Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar (BTC / USD) and the ruble (BTC / RUB) online. Bitcoin real-time chart for today and all time


BTC / USD rate chart online, prices come from the Binance exchange. The dynamics of changes in the value of Bitcoin against the US dollar for 2020-2021 is presented. To change the scale, move the mouse over the chart and scroll the wheel. Display interval: 1 candle equals 1 day, but you can change this parameter as you like.

BTC token price to USD

Name Price Market Cap Supply Change % (7D) Performance
1 Bitcoin
$540,719,334,359.50 19332650 BTC

BTC to USD chart

BTC token price to RUB

Name Price Market Cap Supply Change % (7D) Performance
1 Bitcoin
28 091,21 руб.
543 078 935 567,00 руб. 19332700 BTC

BTC to RUB chart

BTC / USD chart

In addition to the Bitcoin / USD rate chart, you can choose any other cryptocurrency – Ehtereum (ETH / USD), Litecoin (LTC / USD), Forex currency pairs, etc. Recommended to watch all cryptocurrencies (1700+).

You can select the type of chart display: linear, area or bars. The initial interval of one division is 1 day, you can set any value up to 1 month. Indicators are available – MACD, ZigZag and others. In the toolbar – trend lines, pitchfork, brush. The scale on the BTC / USD rate chart is changed with the mouse wheel.

Bitcoin / dollar quotes come online from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

For reference: Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, the first block was created in 2009. It occupies a leading position in terms of capitalization.

In December 2017, the Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar set a record and surpassed the $ 19,000 mark, coming close to $ 20,000 for 1 BTC. There is a correction in the market in 2018.

The cost of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency depends on world news. Any restrictive measures can push the bitcoin rate down. Conversely, the recognition of cryptocurrencies as an official payment instrument has a positive effect on its value and growth dynamics. The BTC price is strongly influenced by market speculations of large players.

Bitcoin rate to dollar 2013-2018 (screenshot):

The BTC cryptocurrency has a number of advantages over fiat currencies:

✅ Anonymity – entering personal data when registering a wallet, buying or transferring Bitcoin is not required.

✅ Transparency – any operation can be traced, but who performed it is almost impossible to find out.

✅ Decentralization – No one can establish control over the blockchain network.

How to buy bitcoin at the best rate

You can buy bitcoins at a favorable rate:

Exchangers: Prostocash, Baksman, 60cek, Xchange, 24paybank, Kassa.

✅ On crypto exchanges: Exmo, Binance,, OKEx, FTXBybit, Huobi and others. You can exchange Bitcoin in them for almost any payment system that you have.

In bitcoin exchangers, the algorithm of action is as follows:

✅ Go through the registration and get a discount for each subsequent exchange.

✅ Choose the direction of exchange and indicate the amount.

✅ Enter the required information, including the bitcoin wallet address to receive. Click “Start exchange” and make a payment on request.

✅ After confirming the transaction on the network, you receive bitcoins in your wallet.

How to open a Bitcoin wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets are thick and thin. In the first case, all blocks of the blockchain are loaded locally, in the second – not. Further, there are also such types are distinguished: local, online, hardware, paper, and according to the storage method: “cold” and “hot”.

Let’s take a quick look at examples of how to create a Bitcoin wallet:

✅ Download and install on a computer, mobile device from There are several programs and online services to choose from for download: Bitcoin Knots, Bitcoin Core, Edge, Electrum, Green Address, GreenBits, etc. When installing the official Bitcoin Core wallet, you will need a lot of free space on your computer. For example, Bitcoin Core, after installation, downloads the blockchain with all transactions, weighing about 140 GB. Do not forget to make a backup, but it is better to immediately save the private keys. The Electrum wallet does not require downloading the entire blockchain, and you can make transactions with bitcoins instantly after installation.

✅ Create a wallet on dedicated online sites. Popular services are, Coinfy, Guardo, Lumi, Rahakott, BitGo, etc. You don’t have to download the blockchain and install anything on your computer.

✅ Register an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, after which you will be able to use a wallet that has accounts in different cryptocurrencies. Popular exchanges: Localbitcoins, EXMO, Binance. After registering on them, you can buy, sell and store listed cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, etc.

✅ Buy hardware device: Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, DigitalBox. This is the best way to store cryptocurrencies as they cannot be hacked.

✅ “Paper” way. At you can generate and print a private key. Generation takes place locally on your device, information is not transferred to third parties. The Java generator is open source. Private Key is a private key (do not give it to anyone), Bitcoin Address is a wallet address for receiving cryptocurrency (public key).

Important. After registering or installing the wallet, you will have an address for receiving bitcoins, which you will use when buying or transferring cryptocurrency. It consists of a chaotic set of 33-34 numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. Do not confuse an address with a private key, which must be kept in a safe place.

Recall: to save the page with the chart of the Bitcoin rate against the dollar, add it to your bookmarks (CTRL and D).

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