BitMax is an exchange for trading cryptocurrency. Review, registration and entrance to the official website, trading, mining, input and output


Bitmax is a digital asset trading exchange that aims to promote the cryptocurrency market and support financial innovation. Today you will find a detailed overview of the functionality of this site.

Official website:

Information about the Bitmax exchange

Stock exchangeBitmax
Year of foundation2018
check inSingapore
OfficesNew York, Beijing
EntityBMXDM Technology Pte. Ltd.
COOAriel Ling
Taker commission0,04%
Maker commission0,04%
Minimum deposit amount
Minimum withdrawal amountBitcoin: 0.01 BTC
VerificationThere is. Optional.
Account securityGoogle Authenticator
Liquid cryptocurrencies90% of the volume comes from stablecoins: PAX / USDT and USDC / USDT. This is defined as Transaction Mining
Service tokenBTMX
Number of trading pairs101
Trading volume (24h)$4 278 350 793
Margin tradingYes
Trading platformsWeb, Android, iPhone
OrdersLimit, Market, Stop Limit, Stop Market
Russian languageNo
ServicesExchange Exchange, OTC Market, Margin Margin, Mining, BitTreasure, Activity

Basic principles

The platform developers have put forward the following principles, which they try to follow:

  1. Transparency. Since the main requirements for the Blockchain ecosystem are based on transparency, launched a trading platform that supports real-time settlements with on-demand access to information about any transaction.
  2. High performance architecture. The Bitmax exchange uses new matching algorithms, asynchronous non-blocking read and write, a decentralized messaging system, and other technologies designed to improve performance, scalability and security.
  3. API, web / H5 / APP access, friendly trading environment. The design speed is 400,000 operations per second. The API interface supports several different types of orders and support for professional traders and investors through retail clients.
  4. Safety. The safety management system was formed in cooperation with an independent firm. In addition, the code and architecture were reviewed by industry experts prior to system launch. For real-time monitoring, multilevel browns are used.
  5. Trading instruments. Initially, the platform supported only simple trading from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, but later introduced extended order types – limited, stop limit. Also introduced the possibility of margin trading and other money management services.
  6. Multilingual support. New languages ​​are planned to be added over time.
  7. Support for different client platforms (web browser, Android, iOS, PC, HTML5 Mobile).

In the field of security, multisignature requirements and a combination of “hot” and “cold” wallet solutions are implemented, which provides a high level of reliability in the storage of digital assets.

Bitmax official website

Going to the main page, the user sees a list of the most popular trading pairs and key information about them. The top menu contains the available sections:

  1. Exchange. A place to create trade orders and view information about the current state of the market, updated in real time.
  2. Margin. Section for margin trading with leverage.
  3. Mining. Mining platform where you can mine the local BTMX token.
  4. BitTreasure. The ability to make a deposit for further profit.
  5. Activity. A chance to win prizes for predicting cryptocurrency rates.

At the bottom of any screen there is information about the trading volume of popular cryptocurrencies, help and information sections.

Registration and verification

To create a Bitmax account, you need to go to the official website, click Sign In in the upper right corner. Enter your email address and confirm by ticking your agreement with the rules of the exchange and click on the “Sing In” button.

The system will send a letter to the specified mailbox (it may end up in “spam”). Having found the letter, you need to copy the Verification code.

The code is valid for 30 minutes. We return to the official Bitmax website and enter it:

We set a complex password. We recommend using password generators.

After successful registration, click Log In and enter using the created user data.

To access the full functionality, you must also verify your Bitmax account. To do this, an identification card is first made, on which the user is shown full face with an identity card and signature. Then you need:

  1. Log in to the exchange.
  2. Click on your account in the upper right corner and select Account Verification.
  3. Select the host country. Remember that Bitmax cannot be verified by citizens of the United States, Belarus and many countries in Asia and Africa. You can trade without verification. The ban does not apply to Russia and Ukraine.
  4. Enter name and ID number.
  5. Upload your photo with ID card in hand.
  6. Wait for system approval (usually within 24 hours).

Verified accounts are entitled to withdraw up to 100 BTC from the exchange account. Without verification – daily limit of 2 BTC.

Input and output

To deposit money to the account of the Bitmax exchange, you need to click My Asset, then Deposit and select the coin you are going to deposit. In this case, you can copy the address of the deposit account manually or use the provided QR code.

To withdraw cryptoassets from Bitmax: you need to go to My Asset, then Withdraw. Select the desired token, indicate the amount and the withdrawal address. Remember: new users cannot withdraw money within 24 hours after registration, as well as after changing the password or Google’s two-factor authentication.

Trade, buy, sell cryptocurrency

To go to the trading terminal of the Bitmax cryptoexchange, select in the top menu of the Exchange website. Cryptocurrency trading in this case will be carried out without leverage.

Select the desired currency pair and after studying the market situation, create an order to buy or sell a cryptoasset.

Like other crypto exchanges (Binance, Exmo), Bitmax uses a market order to buy instantly or sell at the best available price. In this case, only the volume of purchased coins is entered, not the value.

A market order is placed as a limit order with 10% deviation. This means that it will be executed when the current quote deviates by no more than 10% from the market price at the time of placing the order. The unfulfilled part of the order is canceled.

An ordinary Limit Order and a Stop Limit are available on Bitmax. In the first case, we indicate the acceptable purchase or sale price and quantity. The orientation is the orders in the order book of other traders, the trading history, and the rate forecast.

