Bitcoin Faucets [2021]: Top 26 List That Pay. Best and Reliable Bitcoin Payout Faucets


Bitcoin faucets are online sites that provide the ability to get bitcoins for free. At the same time, everyone can earn money, regardless of age and country. In the article, we will compile a rating of bitcoin faucets, the list will include only the best cryptocurrency collection services. Eligibility criteria: They all pay and withdraw money from the account in 2021.

Top 9 Bitcoin Faucets That Pay:

  1. Freebitcoin.
  2. Satoshi Hero and Satoshi Monster.
  3. Crex24 (exchange with a crane).
  4. AdBTC (bucs).
  5. Yobit (an exchange with a faucet in the Freecoins section).
  6. Bonus Bitcoin.
  7. Bit Fun.
  8. Cointiply.
  9. Go to the table of cranes.

The list does not include services, the transition to which is blocked by the antivirus or does not display the earned. In the rating from only proven and reliable faucets (at the time of writing the review). Write in the comment if you know other sites where you can get Satoshi or other cryptocurrencies for free.

You can exchange the received bitcoins (satoshi) on faucets on crypto-exchanges or in Bitcoin exchangers.

What are bitcoin faucets: overview, basic information, working principle

Why sites with faucets allow you to earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrency without investment? The answer is that such services make money from advertising. It is enough to pay attention to how many banner ads are on any bitcoin faucet. To attract more visitors to the site, crane owners share with them the money that comes from advertisers. Therefore, the Bitcoin faucet is not a scam or deception, but a very real way to earn some cryptocurrency. If you register and receive payments on several sites that distribute cryptocurrency, you will get a good daily income.

Faucets are a great opportunity to study the topic of cryptocurrencies from the inside, without investments and without risking real money.

The principle of operation on all cranes is similar: the accrual occurs after a certain time. The user will need to click on a button or perform another task and be sure to go through the captcha (antibot). Some bitcoin faucets are credited in satoshi: 1 SATOSHI = 0.00000001 BTC. Each service has its own minimum payment amounts. Most faucets make instant payments to the micropayment collectors or Coinpot.

From 2021, FaucetPay should be used instead of FaucetHub.

Recommendations when working with bitcoin faucets

Recommendations when working with bitcoin faucets: you need not be limited to one service, but use their maximum number. You can earn more this way. The cranes are mostly in English, so if something is not clear, you need to use the translation of the page. In the Chrome browser, right-click and select “Translate into Russian”. Then create a separate mailbox for registrations without using your main one. Email is better to register on the service from Google – Gmail. You should not use the same and simple passwords – there are online services or PC programs to generate them. We recommend KeePass. You need to install an antivirus on your computer, create a wallet for yourself and get a bitcoin address to which payments from faucets will be credited. It is worth checking out the list of cryptocurrency wallets. Many services pay on FaucetPay, so it’s better to register there as well. More details – below in the review.

Most cranes have a rule: you cannot use a proxy server or VPN, create bots and multiple accounts on one service. Otherwise, the account may be blocked.

Having earned their first bitcoins on faucets, the user wonders: where to exchange them? Change in online exchangers:








It is also possible to do this on cryptocurrency exchanges. Life hack: after registering an account on the exchange, there will be a wallet for cryptocurrencies. It is precisely possible to transfer bitcoins from the faucet to the address of the bitcoin wallet. You just need to look at the minimum amounts to receive Bitcoin.


✅ Binance.

✅ Crex24.

✅ Exmo.

Bitmex – margin trading.

Complete rating of cryptocurrency exchanges 2021.

