidiary)
Ranking place№53
Fiat moneyyes (US dollar); OTC
Margin tradingNo
Input and outputcryptocurrencies, stablecoins (USDT, TrueUSD), US dollar (USD)
Account verificationobligatory
2FA securityGoogle Authenticator
Trading commission0.25%
Types of orderslimit, by market
Cryptocurrencies and stablecoinsBitcoin, Waves, Ethereum, Pundi X, UpToken, TenX, XRP, Litecoin, TRON, ReddCoin, Monero, Groestlcoin, TrueUSD, USDT, Stellar, Bitcoin SV, Cardano, etc. Total 221+
MarketsUSD, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT)
Trading volume as of January 23, 201928 162 000 USD (7 803 BTC)
Language supportEnglish
Internal tokenabsent; Bitsdaq; OTC
Mobile application for tradingabsent
Affiliate programabsent
Social networksTwitter, Facebook
CompetitorsLocalBitcoins, Bitmex, Exmo, Binance

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitrix cryptoexchange

The main advantages of the Bitrix exchange:

✅  It is regulated by American law (and it is quite strict, primarily in relation to cryptocurrency exchanges).

✅   It is one of the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

✅  Supports a large number of different digital assets, both well-known and young, promising.

✅   Has a high liquidity ratio.

✅   As of January 2019, the Bitrix cryptocurrency exchange has never been hacked, and this indicates a high level of security of the site.

✅  The interface and functionality of the site is as convenient as possible for both market professionals and beginners.

✅  The level of commissions is adequate.

✅  The identity verification procedure does not take a lot of time.

✅  There are no restrictions on replenishment of the balance on the exchange.

✅  Additional indicators of the security of the exchange due to the storage of funds of the main number of clients on “cold” wallets.

✅  The trading process is clear and straightforward.

✅  The Bittrex platform also has negative sides:

There is no support for the Russian language, the cryptocurrency exchange only supports English;

✅  There is no margin trading section;

✅  No affiliate program;

✅  Verification is required to buy / sell cryptocurrency;

✅  The support service can answer user questions for a long time.

Instructions for registering on the official website

In December 2018, the Bittrex exchange suspended registration of new clients. This was due to the high demand for the company’s services and database updates. Only 5 months later, in April 2019, Bitrex renewed its registration.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an exchange account:

  1. You should go to the official Bitrex website and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  1. You need to fill out the form by entering your email address, creating and repeating a password.
  1. Next, you should click on the registration button.
  2. Then you need to go to the e-mail and confirm it by clicking on the link in the letter. If you have not received the letter, then check your spam folder or specify a different mailbox (we recommend using Gmail).

This completes the registration procedure and you can enter the newly created account, starting your acquaintance with the Bitrix cryptocurrency exchange.

Use your email and password to log in. The first time you log in, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service.

How to get verified on Bittrex

When entering the official Bittrex website, the first step is to create a profile and verify your account. Without verification, users are not able to replenish their account and trade on the Bitrix exchange.

In the profile, you need to specify:

  1. Date of birth.
  2. Country.
  3. The street.
  4. House number.
  5. City.
  6. Postcode.
  7. Phone number in international format.
  8. Click “Send”.

Then the procedure for confirming identity on the Bitrix cryptocurrency exchange is available:

  1. Go to the Identity Verification section.
  2. Next, you need to read the rules for passing the verification.
  3. Click on the “Start Verification” button.
  1. Click on the “Start ID verification” button.
  2. Select the country of which the user is a citizen.
  3. Choose an official document confirming the identity of the client (it is better to use a passport).
  4. Make sure that all photos are clear, high quality, not blurry and without watermarks. It is also necessary to take a selfie with the selected document, which the user must hold in his hand while photographing. It is also necessary that the photo contains a leaf with the name of the exchange and the number when the picture was taken.
  5. Upload all photos to the service.

After all this, you can proceed to the next stage and fill in the rest of the data lines, indicating the first name, last name, year of birth, and so on.

All information must be provided in English.

When everything is ready, you can complete the verification procedure on the Bittrex exchange and wait for the account to be verified.

Account security

Setting up additional security for a user account on the Bitrix exchange consists of the following stages:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section.
  2. Go to the “Two-Factor Authentication” subsection.
  3. Connect two-factor authentication using the special Google Authenticator program, which can be downloaded either from the AppStore or from Google Play.
  4. Copy the secret key that is used to gain access to the platform in case of a password loss.
  5. Enter the 6-digit authentication code in the bottommost field and click on the Enable 2FA button.

Do not forget to change your Bittrex account password more often to avoid possible hacks.

Sections of the official site of Bitrix

Top menu of the Bittrex website:

✅  Main page (all currency pairs supported by the exchange, their price and other important data are displayed here).

✅  Markets (section with a list of all available trading pairs).

✅  Orders (trade section).

✅  Wallets (wallets, list of supported cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdrawal options).

✅  Settings.

✅  Logout (log out of the account).

The following sections are located at the bottom of the main page:

✅  About (information about the Bittrex exchange).

✅  Privacy

✅  Website Status (status of the website of the Bitrix exchange).

✅  API Documentation.

✅  Cookies (separate data files).

✅  Terms (user agreement and terms).

✅  Fees (commissions).

✅  Careers (you can get a job on the exchange if the user is a specialist that the platform needs).

✅  Support (customer support).

✅  Report Abuse (here you can report violations on the site).