When placing a Stop Limit order, you need to specify the price, upon reaching which the limit order to buy (sell) at the specified value will be activated. For example, when the rate reaches $ 20 (Stop Price), the limit will be triggered, and upon further decrease to $ 19 (Limit Price), the order will be executed.

The Stop Market order assumes an instant market buy when the specified price is reached. For example, in the example, the order will be executed at the market rate when it reaches $ 22.

Mining on the exchange. Transaction Mining & Reverse-Mining

When you select the mining mode, a commission from 0% to 0.1% is activated for all transactions on the Bitmax exchange, and a certain number of BTMX tokens will be credited for making trade operations. The mined BTMX is counted every hour for the previous 24 hours. In a day, the received tokens will be unlocked and available for use.

There is also Reverse Mining. In this case, no commissions are charged for the taker’s transactions, and when trades are executed, the maker receives a rebate of 0.0012%. The amount of BTMX tokens equal to this amount is deducted from the account balance. And all available BTMX tokens are constantly in a locked state. For example, if a maker makes a purchase of 10,000 USDT, then he will receive a commission return (-0.0012%) of 12 USDT in the form of 12 / 0.11 = 117 BTMX.

If there is not enough BTMX on the account, the transaction is carried out in normal trading or mining mode.

To set up direct or reverse mining, you need to go to the corresponding section of the profile on the Bitmax website.

Nuance. Mining fees are variable and set every 10 minutes. The above numbers may not be relevant.

Margin trading

Margin trading on is a derivative financial instrument for trading. Users can apply their tradable asset with a potentially higher return on investment. However, you need to understand all the risks of losses from this type of trading.

Bitmax margin trading requires collateral in order to initially provide at least 3X leverage. It is not necessary to manually request a loan or make a refund: when a user transfers their assets BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, etc. to a margin account, all account balances can be used as collateral.

Essentially, margin trading is a process whereby users borrow funds in order to be able to trade the large amount of assets that they have. This increases purchasing power and potentially provides greater returns. However, when you consider the volatility of the crypto market, the risks are also very high.


Existing fees on the Bitmax crypto exchange:

  1. The deposit is carried out without commission.
  2. During trading, both the seller and the buyer are charged 0.04% of the amount.
  3. Withdrawal fees are individual for each individual cryptocurrency. For example, for Bitcoin it is 0.0005 BTC, and for Ethereum it is 0.025 ETH.

Mining and reverse mining fees:

  1. for the seller – mining 0.003%, normal trading 0.04%; reverse mining -0.0012%.
  2. for the buyer – mining 0.003%, normal trading 0.04%.

BitMax Token (BTMX)

BTMX is a functional cryptographically secured token of the Bitmax platform. This is the main component of the ecosystem, intended to be used as the main token on the site. Released in accordance with the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

The purpose of the token implementation is to provide a convenient and secure payment and settlement mode between participants interacting within the Bitmax ecosystem. These are not shares, nor do they entitle participants to any income or dividends in return for keeping them in their account.

Users can obtain BTMX through mining mode, eligible for a token based on trade volume. The asset can also be purchased on Bitmax for USDT or BTC (the introduction of other trading pairs with it is planned in the future).

Bitmax Token Distribution Plan:

✅  49% deferred for pre-distribution, taking into account the unlocking mechanism (5% for early investors, 4% for strategic partners, 12% for the team, 18% for the Fund, 9% for private sales, 1% for marketing and operations).

✅  51% issued and distributed as a means of encouraging users to make more transactions.

10% of private sales were released earlier than the rest, which is 0.9% of the total issue.

Advantages and disadvantages

The experts identified the following advantages of the project:

  1. First of all, it is a team. George Cao is the only member of the Upper 90 Investment Club born in China. He is also in the top twenty as a director of a large financial organization TCFA. Ariel Ling has led finance, investment analysis, budgeting, and operational excellence for eighteen years. Such a team is simply obliged to lead BitMax to success.
  2. The popularity of cryptocurrency exchanges aimed at institutional investors is on the rise. Large investment companies with their trillions of dollars are looking forward to the ability to easily and safely manage their assets. They are very interested in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and BitMax can become a convenient platform for them.
  3. Low trading fees.
  4. Availability of margin trading.
  5. Listing of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Some disadvantages are worth noting:

  1. A glaring problem – in some parts of the Bitmax website, even English is missing. And before the introduction of Russian to wait a long time. Looking at the White Paper, you can immediately understand that the language barrier will be a serious obstacle in the marketing of the project, even for an English-speaking audience.
  2. BitMax for the most part offers what is already used in other projects, and not its own personal experience. There are many similarities with Binance, Kucoin. This won’t be a problem if the BitMax team can stand out with their marketing efforts or nicer trading conditions than the competition.
  3. A couple of nitpicks: The BitMax name is similar to another Bitmex trading platform. It remains only to guess whether this is a coincidence or a desire to “cling to the tail” of a more popular and time-tested project. You can also find at least two existing brands named Bitmax, which can cause confusion.


The number of ICOs in the open spaces of the cryptocurrency world is growing every day, which means that any idea of ​​a convenient and secure exchange service is likely to become successful. In addition, if an exchange has the ability to meet the needs of different types of users, then its tokens also become a good investment.

The idea of ​​a decentralized and user-centered platform is aimed at the future – effective community development. This is exactly what BitMax offers. And the token distribution mechanism encourages users to participate in transactions as much as possible.

There are several large funds behind BitMax, such as Bitmain, GBIC, Matrix Partners, Danhua Capital, FBG Capital and others. The funds of these funds can have a very important impact on the project.

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