List of Bitcoin faucets that pay in 2021

List of Bitcoin faucets that withdraw money in 2021 (updated 03/29/2019):

NameInterval, minQuantity, satoshiMinimum withdrawal amountPayment method
Freebitcoin60from 310,0003 BTCBitcoin Wallet
Satoshi hero(there is Russian language)Random interval after 3 requestsfrom 5 and up30,000 satoshiBitcoin Wallet
Bonusbitcoin15from 3*CoinPot
Crex24Crex24 cryptoexchange has a “Cranes” section with free cryptocurrencies.
AdbtcNo timingOn average, 15-50. Pays for site visits.30,000 to Bitcoin Wallet5000 at FaucetPayCombined
Cointiply60from 18from 35 coins²FaucetPay, DogeWallet, Bitcoin Wallet
Moon Bitcoin530–50CoinPot
Bitcoinfaucet60from 110,000076 BTCBitcoin Wallet
Fire Faucet1-10 (depending on settings)10FaucetPay
DailyFreeBits605–10100 satoshiFaucetPay
BitcoinfaucetFun1510–211000 satoshiFaucetPay
MulticoinFaucet303240000 satoshiFaucetPay
ClaimFreeCoins520–3040000 satoshiFaucetPay
Faucetcrypto405-100.00000128 BTCFaucetPay

¹ – see the conditions of the collector of micropayments from CoinPot faucets; ²- 1 coins = 0.0001 USD

Additional list of Bitcoin faucets with withdrawal

Updated 06/05/2021. Many faucets stopped working and therefore the links were replaced with the freebitcoin website.

Additional list of Bitcoin faucets that pay in 2021: You can get 5 Satoshi every 5 minutes. Instant payments. Instant payments are made to the Faucetpay collector. You can get 5 Satoshi every 7 minutes.

Pentafaucet – Pays between 5 and 25 satoshi every 5 minutes. The minimum amount is 20 satoshi. To register, you need to specify the bitcoin address associated with FaucetHub. To get satoshi, you need to go through a simple captcha.

Bitcoinsfor is a multicrane that generates a constant amount of cryptocurrency for every request (10 satoshi). Withdrawals are available to a Bitcoin address, FausetHub or Coinbase. In the latter cases, the minimum salary is 500 satoshi, no commission is charged. With a direct withdrawal, there is a commission – 10 thousand satoshi. The crane pays randomly from 5 to 14 satoshi every 5 minutes. Payments are instant. Pays 20 satoshi with no time limit. The conclusion is instant on Faucethub. The crane pays 10 satoshi, there is no timer. Satoshi is automatically displayed on the Faucethub.

✅ Faucet with fixed charges: 15 satoshi every 5 minutes. Instant withdrawal. Faucet Bitcoin (from 6-13 Satoshi), Litecoin. Displays on request. Payment in 10 minutes from 13-52 satoshi. Intricate system for getting free satoshi, lots of ads. Withdrawal of any amount to Faucethub (the break between withdrawals is 10 minutes). Pays 15 Satoshi every 5 minutes with instant withdrawal. Multicran (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin) without timer. You can get up to 19 Satoshi at a time, for this you need to go through the captcha and antibot. Advertising is everywhere: wherever you click – go to another site. Payouts automatically to Faucethub.

What are Bitcoin faucets

The first parameter is the amount of free cryptocurrency received:

  1. Constant amount.
  2. Random.

By time between requests:

  1. No countdown timer.
  2. Constant time span: 5, 10 minutes, etc.
  3. Random time.

By the way of withdrawal from the tap:

  1. Direct withdrawal to the bitcoin wallet address.
  2. On services-collectors of micropayments from the faucet. The most popular are Faucethub and CoinPot.
  3. To other online wallets (Xapo, Spectrocoin, etc.).

By withdrawal time:

  1. Instant payments (Instant) without a minimum amount.
  2. Upon request.

They are also distinguished by the number of available cryptocurrencies (multiscreens), the minimum amount for withdrawal, the degree of data protection on the site (with and without https).

Withdrawal from bitcoin faucet on Faucethub

Faucethub is a micropayment collector that will receive the coins that are earned. Most of the cranes draw conclusions on it. Therefore, first of all, before starting work, you need to register an account on the website, specify your email, password, username and bitcoin wallet address.

