Bitcoin mixers top 11: review of the best mixers for mixing Bitcoin cryptocurrency. How it works, list of sites, nuances, advantages and disadvantages

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Bitcoin mixer is an anonymization service that can be used to prevent tracking of your transactions on the Bitcoin network.

 Mixers for bitcoin verified by the editors of

MixerWebsiteMixer overviewTORCryptocurrencyLaunch yearMinimum amountCommissionStoring logsRussian languageRegistration requirementDelaying mixing by time (delay)Using multiple addresses to receiveLetter of guaranteeTOR
CryptoMixer.ioMixer CryptoMixerTOR Link Bitcoin 2018from 0.003 BTC 0.5% + 0.0005BTCnononoyes yes yesyes
Coinomize.bizMixer CoinomizeTOR LinkBitcoin2020from 0.003 BTCfrom 1% to 5 %no yes noyesyes, up to 5 addressesyesyes
ChipMixer.comMixer BitcoinMixTOR Link
Bitcoin 2018 from 0.001 BTC At the user’s discretion7 daysnononoyesno yes

The essence of bitcoin mixers work

A mixer is an application or site that accepts user’s coins and mixes them with others. It happens like this: the coins are split into many small parts, then these shares are randomly mixed with the shares that came from other users (mix – to mix). The process takes place in accordance with the given algorithm. , how much is needed, but this amount will consist of many pieces that previously belonged to unknown participants.

How the bitcoin mixer works

For several years, bitcoin mixers have been used extensively and everywhere to cover their tracks (for example, when performing illegal operations). But now a fight has been organized against them – it has been proven that in this way it is very easy to launder money. However, programs are not always needed for illegal purposes: they are often used by those who want to protect themselves or hide the fact of owning cryptocurrency from intruders.

Of course, all services take a commission for their services. Its size depends both on the amount sent and on the number of mixes performed (the more, the more reliable). Ideally, no particle of the resulting coin value is associated with the original user.

What are Bitcoin mixers

Bitcoin mixers are divided into two types:

  1. Centralized resources. These include the first generation of mixers, now they are somewhat out of use, although several services are still left. Here the client sends bitcoins, pays a commission, and coins from another user for the same amount are sent to the specified address. The more users and money in the system, the higher the level of anonymity. The decline in the popularity of such resources is partly due to the fact that when accessing logs, anonymity drops dramatically.
  2. Peer-to-peer sites. They allow you to exchange bitcoins without intermediaries, directly contacting other users. The likelihood of fraud is extremely low. There are a number of protocols (CoinSwap, SharedCoin, CoinJoin) that allow several clients to combine and create one common transaction, which is carried out in stages, as the required number of participants is recruited. None of the users store the addresses of recipients or senders; this is done by the mixing server. The complication of the operation is done by increasing the number of stirring in a row.

Top Bitcoin Mixers in 2022

The best, according to users and editors of, bitcoin mixers in 2022 [updated 03/01/2022]:

1. Coinomize

Mixer Coinomize

Website: There are also two standby domains: and A good working mixer that does not store logs, IP addresses, other data, and provides users with complete anonymity. Allows you to send mixed coins to multiple addresses (up to five).


  • One of the cheapest services among analogues: commission from 1% to 5% + 0.0003 BTC.
  • The minimum mixing amount is 0.0015 BTC.
  • The site is available in Russian.
  • One confirmation is required when sending funds.
  • You can set the mixing delay time to enhance privacy.
  • There is a version for the Tor network.

If multiple receive addresses are selected, a random time delay will be used for each of them, otherwise it will be easy to track the use of the mixer. The service has very good reviews online for quality work, user-friendly interface and fast transactions.

2. Blindmixer

Mixer Blindmixer

Website: Bitcoin wallet whose main function is to mix transactions. Complete confidentiality is achieved with the help of such a technical solution as the Schnorr scheme. Claimed to be the most closed of all mixing services on the market. However, you can use it only by creating a wallet on the platform.


  • You can exchange assets with other users instantly without waiting for network confirmations.
  • Custodial wallet. That is, to store funds, you need to entrust them to Blindmixer. The system stores users’ cryptocurrency offline.
  • At any time, the user can retrieve their seed phrase.
  • Thread on Bitcointalk.

