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Bestchange – monitoring exchangers of electronic payment systems and cryptocurrencies. The site contains reliable exchangers, among which you can find the best exchange rate. The service has been operating since 2007.

Bestchange official website:

List of TOP-12 reliable exchangers with the best rates in 2022:

Online exchangerWebsiteExchange directionsCoupon
ProstokashProstoCash (0.1% discount for 5 exchanges)
Ramon Cash
Magnetic Exchange

Almost everyone who deals with the Internet, be it freelance or buying something in online stores, has to deal with the transfer of money earned from one payment system to another. For example, exchange Yandex Money to Webmoney or vice versa. This can be done using electronic currency exchange offices or simply exchangers.

There are a lot of exchangers on the network and sometimes it is difficult to choose the right one, and you also need to compare rates with each other, read reviews about each. You also need to be careful not to get caught by scammers. And this is where monitoring comes to the rescue, in particular –, Which can compare all the necessary exchange conditions, show the best rate and provide information in a convenient form, which we will use.

Of course, the services of this service are free. With Bestchenj you will find the best exchange rates, read reviews from other users and actually choose the most suitable and reliable exchanger, there are already 197, with a total reserve of 19 984 065USD.

For those who want to make money, there is a rather profitable affiliate program. Even if you do not have your own website, you can use social networks, forums. And the issue of exchanging electronic currencies is always relevant. In one word, I recommend it to everyone. Find out more about its conditions on the website.

How to choose an exchanger in BestChange?

We go to the site and on the left side we select our currency and exchange direction. The information is presented in the form of a table:

or the list, choose as you like.

In the Popular section, you can see the most common transfer directions, today it is Qiwi to Bitcoin.

We click on the designations of our electronic currency (Internet banking, money transfer or cash) in the Give back section and see in the Get menu, all possible payment systems available for exchange. Select the one you need and a list of exchangers appears. We just have to choose a profitable course, make sure that the reserves are sufficient, look at the reviews and go to his website, where to complete the operation.

For example, exchange Yandex Money for WebMoney WMZ. There are 41 exchangers working in this direction, with a total reserve of 458 thousand WMZ. The best exchange rate is 69.3479 rubles. Provides LiteObmen, reviews are all positive, the reserve is 1570:

Information about it and rating in payment systems also helps to choose an exchange office:

  • BL WM – activity and reputation in WebMoney,
  • TS – the same, only in Perfect Money,
  • Reserve – the amount of money of a certain currency that is available for the exchange,
  • WMID – WebMoney identifier

Using the calculator, enter the amount we give or wish to receive. Moreover, the display is possible with and without a commission.

In the example, we give 10,000 Yandex Money, and we see that we will receive for them, taking into account all commissions, a maximum of 143.58 WMZ.

If the course does not suit you, you can set an alert by e-mail, ICQ, WMID, when it is available, indicating the required amount and the validity period of the application. The function is useful if we expect the rate to fall due to fundamental reasons or after conducting a technical analysis.

Double exchange – is needed if there is no required currency that we want to receive. In this case, the intermediate will be used, and then from it, which we need.

For example, if we want to exchange 10,000 PAYZA USD for Perfect Money EUR – there is no direct exchange and we choose double. According to the following scheme: PAYZA USD – PAYZA EURO – PM EUR, using 2 currency exchange offices. Taking into account all commissions, we get 8095 PM.

For clarity, the best exchange rate changes, the bestchange provides statistics on the selected currency for a certain period of time. You can also see which exchangers are choosing, the popularity of the exchange, track reserves.

If you were not satisfied with the quality of services or noticed inaccuracies with the rate, then you can complain about the exchanger. Bestchenj accepts your appeal and will do everything to resolve the situation. You can also view the conversion history, customize the BestChange website by selecting the data update period, font, and more.

For those who are not satisfied with the web interface or who have constant online access everywhere, you can download the Best Monitor mobile application.

My conclusion and feedback – I have been using the bestchange monitoring for a long time and I consider it one of the best and most reliable. And if there is a need to exchange Yandex Money, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, Advcash and other EPS between each other, then you can always do this in this service.

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