To view the balance, statistics, change or add the address for the cryptocurrency, replenish or withdraw the coins earned on faucets, you need to go to the “User” – “User Dashboard” section. In the “Security” section, you should enable 2FA two-factor authorization to protect your account. In “Setting” you can change email, password, login and other parameters.

To withdraw the earned bitcoins, you need to click “Withdraw”, select a coin. The transfer will be made to the address linked to the account. The minimum amount for Bitcoin is 0.0002 BTC. If you display the address on the exchange, you should take into account the minimum deposit amount (for Exmo – 0.001 BTC). Bitcoin transactions are processed once a week – on Sunday. The commission depends on the amount withdrawn. Altcoin withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. To exchange bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies, you need to go to the “Exchanger” section.

90% of Bitcoin faucets make payments to the Faucethub service and require you to specify the address associated with their account during registration. You can bind not only the bitcoin address, but also other cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

To check payments from taps, you must click “Check balance”:

You can use Faucethub as an online wallet. To do this, in the “Deposit” section, you need to generate addresses for receiving cryptocurrency, paying attention to the minimum amount – for bitcoin it is equal to 0.00025000 BTC. You shouldn’t send a smaller amount to it.

The faucethub is also a faucet rotator. A complete list of them included in the listing of the service can be found in the “Sites” section.

Best Bitcoin Faucet – Bonusbitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin faucet pays out satoshi every 15 minutes. Every day – a 5% bonus on the amount earned. website. has a one-page format. To register, you need to enter your email and password.

To get satoshi, you need to solve the CAPTCHA and press the red “Claim now” button.

Now you can get some Satoshi. Their number is different. The next portion of the free cryptocurrency is available in 15 minutes.

The withdrawal of the earned bitcoins is carried out through the CoinPot service. It is a wallet for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash. You can select a coin, click “Deposit” and generate an address for transferring cryptocurrency to it from other faucets. The accounts between the Bonusbitcoin and CoinPot faucet are linked, so just click “Go to CoinPot”. You do not need to register.

To withdraw, click “Withdraw”:

Now you need to choose a withdrawal method:

✅ To the address of the bitcoin wallet.

✅ To the address of online wallets: Xaro, Spectrocoin, Mellow Ads.

✅ FaucetFly, FaucetHub, FaucetSystem account.

“Withdraw to bitcoin core wallet” – direct bitcoin withdrawal to the wallet address. The minimum amount is 0.0001 btc or 10,000 satoshi. Withdrawal policy – 48 hours. There is no commission. To confirm the transfer, you need to follow the link in the letter received on the registration email.

You need to confirm the transaction in the browser window that appears and then in the email:

At the end, information will appear that the withdrawal from the Bonusbitcoin bitcoin faucet has been confirmed:

Top crane

Freebitcoin is a good bitcoin faucet with an hourly cryptocurrency giveaway. You can get from 31 to 3,100,000 Satoshi. To work with the crane, you need to register by entering your email, password and passing the captcha. Then go to the site in the “Profile” section and activate two-factor authentication for account security.

The interface of the site is simple and without intrusive ads. To get free bitcoins, go to the “Free Bitcoin” section and click the blue button at the bottom of the “Rolli” page. Depending on the number dropped, the user will receive a certain amount of Bitcoin: from 31 Satoshi to 0.031BTC.

The number “6766” dropped out, and 0.00000031 BTC was credited to the account. The timer counts down the time for the next distribution. You can turn on a sound alert so that you don’t miss the end of the countdown.

The Freebitcoin Bitcoin faucet is also a cryptocurrency wallet. You need to click at the top of the “Deposit” page, there will be a generated bitcoin wallet address. With a balance of 0.0003 BTC, a deposit bonus equal to 4.08% per annum is paid daily.

To withdraw, just click “Withdraw” and select a translation option:

✅ Auto. Automatic payments when the balance reaches 0.0003 BTC. To enable it, you need to check the box next to “AUTO WITHDRAW”, not forgetting to change the Bitcoin address for payments in the “Profile” section. By default, the wallet address in Freebitcoin is used.