✅  Contact (here everything is clear without words).

✅  News (section with news).

There are also links to official Bitrix communities on social networks.

Sections of the personal account of the bitcoin exchange Bittrex:

  1. Summary. The section displays information about entries to the Bittrex website, verification status, daily withdrawal limit.
  2. Account. Here you can set up a profile, go through verification.
  3. Site settings. Available: change password, enable two-factor authentication, notifications, customize the site interface theme, auto-sale, white IP list, API keys.

How to deposit and withdraw funds from the exchange

To enter cryptocurrency or fiat to the balance of the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange, use the “Wallets” button. To deposit or withdraw, the account must be verified.

Step-by-step instructions for entering:

✅  It is necessary to select the required cryptocurrency to replenish the balance.

✅  Click on the green circle “Make deposit”.

✅  Perform all the necessary manipulations: generate a new address, copy the cryptocurrency wallet address and paste it in the form of sending cryptocurrency in another wallet, and then transfer funds to the exchange.

✅  Wait for the network confirmation (each cryptocurrency has a different number of confirmations), and get the money on the balance.

To make a transfer from the exchange to a third-party cryptocurrency wallet, you must click on the “Make Withdrawal” button on the same page. Then fill in all the fields: the amount of the withdrawn crypt, insert the address of the wallet where the user is going to withdraw money, you should also calculate the commission for the withdrawal and then click on the desired button.

For example, when withdrawing Bitcoin, specify the recipient’s Bitcoin address and the amount:

Exchange trading, buying / selling cryptocurrency

The Bitrix exchange provides an opportunity to trade both top digital assets (BTC, ETH, LTC) and promising cryptocurrencies and tokens (WAVES, TRX, ADA).

The trading section is located under the “Markets” tab. Select the required cryptocurrency pair and go to the terminal.

The bidding page consists of several parts:

  1. The main trading pairs are located in the left corner:
  • BTC / altcoins.
  • ETH / altcoins.
  • USDT / altcoins.
  • USD / altcoins.
  1. In the center is the price movement chart for the selected asset. Additional trading tools are available, including various charts, indicators and more.
  2. Above the graph, users can see the main digital indicators for a trading pair: cryptocurrency rate, maximum price in 24 hours and minimum price, trading volume.
  1. An interesting feature of the trading section is that buttons for depositing and withdrawing funds from the exchange have been added in the upper right corner, and this is very convenient.
  1. Below, under the price movement chart, there is a form for selling and buying cryptocurrency (Buy and Sell). To buy a digital asset, you need to do the following:
  • Select the type of order (limit or by market).
  • bEnter the desired price (in the case of a limit price).
  • Enter the amount of crypto to buy.
  • Click on the buy button.
  1. In the case of selling an asset, you need to do the same, just set a higher price than the purchase price, then select the amount of cryptocurrency to be sold and click on Sell.
  2. On the left and right sides of the buy form, the developers decided to place order books for buying and selling crypt.
  1. The trading history is located just below.
  1. The user’s open orders, as well as the trader’s or investor’s order history, are displayed under the general trading history on the Bitrix cryptocurrency exchange for the selected trading pair.

Bittrex exchange fees

Which are held by the Bitmix cryptocurrency exchange?:

  1. Trading commission (buy / sell) – 0.25%.
  1. The size of the commission for the introduction of cryptocurrency is 0%.
  2. The size of the commission for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency – a fee is charged for confirming a transaction on the blockchain network. You can view it when withdrawing, for each coin the value is different.
  3. Commission for depositing fiat – from the exchange side is equal to zero. The bank may withhold a commission.

Feedback, prospects of the Bittrex exchange

The Bittrex trading platform strives to meet the upcoming financial and technological order of a new type, but the administration and site owners do not forget to take into account the current situation on the world markets, as well as the US legislation.

The platform is focused more on the citizens of the United States of America, is governed by US law and tries to comply with the rules of state law.

However, the resource is very convenient for clients and supports not only cryptocurrency trading pairs, but also fiat funds.

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange is one of the flagships of the emerging cryptocurrency market. Young exchanges are guided by it, other large trading platforms compete with it, for example, Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, Coinbase. Citizens of any country in the world can trade on the exchange, since the resource does not have any restrictions of this type.

The platform also has its drawbacks. There is no margin trading section, you cannot trade with leverage, there are no interesting bonus “buns” from the site administration, thanks to which it would be possible to increase the number of clients of the site.

Some users complain that Bitrix support is slow to respond, while others say that the liquidity of the exchange is not as great as they would like.

Despite all the drawbacks, the Bittrex trading platform has good prospects for increasing profits, capitalization and user base.

It is convenient to trade on it, commissions are not large, and the influx of new clients is gradually increasing.

A key advantage of the platform is the availability of a huge number of supported digital currencies, the number of which is only growing. Investors will be able to find promising tokens and coins that have not yet fired and that the moon is yet to come, and traders will be able to focus on trading. And they will sleep well, knowing full well that all their funds are safe, because the exchange has taken care of protecting users’ cryptocurrency assets, storing 90% of all money in cold wallets.

The administration of the service still has to do a lot for the site to receive a new impetus for development. It is necessary to add a mobile version of the site, connect margins and increase activity in social networks, as well as find new marketing moves to attract large capital and institutional investors.

Cryptoexchange Bitrix is ​​a conservative trading platform, the administration of which cooperates with US financial regulators and is open to cooperation with new digital currencies.

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