Blindmixer has a significant drawback: there is a chance that you will get back some of your own coins. This is because during the mixing process, all the coins are “blinded” and it is impossible to determine which of them belonged to whom. If this mechanism does not suit you, consider other services.

3. CryptoMixer

Mixer CryptoMixer

Bitcoin mixer CryptoMixer positions itself as the most adapted to the needs of the community and aims to gain the trust of a large number of users. Website:


✅ unique mixing algorithms;

✅ there is no problem with mixing large amounts due to the available reserve of 2000 BTC;

✅ low commissions, a system of discounts;

✅ round-the-clock technical support;

✅ the ability to customize the percentage of distribution of funds and execution delays;

✅ affiliate program;

✅ replication of input and output bitcoin addresses.

thread on Bitcointalk.

✅ commission: 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC;

✅ minimum amount: 0.001 BTC.

CryptoMixer works on mobile devices too.

4. ChipMixer

Mixer ChipMixer

The site for mixing bitcoins does not require an account creation and does not create any connections between individual visits to the service. The system is designed so that the “outputs” are faster than the “inputs”, that is, from the point of view of the blockchain, the owner spends his coins before sending them to the mixer. After the operation, the user receives a receipt from the site about the receipt of funds.


✅  7-day waiting time for the deposit. The time can be extended if necessary. During 7 days of the session, the logs are saved, but after automatic or manual termination they are deleted.

✅  Pages are as lightweight as possible, work without JavaScript.

✅  Configurable commission size.

✅  For transactions less than 20 BTC, one confirmation is required, for the remaining 6 confirmations.

Thread on Bitcointalk.

✅ The minimum amount is 0.001 BTC in increments of 0.001 BTC.

✅ Commissions: “Pay what you want” strategy.

The minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 BTC; if you send an amount less than this value, it will be regarded as a donation to the service. The principle of the mixer operation is based on chips – bitcoin addresses funded by certain amounts (0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC and so on up to 4.096 BTC). When a user deposits their BTC, they receive the deposited amount in chips. For example, if you deposit 0.112 BTC, you get 0.064 + 0.032 + 0.016. Chips are initially anonymous and not associated with owned funds on the blockchain. You can spend them whenever you want, but with a secret key.

Chips can also be divided, combined, bet on luck (47% chance – to get double the amount, 53% – not to get anything), used for donations, imported into your bitcoin wallet.

5. Blender

Mixer Blender is a site designed for mixing bitcoins with the ability to set a credit delay. It has large reserves, so user transactions do not overlap.

Key Features:

  • Three confirmations are required when sending bitcoins.
  • The deposit address is valid for 24 hours. After this period, you can not send money, they will not be counted.
  • The mixer does not store logs of user actions.
  • The minimum transaction amount is 0.001 BTC, the maximum is limited only by reserves.
  • The client is given a mixing code that ensures that the user will never get their own coins back.
  • Commission from 0.6% to 2.5% per operation, plus 0.0003 BTC for each target address.
  • Thread on Bitcointalk. supports SegWit and bech32 addresses (starting with 3 and bc1).

6. MixTum

Mixer MixTum is a Bitcoin mixer launched in 2018 that features the platform. The bottom line is that when mixing BTC, the service does not shuffle the free funds on its accounts with each other, but uses coins bought on crypto-exchanges. At the same time, thanks to the huge turnover of exchanges, transactions are guaranteed to be clean. The purity of incoming coins is checked by built-in algorithms.


✅  Money is mixed in one or more pools without mixing codes.

✅  The service does not track order IDs and their attributes.

✅  The client cannot set the mixing timeline himself.

✅  Coins are bought on exchanges Binance, OKEx, DigiFinex, Cryptonex, etc.

✅  Unique parameters for each request. The mixer randomly sets time delays (from 1 to 6 hours), selects intermediate wallets, determines the number of output transactions, sets a commission fee (from 4 to 5% + 0.0007 BTC) and chooses what percentage of funds will be returned to user-specified wallets.

Thread on Bitcointalk.

When creating an order, you can set two forwarding addresses by default, although custom settings are available if required. When returning clean coins, the system looks for the best option for an intermediary wallet, from which you can transfer from 10 to 90% of the total amount. Clean coins are sent by conducting two or more transactions; random sums come every time interval. This schema is designed to complicate cluster analysis.