✅ Slow. Withdrawing bitcoins from the faucet during the day due to the lower commission. The minimum amount is 0.0003 Bitcoin.

✅ Fast. Instant withdrawal of coins in up to 15 minutes. The commission is higher than when choosing Slow. With a bitcoin rate of $ 6400, the commission will be $ 0.19. This is very small, so we recommend using this option for transferring cryptocurrency from a faucet.

BitFun faucet

The BitFun faucet is similar to Bonusbitcoin, as it most likely uses the same site engine. Free bitcoins are handed out every 10 minutes. You can increase your income by playing games or Dice. Payments are made to the CoinPot wallet, from which the minimum amount can be withdrawn – 0.0001 btc or $ 0.6 at the exchange rate as of September 7, 2018. The site is made in the form of a one-page, a lot of advertising. Registration is required with the indication of an e-mail, password.

To get satoshi you need to click “Claim now”. You can immediately see the amount that we will receive.

In a new window, you need to go through the captcha and click “Claim”:

The specified amount of cryptocurrency will be credited to the account of the faucet. In our case, these are 4 satoshi.

To withdraw coins, just go to the “Account” – “Account Details” section and click “Go to CoinPot”.


Bitcoin faucet allows you to receive coins every hour. Official website: To register, you need a bitcoin wallet address. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.000076 BTC ($ 0.5). You can withdraw in altcoins LTC, DOGE, BCH, while the minimum is below 0.0000026 BTC.

To change the Bitcoin address specified during registration or add altcoins, click “Cheak address” and switch to the desired coin. Withdrawals from Bitcoinfaucet are made directly to the specified wallet after the minimum amount has been set by clicking the “Execute payment” button. Inactive accounts are deleted after a month. To stay active, you need to use a bitcoin faucet at least once a month.

Cointiply crane

Cointiply faucet. Payouts every hour in their local currency Coins (1 Coin = $ 0.0001), which can be exchanged for Bitcoin. To register, you need to go to the faucet website, fill out the form with your email, password, login, confirm your email and get 100 Coins to your account.

To get free currency, you need to go to the “Faucet” section and click “Roll @ Win” under the “Your Cointiply Faucet” label. Depending on the dropped number, the user will receive Coins according to the table on the right.

We got the number “59”, and, according to the table, we got 18 Coins. Additional coins can be obtained for watching a video (Videos) or playing a game (Games).

The minimum amount for withdrawal from the faucet to the Bitcoin wallet is 100,000 Coins; to the wallet of an account in FaucetHub – 35,000; for withdrawal to Dogecoin wallet – 50,000. Withdrawal to Bitcoin occurs every Sunday, via Dogecoin or FaucetHub – within 24 hours. faucet with instant withdrawal

The faucet only sends bitcoins to the address associated with the wallet, so the first step is to create an account there, otherwise you won’t be able to use the service. Registration at Bitcoinfaucet is standard: you need to specify your username, mail, password, go through the captcha and click “Register”. The entrance to the site of the bitcoin faucet is carried out by login and password.

To receive a portion of free cryptocurrency, you must click on the “Ready to Claim” button. You can use the tap every 15 minutes, with 10-21 satoshi paid.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 Satoshi. To withdraw a deposit, go to “Main menu” – “Balance / Withdraw”.

Fautsy faucet with instant payments

Another tap that pays satoshi and at the same time instantly is Fautsy. You can get free crypto coins every 5 minutes, the amount charged is 6 satoshi. To register, you just need to enter your bitcoin address, which is tied to Going down to the bottom of the site page, you need to click “Get Reward”. There are a lot of banners on the site page, and there is often a random click on them.

Next, you should go through the captcha. Here it is of two types: the usual reCaptcha and Bitcapcha (you need to click on the flying ball). We recommend switching to reCaptcha by clicking on the “Claim Reward” button.

