366 Cash exchanger: review, reviews, bonuses. Personal exchange experience by example (Perfect Money-Bitcoin)


366 Cash is a currency exchange service with a wide range of destinations, including rare ones. The work schedule is 24/7, around the clock, exchanges are carried out in a semi-automatic mode. Payments to banks and payment systems are made during the working hours of the branches, from 9:00 to 20:30. The regular time for processing applications after payment is from 30 minutes. The exchanger is presented on many well-known services and monitoring – Kurs-Expert, OKchanger, etc.

366 Cash has been operating since 2019 and has mostly positive reviews. Now there is a special offer: you can get a monetary reward for leaving a review, a review or a posted banner. There is a VKontakte group, a Yandex.Zen channel, a Telegram chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The site has an online support chat.

Official site – 366.cash

Available directions


✅  Bitcoin

✅  Ethereum

✅  EOS

✅  Dash

✅  Litecoin

✅  Monero

✅  Neo

✅  Ripple

✅  Stellar

✅  Tether

✅  Zcash

Payment systems:

✅  Advanced Cash

✅  Perfect money

✅  Payeer


✅  Alpha Cash


✅  RUB

✅  USD

Purchase of cryptocurrency for cash is possible from 11:00 to 19:00 in Moscow; in other regions – it is necessary to coordinate the time of transfer of money with the operator in the chat on the site, informing him of the application number.

The total reserve of the 366 Cash exchanger exceeds $ 350 thousand:

Reviews on 366.cash

There are not very many reviews about this exchanger on the network, perhaps this is due to the short period of work. But all the reviews are positive.

Reviews on Monitoring Course Expert:

Reviews on Okchange:

Reviews on Xrates:

Reviews on Trustpilot:

Reviews on MyWOT:

Although the partners indicate the BestChange monitoring, the exchanger is not yet available on it. Do not confuse 366.cash with a similarly named service 365Cash.

Reviews are also available on the website of the exchanger itself.


To create an account at 366.cash, click the “Register” button in the upper right corner.

You will need to come up with a username and password, agree to the terms of use of the service.

After clicking “Register”, you can enter additional data (name, mobile phone number, passport number, Skype), but this is not necessary for work.

Personal account and its sections

The profile displays the current discount with which exchange transactions are made – it grows as the total amount of all exchanges increases.

Sections include the following information:

✅ Personal Area. You can edit personal information, except for the login and e-mail, which are unchanged.

✅  Security Settings. You can change the password and enable additional security options: request for a personal pin code, e-mail notifications during authorization, the ability to recover a password, authorization using a one-time link. There is also a field for entering the allowed IP addresses.

✅  Your bills. You can add all accounts for different currencies that you plan to use in the future.

✅  Your operations. History of all transactions carried out through the exchanger, their number and total volume, personal discount.

✅  Affiliate account. Statistics on attracted referrals – their number, amount of exchanges, your earnings from attracted users. Advertising materials for placement on websites and forums are also located here.

✅  Promotional materials. Banners of different sizes, which can also be placed on a forum or website.

✅  Affiliate referrals. Here you can identify the sources of referral referrals.

✅  Referrals. List of referrals with their names and registration dates.

✅  Withdrawal of partner funds. You can order the withdrawal of money brought by referrals and see the history of withdrawals. The only way to withdraw funds is the Perfect Money wallet.

✅  Affiliate FAQ. Answers to frequently asked questions about an affiliate program – for example, how many levels are in it or what should be the site to place a banner.

✅  Terms of participation in the affiliate program.


To maintain the loyalty of regular customers, a bonus system has been developed on the 366.Cash website.

There is an opportunity to receive the following bonuses:

✅  3 USD per review on Trustpilot, WOT, WebCheck. Awarded for an already published, moderated review. You must contact the operator on the website 366.cash, provide proof of posting your review and details to receive payment.

✅  5 USD for placing a banner with an advertisement of the exchanger on the website, blog or forum.

✅  Also, rewards are provided for reviews, videos or articles about the exchanger. The amount of payment is discussed individually.

In the future, it is planned to introduce other promotions – you can track their appearance by subscribing to the project’s social networks.

Exchange procedure

To make an exchange for 366.cash, on the main page, select the currency you want to give in the left column, and the one you want to receive in the right column. For example, Bitcoin on Yandex.Money.

After that, the page will move down, where you need to enter all the required data – the amount of funds given out is more than the minimum wage (on this exchanger it is quite high), the recipient wallet number. Click “Exchange”.

In the next window, check the correctness of the entered data, confirm agreement with the rules of the service and click “Create a request”. Further actions depend on the selected payment systems. For example, for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you will need to transfer it to a specific address and wait for the transaction to be confirmed by miners. For an electronic payment system or a bank, their pages are opened, where you must express your consent to the debiting of funds.

The maximum processing time for an application is 3 hours from the moment the transaction is confirmed.

Experience of currency exchange at 366.cash

Let’s make a test exchange and show, using an example, the procedure for performing actions to perform a conversion operation. We will buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency with Perfect Money USD electronic money.


  1. We choose the desired direction, look at the reserves, the minimum and maximum exchange amount. In our example, change Perfect Money to Bitcoin BTC:
  1. We indicate the amount that we give and receive, the address of the Bitcoin wallet, email:
  1. We check the data and agree with the exchange rules. Click “Create a request”:
  1. The application goes into the “Accepted, awaiting customer payment” status. Click “Go to payment”:
  1. You will be automatically redirected to the payment page. In our example: switching to Perfect Money merchant. Choose a payment method and click “Make payment”.
  1. We pass authorization in the payment system and confirm the payment. Please note that EPS may charge an internal transfer fee. For example, Perfect Money has an additional commission of 0.5% for verified users; it is absent in Advakesh.
  1. The application receives the “Paid” status and the funds will be transferred to the specified wallet number.
  1. After 10 minutes, the application has the status of the application “Completed” and Bitcoin is sent to the address specified in the application.
  1. Also, all changes in the status of the application are duplicated by email:
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