7. FoxMixer

Mixer FoxMixer

Bitcoin mixer has been operating since 2017. It has an intuitive interface and full transparency of payments, which means that the user can enter the amount of interest and see exactly what proportion of payments he will receive for each of the specified addresses. The process uses complex combinations of different mixing methods: both classic and dynamic CoinJoin.


✅  A signed letter of guarantee that allows you to resolve controversial issues, if any.

✅  The possibility of delaying payments up to 48 hours.

✅  Specially developed technology for deep analysis of the mempool.

✅  API for seamless integration with other platforms.

✅  A status page where you can monitor the mixing process in real time.

✅  Seamless multi-server redundancy to ensure trouble-free operation.

✅  Hide location.

✅  Technical support work 24/7.

✅  Ability to use through Tor: foxmixer6mrsuxrl.onion

✅ Minimum amount: 0.002 BTC.

✅ Fees: 1% + 0.0007 BTC (network fee).

The minimum possible amount of bitcoins for mixing is 0.002 BTC. The transaction takes place after 6 confirmations in the blockchain. As a commission, the service charges a total fee of 1%, as well as 0.007 BTC  for each exit address.

8. Anonymixer

Mixer Anonymixer

Website: The creators claim that when using their service, no one will be able to determine that you have used a bitcoin mixer.


✅ The minimum mixing amount is 0.001 BTC.

✅ Commission from 1% to 2%.

✅ Logs are not stored.

✅ Up to 10 deposit addresses and up to 20 exit addresses.

Thread on Bitcointalk.

The service provides a letter of guarantee in PDF and text format. You can work with the resource both using JavaScript and without it. The second option is considered safer. The site is easy to use on mobile devices.

9. MixSafer

Mixer MixSafer

Website: Like MixTum, this mixer takes liquidity from major cryptocurrency exchanges. Mixing code is not required, as well as combining several payments into one. The system is completely random and automated – both the number of times of mixing and the distribution between sending addresses are randomly set.


✅ Software from

✅ Letters of guarantee with a digital signature from the service.

✅ Transfers are accepted through 1 network confirmation.

✅ Commission 4.5% + 0.0007 BTC.

✅ The minimum amount of mixing is 0.003 BTC.

Thread on Bitcointalk.

The service does not store logs, and the only proof of interaction with it is a letter of guarantee. Deposit addresses in MixSafer are valid for 7 days after creation.

Mixers in crypto wallets

There are bitcoin wallets with increased anonymity that use the CoinJoin technology. This is a mixing method where transactions from multiple senders are combined into a single payment, which is then randomly split again. Thus, it will not be known who specifically sent these or those coins.

10. Wasabi wallet

Website: Wasabi Wallet is an open source desktop bitcoin wallet with enhanced privacy. Developed by zkSANCKS, there are versions for Windows, OSX or Linux. Wasabi Wallet uses the BIP84 withdrawal scheme and only generates its own bech32 addresses.


✅  Integration with the anonymous Tor network.

✅  Implementation of BIP157-158 technology, providing easy, secure and fast work without failures and hacker attacks.

✅  Matches the ZeroLink wallet system using Chaumian CoinJoin, a BTC mixing technique where the mixer provider cannot steal coins.

All this allows the wallet to consistently provide 100-fold anonymity: this means that in order to conduct a transaction, the user must wait until the bitcoins of 100 users are combined, which will then be collected in a package and transferred.

Commissions are currently 0.003% of the selected degree of anonymity. For example, if anonymity is 50, then the user pays 0.003% * 50 (= 0.15%). In some cases, the commission will be less or more.

11. Samourai

Website: This mobile wallet uses Whirlpool technology to break the links between the sender and his coins. The coins of different users fall into a common liquidity pool, from where they are distributed to many new outputs. The process is fast, within a few minutes.

The fee for using Whirlpool does not depend on the amount. Addresses are never reused, and there are no deterministic connections between inputs and outputs. The return of the user’s funds to him is excluded.

While the Samourai Wallet is mobile-friendly, Whirlpool can also be used on PC as a standalone downloadable app.

Mixers that no longer work

The mixing services listed below have ceased operations (permanently or temporarily). Beware of clones.


🚫 Not working

Site: Minimum amount: 0.005 BTC and any amount in LTC. The BitMix mixer is a fully automated cryptocurrency mixer that focuses on maximum anonymity when working with Bitcoin.