If everything is done correctly, you will be notified that 6 satoshi have been automatically submitted to The withdrawal of bitcoins from the tap takes place instantly, within 2-5 minutes.

Bitcoin faucets in Russian

A selection of top cranes in Russian:

Satoshihero. To register, you need to specify your email, password. Then confirm the mail by clicking on the link in the letter. After entering the site, select the Russian language. Direct withdrawal to the address of the bitcoin wallet, the minimum limit is 30,000 satoshi.

Provided 3 attempts to get Satoshi. Then the timer is turned on for a random time.

How much Satoshi can I get on the Satoshihero? From 1 and up. In our case – 65.

Conclusion: the site is made with high quality and simple. Advertising is neither annoying nor distracting. A big advantage is the presence of the Russian language, you don’t often see that. Satoshihero is one of the best on the crane list for 2021. To earn satoshi, you need to surf advertisers’ sites. Payments from the tap are “fat” by today’s standards: you come across sites for viewing which you can get 20-30 satoshi. There is no temporary break. To get started, just click “Surf sites” in the “Earn” section. You can withdraw to FuancetHub (the minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Satoshi, conditions – the bitcoin address must be linked to the FuancetHub account); to the address of the bitcoin wallet (minimum wage – 40,000 satoshi; if you specified the address of the Exmo or Payeer exchange – 100,000).

Review: is another reliable faucet in the ranking of sites for getting free crypto. The sites to which you will have to go are mostly HYIP or pyramids.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Faucets


✅ An easy way for beginners to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

✅ Ease of registration, use, withdrawal of profits.

✅ An opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of bitcoin, blockchain, crypto wallets, transactions and everything else that will later be useful for more serious tasks.


❌ Labor intensity. For one task, a small amount of satoshi is given, so in order to get tangible earnings, you need to actively use several cranes at once.

❌ A large number of advertisements. For a bitcoin faucet, this is a way to make money. Usually, the site contains up to 20 banners at the same time, and you cannot disable them with ad blockers. Although there are also such faucets where there is little advertising or it is not striking.

❌ Fraudulent projects. There are thousands of bitcoin faucets available on the Internet, but only a few work honestly and pay users money.

Questions and answers

What is Bitcoin Faucet?

This is a site that generates small Satoshi rewards for users for completing microtasks.

How much can you earn on a Bitcoin faucet?

For one brand (task), the crane can issue from several tens to several thousand satoshi, this depends, among other things, on the break between the brands.

How else do faucets allow you to earn?

Most of the popular BTC faucets allow you to execute offers – tasks from partners. These are more labor-intensive tasks than solving captchas, and therefore they pay for them more tangibly. Another option is to distribute an affiliate link to make money on referrals.

How does the crane distribute money?

These sites make money from advertising – you can see a lot of banners from partners on them.

What do you need to start earning?

You need to create a wallet. Some faucets work in conjunction with a microtransaction wallet like FaucetPay or Coinpot. The earned funds are instantly withdrawn to such a wallet, and from there, if necessary, they can be transferred to another wallet. Some faucets do not support automatic output, the address must be entered manually. You can specify any wallet you are using.

From what age is registration on cranes allowed?

There are no restrictions.

Do you need crane verification?


Can you create multiple accounts on cryptocranes and earn more?

No, multi-accounts are prohibited by the rules. For violation of this requirement, the account may be blocked.

What are the best bitcoin faucets?

FreeBitcoin, Bonus Bitcoin, Satoshi Hero, Bit Fun, Cointiply, Moon (moon) faucets

Are there faucets for collecting bitcoin cryptocurrency in Russian?

Yes, Satoshi Hero.

Are there instant Bitcoin withdrawal faucets?

Yes, they instantly withdraw coins to the FaucetHub or Coinpot microtransaction wallets. There is a list of them in the article.

Can you make money on Bitcoin faucets?

Faucets should be seen as a way to get to know cryptocurrencies. It was really possible to make money on them in 2016-2017.

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