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365cash.co is a reliable exchanger for electronic money, fiat, cryptocurrencies and exchange codes.

Official website: 365cash.co.

The service provides an opportunity to make an online exchange in the following directions:

  • Ukrainian banks: Private24.
  • Russian banks: Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Russian Standard, Avangard.
  • Bank cards Visa / Mastercard issued by Russian banks in rubles.
  • Electronic currencies: Yandex Money, Qiwi, Advcash, Perfect Money.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash
  • Crypto exchange codes: Exmo code.

Bitcoin exchanger works around the clock. The exchange is carried out in accordance with the agreement and the rules establishing the procedure for carrying out monetary transactions. Be sure to read this information before making an exchange.

The processing time of the application after its payment is on average 2-30 minutes. When paying from a Yandex wallet, the hold is set – 25 hours and the transaction limit is 10,000 rubles. The exchange rate is fixed at the end of the hold. This rule is set only for the first exchange; all subsequent operations with this Yandex wallet will be carried out without restrictions. When withdrawing to Visa / Mastercard, the term for crediting funds in duration can range from a second to 5 banking days. It is possible that when working with bank cards, they will need to be verified with the provision of her photo with visible four digits. This is necessary in order to make sure that this card belongs to you and is not used for fraudulent purposes.

Registration on the 365cash.co website is optional. But after passing it, you can get a bonus on the loyalty program – a cumulative discount for each subsequent exchange. This program has 5 levels, depending on the amount of completed applications. For example, with a turnover of $ 50 thousand, the discount will be 0.2%.

The exchange rate for 365cash in many popular directions is one of the best on the market, and taking into account the discount it becomes even more profitable.

The general reserve, according to the monitoring information, is 254 thousand US dollars. If there is not enough reserve in any direction, you need to contact the support chat on the site.

Reviews about the 365cash.co exchanger

Whatever the profitable exchange rate, you should definitely read the reviews in monitors, forums and search by entering the query “365cash reviews”. Based on all the information received, one can draw a conclusion and the expediency of working with him.

The 365cash.co exchanger is included in the listing of the famous BestChange monitoring. As follows from the information, the service has been operating for 6 years and is located in Germany. 10964 reviews were left, all of them are positive and there are no unsolved issues as of December 19, 2021.

Customer feedback on working with the 365cash.co exchanger:

Many people note the quick exchange and competent work of the support service.

Online currency exchanger is presented in popular forms: Bitsmedia, Miningclub, Bitcointalk, MMGP. You can ask questions, a service representative will answer them. But a prompt answer can always be obtained in the online chat on the 365cash.co website.

How to work with 365cash

First, you should carefully read the agreement, rules and FAQ. If the conditions are not acceptable for you, then you should look for another cryptocurrency exchanger.

Secondly, make sure that there is a reserve in the chosen direction or request it if necessary.

For any questions, please contact the support chat. They are always online during business hours.

Instructions on how to exchange in the 365cash exchanger:

  1. Choose the direction of exchange: the currency you are giving. The screenshot shows the exchange of Wex code for Qiwi:
  1. Indicate in the application the exact amount of the exchange; wallet or account number, card number, cryptocurrency address to receive.
  1. Click Exchange and get detailed information and instructions.
  1. Please note that the rate in the application is fixed for a certain time, after which the application is recalculated.
  2. After checking the details, click Next.
  1. In the second step, enter your email address. If you have registered, it will be indicated automatically. You will receive a link to tracking the status by e-mail. Look in the Spam folder, the letter can get into it.
  1. At the third stage, check and confirm the application.
  1. Read the instructions and the procedure carefully. Please note that if the payment has not passed within 20 minutes, the application will be canceled. If the payment was received later, the exchanger changes it at a new rate or returns the money back.
  1. Pay for the application. Depending on the chosen direction, you will be redirected to the merchant of the payment system. In my example, you will need to create a Wex code on the exchange of the same denomination, enter it in the form and click Submit:
  1. Within 3-30 minutes you will receive money for the details specified in the application. In some cases, the term of enrollment may be increased. Read more about this in the agreement and rules on the 365cash.co website.
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