✅  instant cleaning of information about visiting the site;

✅  does not store logs of operations or visits;

✅  there is a mixing quality indicator;

✅  customizable low commissions;

✅  to increase confidentiality, you can set the execution delay;

✅  payments are protected with a letter of guarantee.

It also has an API for projects wishing to increase the anonymity of payment transactions.

To mix and receive “clean” cryptocoins, go to the “Mixer” tab and specify the Bitcoin address to receive. Then set the parameters: service delay and commission. The mixing strength depends on them: high or medium. If the client has already used the mixer, then the unique code received after the exchange should be indicated. This will eliminate the likelihood of receiving your own bitcoins sent earlier. The randomization parameter determines the number of transactions that will transfer the cleared cryptocurrency. “Do not randomize” – one transaction; “Randomize” – 2 or more, which will make it very difficult to track in the blockchain, but the minimum amount is higher – from 0.1 BTC and 1 LTC. Then click “Start mixing” and transfer the coins to the specified address, while making sure to keep the letter of guarantee. It confirms the fact of the operation.


🚫 Not working

Website: One of the new projects providing excellent anonymity. It has the following features:

✅  does not store logs, therefore, cannot provide them to anyone upon request, even to officials;

✅  stores information about pending transactions in order to help the user if necessary;

✅  instantly deletes information about completed transactions;

✅  does not maintain an email database;

✅  charges an arbitrary commission from each transaction in the amount of 2 to 5%, but you can set its size yourself;

✅  fully automated – a person does not participate in the process.

The service offers an affiliate program with rewards up to 65% of referral commissions and instant payments.


🚫 Not working

Website: It is a quality Bitcoin mixer that allows you to mix both small and large amounts. Has a number of advantages:

✅  moderate commissions – 0.5% + 0.0001 BTC for an exit address;

✅  fast transactions, but artificial latency can be set;

✅  you can increase anonymity by providing several addresses at once;

✅  no need to create an account and enter any data;

✅  logs are automatically deleted after 7 days.

Unlike some other mixers, SmartMix does not require JavaScript, which further enhances security.


🚫 Not working

Website: Has positively established itself since 2013. Most often, lawyers and news sources concerned with issues of information concealment mention him. What are the features of working with BitcoinBlender:

✅  good functionality of the site, speed of processing requests, convenient navigation;

✅  random commissions from 1 to 3%;

✅  the output is pure bitcoins that are not involved in illegal operations;

✅  the ability to customize the delay up to 99 hours;

✅  optional – use of several addresses.

✅  attentive technical support;

✅  the ability to permanently delete logs and account.

Among other things, the site requires two-factor authentication, which simultaneously increases security and reduces anonymity. Fortunately, the account can be permanently deleted if the need arises.


🚫 Not working

BitCloak is a JavaScript-free Bitcoin mixer that only works in the Tor browser. It offers two mixing options: regular with a time delay and indicating up to 5 addresses and anonymous payment – you can specify the amount to be paid to any service, and BitCloak will process the payment anonymously. In the same way, you can receive payments in your direction.


✅  The official key http://bitcloak43blmhmn.onion/stuff/gpg/pubkey.asc is used to sign announcements and messages (if any).

✅  The “Get PGP proof” button allows you to make sure that each shown BTC wallet really belongs to the mixer and you can safely send your funds to it. This measure prevents phishing, wallet spoofing, and various errors.

✅  Each bitcoin address is valid for 24 hours, clean coins are sent after 1 confirmation by miners.

✅  Sometimes it is necessary to solve a captcha to send a transaction.

✅  Free API available.

The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC, the maximum is 100 BTC. The BitCloak commission is random for each operation, around 2%. There is also a network fee of 0.0004 BTC for each specified address, which makes the transaction faster.


🚫 Not working

The bitcoin mixing site has quite large reserves – clean coins are added daily, mixing is fast. Anonymity is a priority, so all logs are deleted 24 hours after the transaction.


✅  The site sends notifications for each new mixing stage.

✅  Secure SSL connection.

✅  Tor browser support for maximum concealment of transaction information.

✅  No registration required.

The size of the commission is 2–5%, and discounts are provided for regular users of the service. The minimum amount of BTC that can be mixed is 0.01 BTC. Anything less is considered a donation. The duration of the process depends on the selected user delay (in the range from 30 to 1200 minutes). It is possible to specify only one address for receiving coins.


🚫 Not working

Website: (mixer no longer works). Mixes the mixer not only with Bitcoin, but also with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin. It has the following features:

✅  use of secure servers;

✅  SSL connection support;

✅  availability of a site version for TOR;

✅  clearing order history after 24 hours;

✅  flexibility of privacy policy.

AtoB Mixer

🚫 Not working

Attention. The site is down. Bitcoin mixer operating since 2017 for general use (and since 2015 for individuals). The MP2C protocol is used, which includes two pools – for sending and for receiving funds. Thanks to the use of two pools, the user will never receive their own coins.

Features of AtoB Mixer:

  • Privacy protection – no logs are saved or shared with authorities. Destroyed one day after the completion of the transaction.
  • The services use two databases – Macro Data Wipe and Plug pull.
  • Low fees.
  • The site is protected from data leakage using SSL.
  • Supports PGP encryption.
  • Support responds within 1-24 hours.

The service charge is a random number between 1.00% and 2.99%. The time of receipt of funds also varies randomly from 6 to 24 hours, this measure increases confidentiality. You can specify up to 10 addresses at a time. The system supports 16 cryptocurrencies. Mixing limits – from $ 20 to $ 500,000 in cryptocurrency equivalent.

There are a number of measures to protect the blockchain from analysis, for example: the presence of 10 recipient addresses, protection against receiving old funds when mixing, three different types of reserves for mixing, fine tuning of commissions, etc. By the way, commissions in this bitcoin mixing service are the lowest, they start from 0.5%. There is practically no minimum threshold for transactions (0.005 coins for any cryptocurrency). The service is multilingual. Technical support works around the clock. Developers are given the opportunity to use API tools.


🚫 Not working

The mixer does not work. service supports working with coins Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin. Thanks to the large reserves, transactions can be processed instantly as soon as the mixer receives confirmed funds, unless the user manually added time delays to the transactions.


✅ The maximum transaction size depends on the current stock of a particular coin and is indicated at the time of order creation.

✅ The service is not available to residents of the Netherlands and the United States.

✅ The generated address is valid for 24 hours. Then all order data is completely deleted.

✅ The site does not store any logs or personal information.

✅ The service’s obligations are confirmed by a letter of guarantee with a digital signature.

Minimum order sizes: 0.005 BTC, 0.01 BCH, 0.1 ETH, 1 LTC. If you send a smaller amount, then it is regarded as a donation in favor of the developers. When mixing ETH, you must use a regular ETH address, not a contract, otherwise the transaction will be unsuccessful and you will have to manually return money through the administration.

🚫 Not working

The mixer does not work. Website: The resource does not store operation logs, deleting all information about them immediately after mixing is complete. The link to track the mixing process is removed after 24 hours, but the user can manually remove it sooner. There is an opportunity to see an overview of the SmartMixer with mixing examples.


✅  There is no account system. It is not required to provide personal information such as email.

✅  A referral system that allows you to receive 70% of the commissions of invitees.

✅  Customer support responds within 24 hours.

✅  Simple interface – you just need to enter the destination address, select the commission, delay duration and send coins.

✅  The service is accessible through the Tor browser.

✅  There is Smart Code – this is a unique hash that is generated during the first mixing. It guarantees that a person will never receive his own cryptocurrency, and also serves to participate in the loyalty program. The more mixes are made with this link, the greater the discount on commissions.

Mixer commission – from 1% + network fees. Supported cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, Ethereum is planned to be added soon. When mixed, you can add up to 8 different addresses to further increase the level of anonymity. Commission and delay are separately configured for each address.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Mixers

In theory, these resources work just fine. However, not every site functions 100% efficiently, and traditional mixing mechanisms are subject to a number of problems. For example, it has already been proven that there is a 95% probability that your favorite mixer can decipher – the so-called clustering analysis helps in this.

Bitfury and Chainalysis have created special algorithms that can identify addresses related to each other, while showing fairly high accuracy. This exposes users to some danger, because these algorithms are able not only to identify any client, but also to demonstrate to everyone who uses a Bitcoin mixer.

Another pressing problem is the huge number of scam projects in the vastness of the network. At the same time, fraudsters are not afraid of anything, because the person whom they are deceiving is unlikely to go to the police or court, knowing that he himself is violating the law to one degree or another. Therefore, there is no regulation in this area, work is based only on trust.

Finally, there is a risk that the client (or his addressee) will receive “dirty” money. As a result, when government agencies deal with money laundering, they can reach a person who, in fact, is innocent. This guarantees a lot of unpleasant minutes.



✅ Security confidentiality.

✅ The ability to “launder” cryptocurrency dubious origin.


❌ Not all mixers provide 100% anonymity.

❌ There is a risk of getting dirty money and subsequent problems because of this.

❌ Lots of scams projects.

How to Choose the Best Mixer for Mixing Bitcoin

As we have already seen, Bitcoin mixers are not perfect. If we consider specific services, then each one can also find disadvantages. For example, one does not allow the use of mailing from different addresses, the other does not allow setting up a pending transaction … What you need to pay attention to first of all:

✅  Reputation. In order not to lose your hard-earned coins, you need to try to get to know the mixer with which you decided to interact better, read reviews on forums on the darknet (for example, The Hub).

✅  Blockchain analysis for identification. Some of the bitcoin mixing resources are specially marked so that analysts can link customers’ bitcoin wallets to them. Of course, as a result, the customer can be tracked. You can use to check if a resource is flagged.

✅  Reserve size. It should be big. In the event that the transaction is larger than the pool of service coins, then after the mixing, fresh coins will be credited in parts.

Nuances, features

The mixing speed depends on the chosen cryptocurrency and on the total amount of the transaction. After leaving the application, the coin is sent to the pool and waits for confirmation from the miners, and then it is transferred to different wallets. How many wallets, so many transactions – therefore, you need to count on at least 5-6 bitcoin transfers in time. To make the connections between addresses even less tracked, deferred transaction technology is used.

In order to maintain confidentiality, most mixers do not store information for a long time – maximum 3 days. The address that is generated in the mixer itself is valid only for a day and is suitable exclusively for transfers within the service. As a rule, it is forbidden to accept other funds to the same address.

Of course, the services do not require identity verification and do not carry out any types of KYC procedures. During the operation, the service issues various important information: a letter of guarantee, a code for confirming the ownership of money, the address of a cryptocurrency wallet – it is important not to accidentally close the tabs with this information, since it will later be useful for returning the transferred funds.

Many bitcoin mixers set a minimum transfer amount. You need to be careful – if you try to send an amount less than the lower threshold, then the money will go as a donation to the developers.

Opinions of experts and users

If you are not getting cryptocurrency from the darknet, but trading on regulated exchanges, then most likely you should not use bitcoin mixers. The fact is that after mixing, there is a risk of getting “dirty” BTC – those that were involved in criminal cases or stolen. Bitcoins marked as “dirty” can bring problems: account blocking on the exchange, etc.

Regulators in different countries are now paying a lot of attention to the work of bitcoin mixers as part of the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and cybercrime. This is one of the reasons that sites are periodically closed, unable to withstand pressure, blocked by providers and antiviruses.


What is a bitcoin mixer?

Service for anonymization of cryptocurrency transactions.

How does a mixer work?

The nuances may vary, but basically it works like this: the funds that the user sends are mixed with the funds of other users and the service itself, as a result of the transaction, it becomes untraceable on the blockchain.

What are mixing services?

Centralized and decentralized; some of them are integrated into crypto wallets.

Are there any disadvantages of such services?

Yes, firstly, you can get “dirty” bitcoins in return for your coins. Secondly, in some mixers you can get your own coins at least partially, which kills the whole point of the operation.

Do mixers charge a commission?

Yes, usually 1 to 5% + network commission. It can be adjusted – the higher the fees, the stronger the mixing will be.

In what situations is it recommended to use bitcoin mixers?

Mostly if the funds are received from the dark web, from a private individual or from unregulated exchanges.


Bitcoin mixers are an important area of ​​the crypto industry. After all, it has long been understood that bitcoin does not provide sufficient anonymity, rather it is pseudo-anonymous, and law enforcement agencies have already learned ways to connect certain transactions and wallets with real individuals. If you are for 100% confidentiality or doubt the origin of the received coins, you can use the services described in the article – mixers thoroughly mix the digital assets of different users, providing a decent level of anonymity. There are risks here too, so be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before applying. There are also hundreds of fraudulent services or clones of well-known sites on the network, you also need to beware of this.

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